TS4- Drifter Challenge 004.5: Too Many Fires!

House 004 Chapter 5

07-16-16_10-49-17 AM

One of the first tasks of the day was to transform an object using the simray.  The darned thing burst into flames! The problem is, just like at home, when I told him to extinguish it he waved his arms like he couldn’t get to it.  His co-workers ran over and did the same.

07-16-16_10-50-57 AM

When everyone ran outside I had him do so as well.  I didn’t want him dying in the fire that would surely spread unchecked.  They stood there all day.  Then when work was over it didn’t take him home!  I ended up having to quit the game without saving.  Luckily the next time he did the day over it didn’t say to transform anything.  I think if I get that again I’ll just ignore it.

07-16-16_11-32-02 AM

The next morning Patrick set the grill on fire!  Poor Randy.  He was so upset he was glowing.  For some reason he’s the only one that got the uncomfortable moodlet.

07-16-16_11-37-26 AM

Don’t worry, inside the house is perfectly safe.  There are sprinklers in there.

07-16-16_11-45-26 AM

I was bored and it was the weekend so I had him make some serums.  He didn’t have anything that had been tested enough to make a tainted serum.

07-16-16_11-48-51 AM

Hello Patrick, want to test out this gunk for me?

07-16-16_11-50-36 AM

I don’t think he liked it.

07-16-16_12-08-11 PM

After that he went to Sixam.  I want to complete the aliens and geodes collections.

07-16-16_12-29-39 PM

After he got home the heir was born.  Welcome to drifting baby Lexa.

07-16-16_12-37-02 PM

Time to try for number two.

07-16-16_12-54-15 PM

As usual everyone in the house is terrible at taking care of the baby autonomously.  I have to have Brett feed her and play with her before she starts crying because if I wait everyone stands stupidly in front of her crib cooing at her like that’s going to do something.

07-16-16_1-07-22 PM

Seriously?  Again?  Luckily the co-workers were able to put this fire out.

07-16-16_1-08-04 PM

I was freaking out with the game paused thinking he was going to burn to death then I remembered he can jump in the shower.  Whew!

07-16-16_1-13-34 PM

Laurie seems so happy to see him when he got home.  She must have heard about the fire.

07-16-16_1-24-18 PM

In the morning Lexa ages to child.  That day Brett got promoted to level 9 in the science career.

07-16-16_2-49-37 PM

I love watching kids play in the closet!

07-16-16_2-52-01 PM

A little family time.  Where’s Laurie?  Out back with her needs all low just standing there.  I was about to reset her when she finally came in and used the bathroom.  Weird.

07-16-16_2-55-41 PM

Yes!  The focused aura does it’s job.  Keep it up!

07-16-16_3-19-01 PM

So shortly after getting home from work Laurie went into labor.  The problem was her needs were all terrible again. I decided to just send them to the hospital to have the baby so she could get whatever that is they give them to fill their needs.

07-16-16_3-20-53 PM

*sigh*  I really wish the dad’s would do something other than panic every single time.

07-16-16_3-22-17 PM

It’s a boy.  I decided since Lexa has a shortened name to give him one too.  Meet Drew.

Chapter 004.6

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