TS4- Drifter Challenge 004.6: Extraterrestrial Explorer

House 004 Chapter 6

07-16-16_5-06-48 PM

When I started the game it was like this.  As soon as I unpaused it he went back to normal but I thought it was hilarious.

07-16-16_5-43-07 PM

What’s not so funny is everyone getting in the way when Drew needs something.

07-16-16_5-48-07 PM

Lexa just stood there looking all full of herself.

07-16-16_5-56-35 PM

Another weekend, another trip to Sixam.  He did finally complete both the geodes and aliens collections… but he never got plaques for them!  I’m really disappointed.

07-16-16_6-05-34 PM

There’s really not much else to do.  It’s entertaining.

07-16-16_6-06-10 PM

Of course, there’s a fire almost every time.  But the sprinklers always put it out.

07-16-16_6-07-02 PM

A little water never hurt anyone, keep transforming!

07-16-16_6-17-14 PM

Drew aged up to child, finally.  He aged up in this color-coordinated outfit.  I thought I didn’t need to change his clothes, ’till I saw his sleepwear.  Sheesh.

07-16-16_6-48-06 PM

Wow look at how Lexa is looking at her mom!  Harsh.

07-16-16_6-53-13 PM

Mom doesn’t take it personally.  Space monster time!

07-16-16_6-54-25 PM

You remember this?  It’s the first bush we woohoo’d in.  Let’s do that again.  These two are at it like bunnies.

07-16-16_7-02-27 PM

Look!  It’s amazing.  A kid they aren’t related to in some way.  I was so excited when she finally abandoned the monkey bars and played with them.  Now they know her.

07-16-16_7-09-18 PM

Getting a head start on that cooler sitting for house 005 Lexa?

07-16-16_7-12-06 PM

While they were at the park and Randy was at work his birthday notification popped up.  Unfortunately he doesn’t get home until midnight so he had a party of one.


Ohmygosh guys!  I figured he still had another day and was totally not expecting it when it popped up.  The stupid end of shift thing popped on the screen at the same time as the achievement splash screen so I didn’t get a picture. So disappointed.  But yay!  House 004 is complete people.

07-16-16_8-11-32 PM

Since Brett completed his career the day before aging to elder I decided to have him start upgrading all of the stuff in the house.  It’s a high likelyhood that he’ll die before Lexa ages to young adult.  At least if everything breaks they still have the bush outside and the cooler.

07-16-16_8-16-21 PM

I don’t see a monster and yet they flip out and wake everyone in the house up.  Darned nighlight.

07-16-16_8-27-57 PM

I’m glad this didn’t work.  Not sure why it didn’t but there really isn’t room for a Brett-clone in the house.

07-16-16_8-39-54 PM

I noticed this new guy and hovered over him to see if Brett’s met him when I saw his last name was Rover.  I was like what the heck?  Turns out he’s married to Brett’s twin sister Brie!

07-16-16_8-48-47 PM

It’s the same place he aged to teen and adult.  Now it’s time to age to elder.

07-16-16_8-49-43 PM

I’m so sad.  Plus, Lexa has 6 days until aging to teen!  This is going to take forever!  I decided to end the chapter here and let the next chapter be the last days of house 004, even if there are a lot left to go.

Chapter 004.7

5 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 004.6: Extraterrestrial Explorer

  1. Holy heck there is a lot going on there congrats Brett for leveling to 10 in your career and for accomplishing the goals of the house – now for the heir!! That first screenie was histerical

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always find weird glitches in the game entertaining… as long as they don’t mess up the game in some way.


    1. Haha! That whole kids room was decorated around the CC crib that something transformed into and I decided to use it.


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