TS4- Drifter Challenge 005.1: A Drifting Partner!

House 005 Chapter 1

07-18-16_11-50-35 AM

This is the first house that we are allowed to control two sims.  I’m really excited about it.  Lexa Rover you already know from house 004.  Meet her drifting partner Davin Cortes.  They both have the creative, perfectionist and art lover traits.  It’s Tuesday at 7am.  As you can see Lexa is a hot mess.


Lexa’s starting needs… I posted this at the end of the last chapter but thought I’d remind you.


Her starting skills.

07-18-16_11-52-49 AM

The first thing they do is get jobs in the painter career.  Thanks to Lexa’s B in high school she started at level 2 with a $422 bonus!  Thank goodness ‘cuz she really needs that money.

07-18-16_11-55-18 AM

I buy a cooler so she can eat and Davin runs over to the pond behind their lot to fish.

07-18-16_11-57-38 AM

They had enough for a toilet but I wanted the bush so nobody got embarrassed.  Luckily she wasn’t too miserable to collect a bit.

07-18-16_12-02-01 PM

After the collecting is done and the bush is purchased she joins Davin fishing.  Fishing is supposed to be fun but her fun bar barely moves.

07-18-16_12-08-16 PM

After a bit of fishing, she finally gets a much-needed shower.  Once again I spent extra money on the shower tarp one so they wouldn’t get embarrassed and shoo the other one off the lot.

07-18-16_12-11-36 PM

Her social was terrible too.  Unfortunately, they can’t fish and talk so I sent her over to eat with these elders and get her social up a bit.  She was pretty useless that first day.  And yes, the neighborhood is plagued with elders once again.  A few days later I went into manage worlds and deleted a bunch of the elder households.  I did end up turning the death notifications off in the last house because I got so sick of it… so I didn’t get the notification when her mom died.

07-18-16_12-16-55 PM

It’s also full of kids!  There are kids everywhere!

07-18-16_12-21-08 PM

07-18-16_12-22-37 PM

Their first night they napped on benches.  It was really annoying because it would go super speed and then one of them would wake up and it would stop.

07-18-16_12-30-19 PM

Davin got a promotion on their second day at work.  Lexa and those mean faces, she’s done it since she was a little kid!  To be fair, I think she was tense from work.

07-18-16_12-32-59 PM

Cloudgazing together brings up fun, social and makes them inspired.

07-18-16_12-51-35 PM

They got an easel and can now start doing their work task.

07-18-16_12-55-46 PM

Davin meets Lexa’s brother Drew.

07-18-16_1-06-55 PM

They sell enough paintings to get a tent so no more benches and they can both sleep in it without being romantic.

07-18-16_1-17-46 PM

I wonder who’s copying who?

07-18-16_2-04-10 PM

Lexa got a promotion so Davin had a day off alone.  He spent it in the park meeting and taking pictures of sims. Also, looking for any eligible bachelors for Lexa.  So far I have 3 guys names written down as possible suitors but none of them have jobs.  But as we saw in house 004, that can change.  I wish I knew when the game assigns jobs to them?

07-18-16_2-46-56 PM

Guy in the funky outfit, come back here!  I want to take a picture of you!

07-18-16_2-56-16 PM

They need emotional paintings so I had one of them dig and find a mysims trophy because they have playful auras.

07-18-16_3-15-19 PM

Drew’s back.  He calls like every day either wanting her to go to his house, which they can’t, or wanting to come there.

07-18-16_3-17-31 PM

Hello little girl.  I’m not creepy at all for asking to take your picture.

07-18-16_3-25-47 PM

Davin wanted to take a selfie.  When I spun the camera around Lexa was smiling at it.  Awesome pic!


It took 4 days of doing random aspirations and whims to get them this bad boy.  No more tense moodlets from working hard at work!  Score.

Chapter 005.2

Chapter notes:

I made her drifting partner a guy in case I get frustrated trying to pair them up with someone else they can just end up together.  But I’d rather they both find someone else.  It would be more fun that way, I think.  There’s really no hurry because it will be a while before an heir can be born.

This post is the first 6 days.  I stopped here because they have over $5,000 saved up and I’ve yet to plan a house out for them! So obviously, no house value check in this chapter.

Skills check: Lexa- painting 6 and logic 3; Davin- painting 6, photography 2 and charisma 1

Career check: Lexa painter 3 and Davin painter 2

11 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 005.1: A Drifting Partner!

  1. I love the picture of Davin with Lexa peaking from behind!!! I agree, it is more fun finding them partners. I was thinking of making an opposite sex partner, too. I just haven’t gotten to this house yet lol.

    You have helped me out a bunch here lol. I didn’t know the tarp shower didn’t give the embarrassed moodlet, and I also didn’t know two could sleep in the tent without romance (maybe I just forgot about that one lol. My last family slept in it together.)

    Great job so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately he took that photo with his phone so it’s really tiny when I drag it to the wall. Oddly enough I prefer to play guys so that’s another reason I made Davin instead of another girl. LOL


    1. You make them. When you take the heir out of the house in manage worlds you can edit the household or something like that and add a new sim.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good start.. in my thought-plans for when I do this challenge (probably going to start in the next few days) .. it never occurred to me NOT to pair up the sims you start with in house 5.. at least it gives me food for thought!

    Liked by 1 person

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