TS4- Drifter Challenge 005.2: Treasure Hunt!

House 005 Chapter 2

07-18-16_6-49-11 PM

My first attempt at starting a house for them.  I drew up the plans thinking the lot was a different size and it just looked weird the more I built… you’ll see.

07-18-16_7-03-33 PM

Lexa had the day off by herself and I was fulfilling whims like crazy and got sick of clicking out of the stupid 1×1 pool whim so I just put one in.  LOL

07-18-16_7-05-15 PM

Then she had a whim to go swimming.  She looks so damned happy too!

07-18-16_7-07-45 PM

She wanted to meet someone so I sent her over to the little park area.  Oh wow, now that I look at this pic I realize she must have known Sheena (in the hat) before Davin met her!  But more about that later.

07-18-16_7-20-37 PM

While she was talking to people and fulfilling whims her brother Drew wanted to come over.  He hopped in the “pool”.


Of course, I want to purchase it!  It took a few more days for Davin to get it too.

07-18-16_7-36-41 PM

I decided to get them beds that will later go into the kids room.  No more tent sleeping!

07-18-16_8-17-33 PM

This little room that I stuck the kitchen stuff in was supposed to be a bathroom.  I was so stressed while she cooked with no sprinklers.  Shockingly everything she’s made, with no prior skill, has been excellent.


Lexa’s first masterpiece!

07-18-16_8-53-44 PM

They had the day off so they went to the park so that Davin could take pictures.  Carolina came so Davin could meet her… but she didn’t have a job and I really would rather everyone have jobs just so they don’t sit around the house all day.

07-18-16_8-55-48 PM

This guy’s name is Julian.  Lexa spent several hours playing chess and talking to him.  Unfortunately, no job either.

07-18-16_9-00-41 PM

Hey little girl, can I take your picture?  LOL  He chased her halfway across the park to get her pic.

07-19-16_10-09-33 AM

Speaking of chasing sims.  I went through all the pictures and matched the colors and items and only needed green accessories.  I started the game up and a sim was walking by the house with green sunglasses!  I woke Davin up and he chased her to the end of the map where she disappeared.  Later I realized that Lexa knew her and I could have just called her over.  Oh well.


Davin’s first masterpiece!

07-19-16_10-17-42 AM

Okay here’s what the “house” looked like when I started the game back up.  Ugh, I hated it.  Hurry up and go to work already so I can build!  Sheesh.

07-19-16_11-03-05 AM

This is as far as I got before running out of money.

07-19-16_11-35-19 AM

I had already picked out the pictures from looking through my screenshots folder… now to find the ones I want to use from his inventory.  It was a long process.  Btw, he did find a guy with a green bracelet before work.

07-19-16_11-44-39 AM

Here they are!07-18-16_2-05-26 PM

white top

07-18-16_2-23-29 PM

orange hair

07-19-16_10-20-57 AM

green accessory

07-18-16_2-02-25 PM

pink skirt

07-18-16_7-23-21 PM

yellow socks

07-19-16_11-40-24 AM

black makeup

07-18-16_2-26-56 PM

purple shoes (laces)

07-18-16_3-16-54 PM

blue full-body

07-18-16_2-47-48 PM

brown bottoms

07-18-16_3-21-46 PM

red hat

  • On all of his days off had him take pictures.  Then I went through my screenshots folder and wrote down the items for each pic.  For example: green top, pink skirt, red shoes, red accessory.  Then I went through my list and looked for things that there were only one of.  I had one pic with socks!  So yellow socks it was.  In the end, I only needed black, green, makeup and accessory.  So I took a pic of Lexa for the black makeup and chased down the guy with the green on his bracelet.  Finding the actual photos from his inventory was the hardest part.  It took forever!

07-19-16_11-56-46 AM07-19-16_11-59-21 AM

I guess since they have no chairs the pool is the place to eat?  Notice it’s a bit bigger now?  She had the whim for a ladder and light but they couldn’t get in with it still 1×1.  LOL  So now it’s 4×4.

07-19-16_12-13-02 PM

*sigh*  Must you cloudgaze in front of the door?

07-19-16_1-06-38 PM

A bit more building got done.  The breezeway between the art studio and the house was the hardest part.  I tried making it L shaped with 2 roofs connected but it just didn’t work out.  No matter what I did the roofs looked weird. So I had to move the side entrance and make the roof a strait shot to the house.  I want windows so bad but ran out of money again… meanwhile, they still have no table!  Hahaha.  Me and my priorities.

07-19-16_1-07-07 PM

Here’s the inside.  All of the rooms are in now and have doors but that’s about as far as I got.

07-19-16_1-22-48 PM

Remember the girl I mentioned earlier that was talking to Lexa?  Her name is Sheena.  She was outside of their house when they got home from work and I saw she was a young adult so I had Davin talk to her.


She has a job!  And it must be high up because it’s musician, not entertainer.

07-19-16_1-32-23 PM

While Davin was chatting up Sheena someone called and invited her to the bluffs.  They barely had the $1,000 to travel but didn’t have work the next day so I figured why not?  Lexa met the guy standing behind her, Misael.  He’s an entertainer so I’m thinking he may be the one!  I was kinda hoping for the orange-haired guy Julian though.

07-19-16_1-37-22 PM

Once their needs were getting low I had Davin invite Sheena to move in with them and sent them home.


Holy cow!  I’m just having awesome luck moving sims in I swear.

07-19-16_1-54-33 PM

The goofy hat hid an afro.  LOL  I should have taken a pic of it.  So she got almost a complete makeover.  All I kept was the sweater.

07-19-16_1-57-04 PM

Awe look.  She’s already helping out by cleaning the sink.

07-19-16_2-03-56 PM

Then while the others sleep, she tends the garden.  This is the second sim I’ve moved in that has max gardening skill.  Brett’s wife Laurie in house 004 did too.


Yes!  Davin is nowhere near getting this yet but Lexa got it.

Chapter 005.3

Chapter notes:

This chapter was 7 days.  They now have 7 days before aging to adult.

Career check: Both level 5

House value check: $27,878… a long way to go!

Skills check: Lexa- painting 8 and logic almost 4; Davin- painting 8, photography 3 and charisma only 1 still

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