TS4- Drifter Challenge 005.3: Branching Out

House 005 Chapter 3

07-19-16_7-04-01 PM

When I started the game back up Sheena was standing by the garden in her bathing suit like this.  I just thought it was funny.

07-19-16_7-05-59 PM

As always, the first thing I do is check the neighborhood for young adults.  This angry guy was across the street and I sent Lexa over to introduce herself.

07-19-16_7-09-26 PM

After grilling him for information they cloudgaze for a bit to build up their friendship and hopefully get rid of his angry moodlet.


I love the name Ace and despite his unpronounceable last name he has good traits and a job!

07-19-16_7-11-45 PM

While Lexa builds her friendship up with Ace, Davin starts a bit of a romance with Sheena.  She fell for his bold pick-up line hook line and sinker.

07-19-16_7-16-53 PM

Back to Lexa and Ace… she asks him to move in.

07-19-16_7-23-17 PM

I look back to the house after Ace is moved in to see how things are going with Davin and Sheena and find him painting and her napping in the bush.  So much for that.

07-19-16_7-23-49 PM

Paint, paint and paint some more.  I really should have had Davin working on his charisma skill but I was trying to follow whims to get him creative visionary.


And speaking of aspiration points, let me show you how I got around this for them both.



They got 350 points for completing the milestone… the closest item is 400 points.


After purchasing the sleep replacement I sold it for $0.

07-19-16_7-45-09 PM

Davin had a whim to harvest a plant so I had him harvest the garden.  Then he meets his new roommate.  Oh, and Ace got a makeover.

07-19-16_8-15-09 PM

He wanted to kiss Sheena and then he wanted to woohoo with her.

07-19-16_8-18-23 PM

I had to buy them a cheap freaking computer to turn off risky woohoo in MC Command Center before I’d let them do the deed.  That mod is starting to get to be a real pain.

07-19-16_8-27-12 PM

For some strange reason, if they are in the art studio when it’s time for work they run way across the street to go to work.

07-19-16_8-27-53 PM

Now I get to watch these two all day since neither of them have work.

07-19-16_8-39-58 PM

Davin had the whim to get engaged to Sheena.  Oh and as you can see from the sunflowers on the desk they got promoted that day.

07-19-16_8-47-09 PM

It’s about darned time!  They finally have a table!  As usual, Lexa’s brother Drew is there.  I should have just moved him in but I didn’t plan an extra bedroom.

07-19-16_9-00-02 PM

This pool is endlessly entertaining.  It’s funny, I’ve had plenty of pools in my Sims games but this tiny thing gets more use than any pool I’ve ever had!


Wow.  They’re good for more than just entertainment.

07-19-16_10-19-27 PM

The house gets some much-needed windows.  I haven’t done them all yet.  I’m really annoyed with the sad selection and the fact that you can’t place them with moo.

07-19-16_10-19-58 PM

I haven’t decided if I like the colors in here or not.  I’ve already changed the bathroom colors.

07-19-16_10-32-56 PM

I’m seriously thinking of taking MC Command Center out of my mods.  I keep lessening the pregnancy percentage, at this point it’s at -20.  And yet I’m constantly getting notifications of new pregnancies.  I see pregnant sims everywhere.  Lexa’s brother Drew has like 5 darned kids!  The worst part is when these sims have their babies it freezes up the game and I can’t do anything until it’s done.


I remembered that now they have a computer they can do this.

07-19-16_10-49-17 PM

It just seemed funny to me the way everyone is positioned.  I usually have them cloudgaze until work so that the moodlet will last longer.


Okay, so I was waiting all day for this to pop up.  I selected Master of the Real for Lexa.


Then, nothing popped up for Davin!  As you can see, he should have been promoted too.


Then the next morning this pops up.  Time is running out.

07-19-16_11-15-45 PM

At least her work clothes look realistic… for now.

07-19-16_10-52-03 PM

I couldn’t figure out where Ace was… and found him across the street talking to this guy in his bathing suit.

07-19-16_11-17-30 PM

I really have no interest in this garden other than the occasional whim to water, weed or harvest… but the other two seem to enjoy it.


You’ve got to be kidding me!  Obviously, he didn’t get a promotion after that.


He did max his painting skill when he got home.

07-19-16_11-52-08 PM

Finally, Lexa had a day off to work on her relationship with Ace.  Every day it’s like get their needs up, paint and sleep then work and do it all over again.

07-19-16_11-53-38 PM

It was going great and then Sheena sat down and joined the conversation and they both got embarrassed.  I wasn’t in the mood and just decided to take them all to the park.


They land at the park and this pops up!  What the heck?


Okay, I took this screenshot to show it was only like 10:00am… but looking at it now I can’t see the time.  Anyway, it was so weird.  He got the promotion he should have gotten 2 days before and when they got home from the park he was there sitting on the couch but it said he was at work.  I had to click leave work early for it to go away.

07-20-16_12-01-52 AM

I figure a nice friendly game of chess will get rid of the embarrassed moodlet.  That dude standing next to them aged to elder while standing there!  Once the moodlet was gone I had her flirt again and he got mad.  *sigh*

07-20-16_12-14-56 AM

Now, normally I don’t resort to using the mood aura lamps because not everyone has them and it feels cheaty to me but desperate times and all.  Within minutes of getting home with the lamps he was like putty in her hands.

07-20-16_12-17-51 AM

She wanted to woohoo in the bush…

07-20-16_12-18-48 AM

…then she wanted to propose.  Despite the look he’s got in the pic he did say yes.

Chapter 005.4

Chapter notes:

Once again this chapter is 7 days.  I stopped on their birthday so we’ll have that to look forward to in the next chapter. And the weddings!

House value check: $50,122… they have $11,000 just laying around, I was too tired to build anymore tonight.

Skills check: Lexa- painting almost 10 and logic 4; Davin- painting 10, charisma 3 and photography 3.

6 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 005.3: Branching Out

    1. Really the only pack that I have problems with in MCCC is the pregnancy pack, which I removed. It’s great for legacy and rotational play but not really helpful for drifting.

      You think handling 2 sims was hard to get used to? Wait ’till you see what I’m doing in house 006!

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