TS4- Drifter Challenge 005.4: Weddings and Nooboos

House 005 Chapter 4

07-20-16_9-29-07 AM

07-20-16_9-30-08 AM

Lexa and Davin celebrate their adult birthdays.

07-20-16_9-38-01 AM

07-20-16_9-39-10 AM

07-20-16_9-39-35 AM

Davin had the day off of work so they all went to Von Haunte so he could marry Sheena.


07-20-16_9-50-05 AM

Not the most thrilling honeymoon.  He still had to complete paintings for work the next day.

07-20-16_9-54-04 AM

Then he worked on his charisma.

07-20-16_10-03-50 AM

I did remember to have them take a wedding selfie.  I wish I would have thought of it when they were still at Von Haunte.


Yay!  I was so excited because I thought she could have a baby now… but then I remembered Davin is still behind her.  So I decided to wait.

07-20-16_10-14-03 AM

07-20-16_10-15-10 AM

07-20-16_10-15-43 AM

Originally Lexa had the next day off and I’d planned to get her and Ace married then but with the promotion she had to work the next day so I took them to get married quick.

07-20-16_10-16-57 AM

I looked to see what the others were doing after the wedding and Sheena was sleeping…

07-20-16_10-17-12 AM

…and Davin was in the maze looking really aggravated.

07-20-16_10-28-19 AM

I guess it’s a house 005 wedding tradition… come home from the wedding and paint.

07-20-16_10-28-55 AM

While the one you married does something else.

07-20-16_10-45-25 AM

The next day Davin was really close to a promotion and I decided to heck with it and had Lexa and Ace break in the new sauna by trying for baby.

07-20-16_10-47-49 AM

And she’s pregnant!

07-20-16_10-48-46 AM

Ace seems excited to hear the news.

07-20-16_11-33-04 AM

Umm guys?  You do have beds.

07-20-16_11-34-42 AM

Time to grind out the last of that logic skill.


Lexa got the last masterpiece she needed to complete her aspiration.  Davin did a couple days later.


She had tons of points so I got night owl and morning sim.

07-20-16_11-46-44 AM

There’s a table and a bar inside they can eat on.  I guess at least the pool is getting used.  Not as much as when it was the little 2×2 one, though.


Yay Davin!  I knew you could do it.

07-20-16_12-25-37 PM

Time for Davin and Sheena to try for baby too.

07-20-16_12-27-18 PM

Yay another nooboo on the way!

07-20-16_12-28-14 PM

She woke him up to tell him.  He seemed really excited too.

07-20-16_12-35-07 PM

This was hilarious.  I saw her running towards the corner of the lot and wondered what on earth she was doing.  She ran all the way to the bush to throw up!

07-20-16_12-39-54 PM

So far I haven’t seen Davin in a work outfit yet.  But all of Lexa’s have been really cute.  Awe look at that baby belly!


Awesome!  This is going quicker than I anticipated.

07-20-16_1-16-55 PM

She had to go to work the next day and I made sure all of her needs were totally full before she left.  After that, she’ll have 2 days off to spend with the baby.

07-20-16_1-24-58 PM

Ace feels the baby.  Boy is she huge!

07-20-16_1-26-14 PM

It popped up that it’s Ace’s birthday so I had him blow out the candles quick before the birth.

07-20-16_1-31-02 PM

Whew that was a rough one eh?  Well, twins will do that to ya.

07-20-16_1-33-14 PM

That’s right people.  Twin girls!  Kelsie and Eva.


Holy cow!  I think this is the most expensive masterpiece I’ve had a sim make.


Awesome!  I definitely could have had kids sooner.

07-20-16_2-02-06 PM

Ugh, poor Sheena.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get her needs up before she went to work the day she was due to deliver.  Also, isn’t that dress lovely?

07-20-16_2-18-53 PM

She came home, collapsed into bed and then hopped right back out to give birth.  It’s a boy!  I was soooo hoping for a boy.  His name is Trent.

07-20-16_2-22-19 PM

I couldn’t get them all into one crib so I put in another.  I’ll have to make the kid’s room bigger.  At least Davin and Sheena didn’t have twins too!

Chapter 005.5

Chapter notes:

This chapter was just under 6 days.  I decided not to go for 7 this time because I already had taken more than the usual amount of screenshots and knew with the girls aging to children the next day that there would definitely be more.

Careers check: Both level 9, Lexa should get promoted soon.

Skills check: Lexa- painting 10 and logic 6; Davin- painting 10, charisma 6 and photography 3… I figured I’ll get his photography up taking pics of the kids.

House value check: $109,742 and I’ve still got more I want to do… that masterpiece that Lexa painted took them over the $100,000 mark.  I’ve been decorating the house with paintings now.

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