TS4- Drifter Challenge 005.5: Let the Waiting Game Begin

House 005 Chapter 5

07-21-16_10-19-31 AM

Lexa was exhausted from getting up a bunch of times taking care of the twins the night before so at first I let her sleep and had Davin care for them.  It’s nice having 2 controllable sims with babies.

07-21-16_10-36-34 AM

Then I realized she didn’t have work the next day and he did so they ended up having to swap baby duty. It’s like having triplets really.  One of them was crying almost all the time.

07-21-16_10-44-57 AM

Yay!  I was waiting to play again until after I got Backyard Stuff.  It took me a few days to get it.  The first thing I did was decorate with all the cool new stuff.  I was feeling iffy about the outside of the house before but now I really like it.  The birds are constantly flying around this bird feeder.

07-21-16_11-01-47 AM

A little autonomous closet woohoo.  All the autonomous woohoo causes problems later.

07-21-16_11-05-53 AM

This is the only time that Sheena took care of any of the babies!

07-21-16_11-10-57 AM

Well, at least she’s not wearing her darned nightgown anymore.  This was funny to watch.

07-21-16_11-27-58 AM

Yesss!  The girls finally aged up.  Kiley, the technical heir, has the purple hair.  I say technical because all 3 of them will be in house 006.

07-21-16_11-35-06 AM

The room gets expanded and Trent was moved into his parent’s room.  Notice I used the beds from the beginning of the challenge?

07-21-16_11-38-13 AM

There’s a focused painting in the kids room and by the computer.  Like the first thing Eva did after aging up was start her homework.  Good girl!


Woot!  Now Davin just has to do it too!

  • Fun fact: Lexa was the same age when she topped the painter career as her dad was when he reached level 8 in the science career and tried for baby.

07-21-16_12-43-23 PM

The girls got home from school and Eva stood outside like this for like an hour.  It was weird.  Just when I was starting to think she was bugged and was going to reset her she ran to the house.

07-21-16_12-45-56 PM

See your kids autonomously doing homework?  If there’s a parent available have them help with homework.  This way they finish it and get a focused moodlet.

07-21-16_1-06-45 PM

Ohmygosh isn’t Trent adorable?

07-21-16_3-00-11 PM

I was taking care of Davin’s needs when I saw movement in the back yard.  I paused and looked and Trent was being all cool on the water slide.  Not bad for a kid that just aged up moments ago!

07-21-16_3-11-26 PM

I have to say, I think these are my favorite drifter kids yet!  They are all so cute and expressive.

07-21-16_3-19-08 PM

I was watching Davin paint or something when I noticed Trent’s icon at the bottom had the house symbol on it.  I was like where is he?  He was over by the pond talking to this dude.  The funny part is a few days later he got a text from this guy saying it was cool he made friends with so-and-so I was like who’re you?  Then I remembered this.

07-21-16_3-28-09 PM

Remember when I was saying all that autonomous woohoo caused trouble?  First Davin and Sheena woohoo’d in the sauna… then Lexa and Ace did too.  I was like what on earth is going on with these sims?  Then they all crowded into the outside bathroom talking.


Awe crap.  Four flirty sims in a tiny room is bad mojo.

07-21-16_3-31-01 PM

That moodlet lasted a day.  In that time he must have yelled at this poor defenseless stuffed dino 20 times!


Poor Drago.

07-21-16_3-37-53 PM

I was bored so I changed all the kids to the Whiz Kid aspiration and had Davin read to them.  Kelsi had been stuck in the motion gaming rig and was bored which is why she looks like that.  Now I know a way to get them out of there.

07-21-16_3-44-08 PM

There is a freaking nightlight there!  I switched to the kids view but saw no monster.  Of course, they woke up the whole house and I could only send Lexa and Davin back to bed.


Yay!  All that’s left is the level 5 photography.

07-21-16_7-40-09 PM

So my plan was to have Davin take pics of the kids to max his photography.  The problem is that they didn’t get any sleep because of the non-monster the night before.  He took this one of Trent, the girls were napping.  I looked away for a minute and next thing I know Trent is napping too!

07-21-16_7-51-09 PM

So he took like 100 pictures of these two kids instead.  I just wanted to get it done.  I always worry that some kind of accident will strike and I won’t have everything complete.


With that, house 005 is done!  Let the waiting game begin.

Chapter 005.6

Chapter notes:

I know this chapter is a bit short but I didn’t want to have just one chapter up to the time Kelsi ages to young adult.  It would be huge… and weird for a chapter to start as a baby and go that long.  So I decided to cut it here when the challenge is complete and I’m assuming the next chapter will be a bit short as well as I’ll most likely spend most of it on high speed unless the kids are doing something interesting.

I forgot to add… Kelsi has 9 days ’till teen so this will be a long wait.  If you’re thinking of doing this house trust me, no need to wait until they reach level 8 in their careers to have the heir!

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