TS4- Drifter Challenge 005.6: Together ‘Till the End

House 005 Chapter 6

A/N: I apologize for how long this chapter is.  I didn’t want to split it into two.  In hindsight, I should have made the previous chapter longer.

07-21-16_8-47-01 PM

Reading to the kids again.  They all completed the first part of Whiz Kid.

07-21-16_8-56-59 PM

I had sold the chess table when I put the patio table out so I got one temporarily so they could play with the kids.

07-21-16_9-05-32 PM

Just thought this was cute.  Little Eva relaxing in the sauna.

07-21-16_10-22-31 PM

They’re all obsessed with the motion gaming rig… as all sims seem to be.


Both Ace and Sheena maxed their gaming skill.

07-21-16_10-29-08 PM

A little flirting by the pool.

07-21-16_10-38-37 PM

Everyone but Lexa was at work on the weekend so she took the kids to the park.  I was hoping they’d meet some other kids.

TS4_x64 2016-07-21 22-41-25-17

Eva started to play on the spaceship and then got off and hugged this kid.  I was like what the heck?  So I looked and it says he’s her cousin.  One of Lexa’s brother Drew’s kids.  He aged up to teen the next day and constantly called and texted all 3 kids.  He was the only one at the park and after a few hours I just brought them home.

07-21-16_11-03-53 PM

The kids all seemed to enjoy playing on the jungle gym together so much I bought one for the house.  Sadly they never played at the same time.

07-21-16_11-17-19 PM

Once they’d reached the top of their careers I wasn’t really worried about painting anymore but Lexa and Davin painted autonomously a lot.  I saw so many paintings that I’ve never seen in this game before.  Like these two that now decorate the kids room.  So cute!


Woot they both got A’s on the same day.

07-21-16_11-45-45 PM

Did you know sometimes kids come home from school in weird outfits the day they get A’s?  Both them had a hat, Kelsie has different shoes and Eva has glasses.  In my legacy, a kid came home in a hotdog costume!

07-21-16_11-59-52 PM

Yay closets are so fun!  I love watching kids play in them.

07-22-16_12-10-25 AM

This was just creepy.  She sat there talking to her dad while inside Davin.


Yay Trent!  He didn’t get an outfit though.

07-22-16_10-15-07 AM

07-22-16_10-17-54 AM

I remembered to get pics of the girls for the wall.  I didn’t do it the day I did Trent’s because they went to bed after school.

07-22-16_10-32-13 AM

Ummm Trent?  You have a house… across the street there.

07-22-16_10-40-43 AM

I bought this science lab thingy  to see if any of the kids would use it.  Trent did, this one time.  Oh well, he’s the only one that got over 5 in mental skill because of it.

07-22-16_10-59-02 AM

It’s time for the girls to age up to teens.

07-22-16_11-00-41 AM

Makeover time!

07-22-16_11-25-17 AM

Awe they’re so pretty!

07-22-16_11-52-21 AM

So my evil plan begins to unfold.  As soon as they aged up I started having Lexa and Davin talk to them about painting, writing, cooking, handiness and fishing.  Kelsie never got any writing skill from Lexa talking about writing to her so getting Lexa to level 3 in order to have that interaction was a waste.  Neither got any handiness skill either.

07-22-16_12-11-52 PM

The next morning Lexa and Davin aged to elder.

07-22-16_12-16-03 PM

Lexa took a vacation day from work and took the girls fishing.

07-22-16_12-29-34 PM

When Lexa and the girls were fishing Sheena had run over there and tried talking to them.  I didn’t really pay attention to where she went after that.  Then I was looking for her when it was time for Trent to age up and found her way over in the picnic area eating.

07-22-16_12-32-57 PM

Trent ages to teen… can’t even see his face!

07-22-16_12-41-07 PM

Ah, much better.  Proud dad there.  Meanwhile, Mom is sitting eating grilled fruit.

07-22-16_12-47-30 PM

Ugh, Kelsie!  Nasty, why are you in there???

07-22-16_1-01-59 PM

Davin had to work the day after Trent aged to teen so Lexa had to start his training.  The garden idea was a complete failure.  Water together worked but when I would have them weed together either Lexa or Davin, whoever was grouped up with him, would start “weeding” random places in the house and he wouldn’t do anything.  After awhile I just sold the garden boxes.

07-22-16_1-04-31 PM

She did take him fishing that day too.  I didn’t get many chances because the kids needs were always low after school.

07-22-16_1-17-12 PM

Another selfie for the wall to go with the one from when they first started.  I loved these two.

07-22-16_1-24-58 PM

Look look!  All of that talking about painting finally worked.  She woke up and autonomously went to the art studio and painted.  I ended up adding more easels because between Davin and Lexa there was rarely an open one.  I didn’t think of it until later but I should have had one of them mentor her… but she only painted like 5 times and by the time I thought of it, she never did again.

07-22-16_2-29-36 PM

07-22-16_2-42-27 PM

Ace aged to elder and the next day Sheena joined him.

07-22-16_3-05-01 PM

Lexa got abducted by aliens.  She was really angry when she got back!




Well, this notification that popped up a few hours later made me feel a little better.

07-22-16_4-24-34 PM

07-22-16_4-25-20 PM

Ohmygosh guys!  I was just sitting there watching Lexa paint when it popped up for Davin.  I paused and went to look, unpaused and it popped up for her as well.  I’m seriously crying again typing this.  I bawled when this happened.  I wanted to have Sheena or Ace plead for them then remembered that I can’t control them!

07-22-16_4-30-06 PM

It took me awhile to calm myself after taking this pic.  I was so upset.  I loved those two so much!

07-22-16_4-41-36 PM

The kids were in school when Lexa and Davin passed and went about their business.  The next day was the twins birthday.  Of course, the stove had to break!

07-22-16_4-44-52 PM

They had a somber breakfast together before school.  This is like the most that any of them have sat at this table together the whole time.  While they were at school I got the notification that it’s almost Ace’s time too.


I really didn’t think he’d make it.  He barely ever did his homework.

07-22-16_4-57-14 PM

Finally, about 8pm I got the birthday notifications.  There were still cakes in the fridge so I didn’t have to wait for them to automatically age up this time.  On to house 006!

Chapter 006.1

Chapter notes:

Final house price $145,267.  I couldn’t get the gallery link for this one.  If you’re interested my origin id is Rainydayz179. Enable CC because the photos on the wall flagged it as CC.

I’ll do updates on everyone’s skills and such at the start of house 006 after I make Kelsie’s drifting partner.  They all had fairly decent needs other than being a bit tired.

Just wanted to add that all of that autonomous painting earned them at least $100,000 after they topped their careers and I stopped making them paint!

Edit to add: For anyone reading this that is doing or going to do the challenge please note- I was wrong, we are allowed to plead to grim.  “-Pleading for a Sims life is acceptable (death may actually like you after all)”

10 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 005.6: Together ‘Till the End

  1. Aww RIP Davin and Lexa 😦 I didn’t know the kids outfits changed when they get As. MIne haven’t had As in a long time lol. The girls are beautiful! And again, I love the house! Gratz and good luck in 6!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. CathyTea pointed the A outfits out to me or I’d probably still be clueless. Focused auras everywhere the kids hang out is the trick! Got the first chapter of house 006 written and waiting.


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