TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.1: Extreme Edition!

House 006 Chapter 1

Kelsie Rover, heir from house 005 starts her drifting experience with her new friend and drifting partner Hayden Rivera.

We’re going extreme baby!  It might take a couple attempts but this is happening.

Kelsie’s starting skills.  The only helpful one really is the cooking.

My whole crazy plan requires her to move in her twin sister Eva… but she’s not there to invite over!

Confused?  Did you think they got A’s in school for nothing?

Ah yea!  Check that baby out.  And a $300+ painting and $900+ starting bonus.

After purchasing a few starting essentials they’re out of money again… not for long.

I just had them fishing while I checked constantly to see if Eva showed up to invite over.  Finally, she did!

Hey sis!  Want to live on a huge empty lot with me and a stranger?  Yes?  Hey, bring Trent too!

Bye bye money!  Time to drift, family-style!

Hayden was still fishing.  I wasn’t really sure what to do with him yet.

When I saved the game at the end of house 005 after the girls aged to YA Trent was about to eat a piece of their birthday cake.  While Eva gets a job in the writer career as well Trent whips out the cake and starts eating.

Everybody was tired except Eva… even Hayden, which is weird because I had just made him in CAS only hours before.  Eva had enough aspiration points to purchase Creative Visionary.  While everyone slept she painted up a storm.

When level 6 painting popped up I realized I didn’t take the promised screenies of their starting skills.

Here’s Trent’s too.  As you can see he didn’t get much gardening experience.

I was trying to be cheap since they had this convenient bathroom available so close to the lot and didn’t buy a bush or toilet.

Ugh.  She got a whim to buy a toilet too.

I didn’t have enough money for walls so I did TigerLover’s fence trick.  It actually looks pretty nice.

I was looking around for stuff for Trent to collect when I saw a bunch of sims fishing.  I got excited, ’till I realized all but one were elders.  I forgot to delete all the elder households before I started.  I saved here and did so.  There were 105 of them!  I counted as I deleted.

Trent will be the collector/gardener/fisher.  Although they will all have frogs to breed.  The first day all he found was $10 frogs… but that’s $40 each time they all breed them so it’s something.

Kelsie self-published her first book.  Dunno why the mailbox is all the way in the back corner of the lot.  I’ve been too lazy to move it.  I should put it next to her desk.  Not sure why this screenshot looks so dark.  It was the morning.

Trent starts his garden.  His mom Sheena came to visit.

Of course, while everyone works on their assigned tasks I’m scanning the neighborhood.  I saw this guy when I was deleting the elders.  It made me laugh the first time and I laughed even harder when I saw him again!

Ugh.  Kelsie got up for a minute and Sheena got on her computer and wouldn’t get off.  She ended up having to ask her to leave!

Dangit.  I got the popup for Trent’s birthday.  He had a cake in his inventory from house 005 and I fenced it in when they moved in so nobody would throw it away.  I didn’t realize that the candles disappeared after it spoiled.  He ended up having to auto-age to young adult.

Yes, I’m that cheap.  Hey, it’s better than eating out of the cooler all the time!  I learned a new trick too… you can store the grilled food in the household inventory and pull it out when someone’s hungry so it doesn’t spoil.  Wish I would have thought of that for the cake!

Why am I wasting precious time that they could be working on making money to take them to the park you ask? Because I’ve learned that visiting public areas spawns new young adults.  I’m pretty sure that if I could count back both Ace and Sheena from house 005 were “created” on days that Davin went to the park to take photos.  Speaking of them… I decided to bring them to the park too so I could see them again, just in case.

The royalty report from the books published the first day.

I started them all off fishing.  Then I noticed that the plants in the area were up so I had Trent run around and harvest them all.  I did see a few young adults but none had jobs yet.  I considered throwing a dance party at one of the Windenburg lots but decided to call it quits for the night and start back up in the morning.

They get back from the park and have half a day to get some work done.  Eva painting, Kelsie writing books, Hayden hacking and making apps and Trent gathering and working on his garden.

Awesome!  First masterpiece and it’s worth over $1,000!  She had enough aspiration points to get Marketable on the second day so that must be why it’s worth so much… combined with Creative Visionary.

Alright so, after I stopped playing and went to bed for the night I got to thinking.  I have 4 open slots in the house right?  If Kelsie and Hayden pair up like I plan that leaves a husband for Eva, a wife for Trent and 2 kids.  BUT the future kids won’t be until WAY down the line… so the thought occurred to me there are all of these adults running around the neighborhood… some of them must have jobs.  This is morbid, but I figured they should be dead by the time I need space for kids.  Which is how Hayden got stuck meeting and asking sims if they have jobs.  This one did.

Poor Hayden.  He was so tired and I was forcing him to make friends with this woman because she’s a doctor.  Kellie Kaufman, do you want to spend the rest of your life living on a huge empty lot working your job and painting in your spare time?  I mean, you are homeless after-all, it’s gotta be a step up.

Well, that worked out.  She’s about to age to elder and has good traits.

AND she’s a level 8 doctor!

Who’s the strange man coming out of the bathroom dressed all weird?  BONUS!  It’s Kellie’s brother Bronson.  I thought it was her husband in the split and merge.  I figured if he doesn’t have a job he can just paint all day or something.

Yay!  He’ll still paint in his spare time.

Here’s his traits too.

Then Trent popped out of the tent and aged up.  Why’s he always wearing swim shorts?  LOL

Chapter 006.2

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 3 days.  I forsee house 006 being much longer than the usual 6-7 chapters… especially if I fail the first attempt.

Wondering about the twins getting jobs?  Well, I figured they did all that work to get A’s, I might as well get something out of it.  Like 2 free computers, 2 $300+ paintings and over $1800 in bonus money for signing on for the jobs.  Plus, 3 vacation days that they get paid for but don’t actually work.  Then they’ll quit.   I’m devious.  Trent will do the same with the cooking career to get the free counters.

Everyone’s assigned tasks: Kelsie- write books and cook; Hayden- programming and repairs; Eva- painting; Trent- gardening, gathering and fishing; Kellie- doctor job, painting and cleaning; Bronson- athlete job, painting and cleaning.

Now to find 2 more young adult sims…

11 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.1: Extreme Edition!

    1. Truthfully, painting would probably bring in more money in the long run than the jobs. But making a housefull of sims paint all day sounds super boring! Especially after house 005.


  1. haha my family doesnt understand what it means when I want to ‘binge’ read – I read first chapter and poof interrupted…hopefully I can finish my binge now 😉 – so far so good – I see you can control everyone in this mini challenge?

    Liked by 1 person

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