TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.2: The Sad Painting Parade

House 006 Chapter 2

When I started playing again I realized that Trent had all this stuff in his inventory from the park that I had forgotten about!

I was trying to decide what to use Trent’s points for and ended up getting this.

  • Kelsie got Creative Visionary.

Eva took finding a new person painting next to her in stride.  She introduced herself and her and Kellie chatted it up.

I remembered to move the mailbox next to Kelsie’s desk… and look the mail lady walked over and used it to bring the bills.  I thought she’d say she couldn’t reach it.

The mammoth garden begins!

Ummm yea.  I think Trent needs some help.

I had hoped that the gardener would help plant but no such luck.  He watered the stuff that was planted already and left.  Oh well.

At least he was free!

Bronson got this moodlet.  Really?  Was it that bad where you came from?

I chose the wrong thing for a chance card when he went to work and he came home embarrassed.  Also, this is the first time I saw him out of his work clothes.  I find their weird townie outfits entertaining so didn’t give them makeovers.

The 1×1 pool makes a triumphant return!  *Note: According to Vihisha, they can die in the 1×1 pool!*

I was checking out the neighborhood like I do obsessively all day and saw this guy.  He’s obviously a doctor but he’s an adult… and kinda goofy looking.

Kelsie and Eva’s dad Ace came to visit.  I was like wow I can’t believe he’s still alive.  I got the warning that it was almost his time the day the twins aged up.

Are you kidding me?!?  Am I being punished for being surprised that he’s still living?  I mean, I loved the guy but damn.

I tried having Kelsie plead for him but she was too busy eating so Eva pleaded.  No go.

*sigh*  It’s all the way in the back corner of the lot so I can usually catch them before they go mourn at it.  I’m looking forward to his ghost visiting… I just hope he doesn’t break everything.

Really?  It made you sick Bronson?

Meanwhile, Trent is fishing away, completely oblivious to the chaos at home.

In the morning Bronson needed fun and I sent him to fish and be productive… and out of my hair for a bit.  I forgot he was squeamish.  That idea failed.  I also made the mistake of having him clean a toilet.  *sigh*  I hate that trait.

A second bathroom was added out of necessity.  I think she would have peed if she had to wait.

I haven’t seen many young adults in the neighborhood so when I saw this one I had Trent stop gardening and go meet her.  Unfortunately, she had the mean trait and I don’t feel like dealing with that.  He said goodbye and went back to gardening.  I may have to send them all out somewhere again.

As far as the love department goes, though, things were getting steamy between Kelsie and Hayden as they flirted while working.

Not the most romantic place for a first kiss.  She asked him to be her boyfriend and he said yes.

A little tent woohoo to celebrate… then back to work.  Kelsie wrote a romance book.  Hehe

I gave in to the need for fun.  I have to put it into household inventory if anyone wants to sleep, though.

Trent’s mom Sheena called asking if she could come over and her picture was a ghost.  I said yes just to see but when I saw she was angry I used MC Command Center to make her leave.  Not dealing with an angry ghost breaking everything!

4 days of book writing.

The long and boring task of grafting strawberries and snapdragons begins.

Kellie and Bronson both returned from work and aged to elder.

Luckily the forgotten birthday moodlet doesn’t last long.  Eva’s loss of a loved one moodlet is almost gone.  She’s painted nothing but sad paintings for 2 days.  Hopefully, the sad painting parade will end soon.

This chapter was 2 days!  This is crazy.  I didn’t believe it then I checked Kelsie’s age.

Chapter 6.3

Chapter notes:

The non-house value is $16,750.  I’m thinking it must include lot value because that can’t be right.

They have $27,903 saved up.  I know I could build them a little something… but I’m kinda liking lawn living for now.  I find it entertaining.  

Not only are the 006 chapters much fewer days than usual.  It’s taking a lot longer than usual too.  Because I have to micro-manage 6 sims.  I pause and check their needs, pause and breed all of their frogs, pause and check the neighborhood for young adults, pause to cue up fertilizing or evolving the garden.  With all of that pausing and no high speed, this may take awhile.  Which is fine with me because I’m having a blast!

13 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.2: The Sad Painting Parade

    1. I didn’t know it was a real thing?! I think I’ll need more help than the gardener. I’m looking for a wife for Trent to help with it.


    1. Technically you don’t have to have more than the heir and their drifting partner. I overcompensated and started with tons of sims because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do mansion baron with no starting money.

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