TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.3: Construction Concerns

House 006 Chapter 3

TS4_x64 2016-07-23 19-25-59-61

I just thought it was hilarious… that huge lot with a bunch of junk scattered all over it.  Yes, house 006 is impressive from map view!

07-23-16_7-33-15 PM

I was getting antsy and decided to take them out for a bit of fun.

07-23-16_7-37-20 PM

Well, since we’re in a fairly romantic spot.

07-23-16_7-37-51 PM

They are so darned cute together!

07-23-16_7-38-40 PM

I’m distracted by all the elders roaming around…

07-23-16_7-40-58 PM

…and these two sneak off to a bush.

07-23-16_7-49-58 PM

The park was pretty boring.  No young adults at all.  So I decided to try a dance party at the bluffs.  Eva looks smitten already!

TS4_x64 2016-07-23 19-53-39-90

He’s young adult, has good traits and a job.  His name is Dillan.

07-23-16_7-57-05 PM

Everybody hangs out for a bit.  (The girl with the orange hair is the only young adult female.  Trent met her but didn’t seem interested in talking to her.)

07-23-16_8-00-26 PM

I figure what the heck, she seems to like him, let’s move him in.  Gotta build that friendship up first.

07-23-16_8-15-18 PM

Here he is after a bit of a makeover.  I can’t stand the hair he had.  It looks like a bad toupe.


We now have a family fisherman!

07-23-16_8-28-51 PM

He grafted snapdragon onto strawberries the day before, time to graft strawberries onto the snapdragons.  It’s so boring and time-consuming since you have to do it one at a time.

07-23-16_9-16-11 PM

Hey!  Dillan, you’re supposed to be fishing mister!  Not socializing!

07-23-16_9-17-47 PM

Back to the garden.  Grafting is done so it’s time to evolve everything.  Even with the gardener, he has a hard time keeping up.  I decide it doesn’t matter if he meets a girl without a job because she can help him in the garden.

07-24-16_10-55-59 AM

I’ve seen so many house 002 pics on Twitter lately I thought I’d try the pizza trick.  Dang, it’s a guy.  Oh well, free pizza!

07-24-16_11-02-01 AM

Pizza, the breakfast of champions.


Their earnings one week in.  I suppose they’ll want a house now as a reward.

  • Okay, this part will need some explanation.  I was talking to TigerLover on Twitter about MC Command Center and how you can flag your sims as no-cull so they stay on the family tree.  Then I got to thinking, is there a way to flag the sims I forgot to flag in earlier houses that have already died?  Yes, there is!


I used the teleporter mod to summon them.


Then flagged them all never cull.

07-24-16_1-55-27 PM

The ghosts of drifters (and their families) from houses 002-004.

07-24-16_5-13-16 PM

What is that monstrosity you ask?  *sigh*  So I drew up plans for a house.  If it had worked the way I planned it would have looked really cool.  I worked on this piece of garbage for hours.  First, I couldn’t get the roofs to line up right.  I messed with them forever with no luck!  Nothing people told me to do worked.  Then, the thought occurred to me that the main focus of this house is the porch and I’d better test it out and see if it’s even do-able.  It wasn’t.  If you look at the porch section on the right you can see that when I tried dragging it back it deleted the wall that was like the one on the left with no porch section.  All that work for nothing!  The sad part is I tried doing something similar in house 003 and remembered later my failure in that house.  Back to the drawing board.  Meanwhile, I had spent the whole day building that thing so I only had half a chapter and couldn’t post anything.

07-24-16_7-05-52 PM

The first house gave me a migraine and yet I was obsessed with wanting them to have a house!  So this is what I have so far.  The only expensive items in the house at the moment are the stove and fridge.  I had wanted the porch to wrap around the house but as far as I know it’s impossible to roof it.  I have no idea how I’ll get the required columns.

07-24-16_7-07-48 PM

Here’s the upstairs.  It’s all still a work in progress that I drew up quick.  I just threw some beds in there for now and called it done.

07-24-16_8-17-41 PM

Back to work you lazy bones!  Technically it’s not their fault that I put a house on top of them… whatever. Semantics. I did give in and put out some plumbob lamps because I’m sick and tired of all the emotional paintings!

07-24-16_8-26-37 PM

Kelsie cooks dinner on the fancy very expensive stove.  She’s got level 6 cooking now.

07-24-16_8-28-27 PM

Oops.  I hadn’t even thought of a bigger table… also, I need to add sprinklers!


Wow, Trent has a lot of aspiration points!  I got him the Independent trait.


Right after that, this popped up!  Awesome.


Half the sleep?  More time to paint!

07-24-16_8-37-51 PM

She needs time for fun too.  Like flirting with Dillan.

07-24-16_8-39-20 PM

Painting complete, they have their first kiss.

07-24-16_8-41-00 PM

He offers her a rose and asks her to be his girlfriend.

07-24-16_8-45-14 PM

Everybody got to sleep in a bed for the first time… and other stuff.

Chapter 006.4

Chapter notes:

First, I want to apologize if the pictures took awhile to load for this chapter.  Somehow I selected the wrong folder when I uploaded them and didn’t realize it until they were done.  They aren’t the smaller sized formatted ones I usually use.

We are now 8 days into the challenge.

Hurrah!  I now can start house value updates… because there’s a house!   $74,690 and $22,766 in reserve… I haven’t decided what to do to the house next.

7 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.3: Construction Concerns

  1. That’s neat u can have your Sims “not culled” =) I’m sure that was helpful info 4 others who wish 2 do the same!
    I’m sry about your building woes…that’s never fun! But I DO like what you’ve come up w/so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I went back in last night and spent like $20,000 more and after I went to bed I came up with some more ideas so it’s all good. We’ll get there!


  2. YES the ghosts of Drifters past UNITE lol – loved the house but sorry it was stressful for you. I have a wrap around porch on mine and was able to roof it but I rigged it to be roofed 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really? I haven’t been able to figure it out. I’m really happy with the way the house turned out but it’s nothing like the original plans.

      Liked by 1 person

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