TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.5: Weddings and Renovations

House 006 Chapter 5

TS4_x64 2016-07-25 19-17-54-29

Every time I open the game or travel this stupid thing pops up saying a gardener was there while I was gone!  Dude. He’s still there, gardening.  If I didn’t have free services I’d be ticked.  Rant over.  Let’s get to the fun!

07-25-16_7-27-33 PM

Time to get all of these couples hitched!  Dillon proposed to Eva.

07-25-16_7-28-52 PM

Awe so romantic with the water in the background.

07-25-16_7-33-51 PM

Then Trent proposed to Holly.

07-25-16_7-34-46 PM

Umm gardener?  We’re trying to have a romantic moment here.

07-25-16_7-46-37 PM

Triple wedding time!  Kellie and Bronson were at work and I didn’t feel like waiting for them.  Plus, by then it’d be dark and I’d have to put lights out.  Meh, let’s do this thing!

07-25-16_7-49-26 PM

Everybody sit nice for the pictures now.  (Yes, I turned autonomy off for the weddings.)

07-25-16_7-50-17 PM

07-25-16_7-51-11 PM

07-25-16_7-52-57 PM

07-25-16_7-54-02 PM

07-25-16_7-54-41 PM

07-25-16_7-55-34 PM

07-25-16_7-56-31 PM

07-25-16_7-57-38 PM

07-25-16_7-58-05 PM

Alright guys, fun’s over!  Get back to work!

07-25-16_8-28-49 PM

That night dad came to visit.  Of course, since she has the never weary trait, Eva was the only one awake.  This was really cute.

07-25-16_8-37-47 PM

Really Ace?  Mourning at your own grave just seems a bit melodramatic.

07-25-16_8-46-02 PM

First, I had the thought, I wonder if I can put the pool onto the back deck?  I could!  Win!  Then I thought, I wonder if I can put the entrance to the basement out there?  Yes.  Looks like the entrance to the pit of doom right now.  I haven’t decided how I want to place it so I haven’t bothered building anything around it.

07-25-16_8-49-19 PM

I just put those steps there and he goes to use them.  Yay!  Also, that look on his face looks like he’s up to no good.


Or he realized he was about to do this!


I’m not sure how helpful this is but I had no idea what to do with his points.


More good news!


And more!


Should’a known the bad news was coming.

Time to build!

07-25-16_10-01-52 PM

I started building an noticed the fridge door was open.  Weird.

07-25-16_10-27-50 PM

Okay, this is how the house looked from the outside before.  Doesn’t look too bad this way right?

07-25-16_10-28-00 PM

Then we have the aforementioned roof-in-bedroom issue.  It took a bit of thought but I figured out a sort-of fix.

07-26-16_2-11-11 PM

I say sort-of because the roof clips a bit into the upstairs entry area but it’s really not a problem.  I’m happy with how it turned out.  Oh, and those before pics were taken in build mode with the light changed if you’re wondering why it’s suddenly dark out.

07-26-16_2-10-42 PM

Here’s the back so far.  The pit of doom is still there because I still haven’t decided where to put it.  I just threw that heater there because I didn’t want to forget that I wanted some out there.  I haven’t put any lighting or decorations in the pool yet either.  Really, I didn’t do much to the back yard yet period now that I think about it!

07-26-16_2-12-05 PM

I’ll add some plants and stuff at some point but you get the gist of it.  Here’s Trent and Holly’s room.

07-26-16_2-12-25 PM

Eva and Dillon’s room…

07-26-16_2-12-48 PM

…and Kelsie and Hayden’s room.

07-26-16_2-13-19 PM

…and their office.

07-26-16_2-13-58 PM

The kitchen…

07-26-16_2-14-20 PM

…and formal dining room.  (Not sure why the chairs look different colors, it’s really annoying.)

07-26-16_2-14-55 PM

Lastly, we have the theater room.  (Once again, the couches are the same color!)

Hope you enjoyed the house tour.  It still has far to go but I’m pleased with the progress.  Oh and I thought you’d like to see this:



Chapter 006.6

Chapter notes:

This chapter is one day.  Kelsie has 7 days ’till aging to adult and I’m paused at one day to the 2-week mark since starting. 

You saw the house value.  They also have $12,520 in reserve because I’m nervous about the bills and thought I should stop and wait ’till they had some more money to play with.  The pit of doom will be a “fun” room and I’m really excited to start that next.  I also realized that I haven’t put out any of the things from Backyard Stuff like the bird feeder.  So much to do!

Before anyone says it… I know I need one double and 7 single beds.  I’ll change it at the end of the house before I start house 007.

Whenever I find out if the heir, when it’s time for one, is a boy or a girl I would love it if some of you could make sims for house 007 for me!  So start thinking about that… it would be so cool.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.5: Weddings and Renovations

    1. I just finished the fun room. There’s another chapter after this one that’s already written so you’ll have to wait ’till the one after that to see it.

      Awesome about making sims. I can’t wait to see what the heir is!


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