TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.8: My Little Heart

House 006 Chapter 8


Finally!  One more day.

07-27-16_7-01-45 PM

I thought a nice foot massage for the expectant mommy might be nice.

07-27-16_7-02-18 PM

Or not?  Geeze Hayden, gentle!

07-27-16_7-04-28 PM

This is seriously the freakiest painting that I’ve ever seen in the sims.  Obviously, I had to keep it.

07-27-16_7-13-41 PM

I saw something moving outside and realized it was Kellie on the water slide!  Poor girl wiped out and then turned yellow from embarrassment.

07-27-16_7-14-52 PM

Then her brother Bronson showed up a few minutes later looking all sad and moped around the house all night.

07-27-16_7-27-45 PM

Sorry if all of the pictures of paintings are getting old but I haven’t seen so many of these and it’s fun.

07-27-16_7-36-12 PM

Well, the aspiration is achieved, we can splurge on fancy foods now.  Kelsi is a level 10 cook after-all.

07-27-16_7-38-03 PM

They were heading to the sauna to woohoo and I thought ya know what, no, let’s try for baby instead.

07-27-16_7-40-21 PM

Yay!  She’s preggo too!

07-27-16_7-46-04 PM

Time to tell dad-to-be the big news.

07-27-16_7-51-16 PM

When I was on my spending spree I got him a microscope so he could make slides of plant samples.  He made one cool one that I stuck in the fun room.

07-27-16_7-57-59 PM

I don’t think I took any pictures of this upstairs sitting/tv area yet.

07-27-16_7-59-10 PM

Poor thing went into labor right after I took that last pic.

07-27-16_8-01-41 PM

When I clicked on her “have baby” was greyed out.  So I sent them to the hospital.


I was kinda expecting a boy… everyone seems to be having boys in house 006.

07-27-16_8-18-21 PM

Thaddeus means heart.  I thought it was fitting since he’ll be doing the soulmate aspiration.

07-27-16_8-23-41 PM

Awe, so sweet.  Yes, I know the room is still a disaster.  I’m waiting to see what the other baby is to fix it up.

07-27-16_8-29-21 PM

Seriously?  You’re going to mourn your dad when he’s standing right there?

07-27-16_8-31-45 PM

I was thinking he was going in the bathroom to break everything since he was angry but he was using the mirror to calm down.  Also, I really like how this picture turned out.

07-27-16_8-39-16 PM

All calmed down, he comes to greet his grandson.  I found leaving her in that duckie smock entertaining for awhile then it got old since she has the never weary trait and I had to change her out of it.

07-27-16_8-46-31 PM

Dillon wiping out on the slide.

07-27-16_10-02-24 PM

Trent was going to go on the slide too a little bit later and I thought ya know I haven’t tried that soap thing yet.

07-27-16_10-02-53 PM

This is funny…

07-27-16_10-05-22 PM

…this is even funnier.  I’m not sure how long it stayed on him, I forgot to pay attention.

07-27-16_10-14-38 PM

It’s the twins and Hayden’s adult birthdays.  If you’re confused as to why Kelsi isn’t a different age since she had a baby I have that turned off in my MCCC settings ‘cuz I think it’s weird that pregnant sims don’t age.

07-27-16_10-37-55 PM

Why do my pregnant sims keep getting sick?  Nobody else in the house but Kelsi and Holly have.

07-27-16_10-50-04 PM

Eva and Dillon were having a bit of fun in the observatory…

07-27-16_10-51-37 PM

…when they got out I still heard the music and looked and found these two at it.  Sheesh guys!  She’s gonna have a baby soon!

07-27-16_11-12-04 PM

To end our fun for this chapter… Thaddeus aged up to child!  He’s very handsome with his daddy’s hair and eye color.

Chapter 006.9

Chapter notes:

I have no idea how many days this chapter is.  I totally forgot to write down what day it was when I started.  I know Kelsi had just reached her third trimester through Thad aging up to child so I guess 4 days?

9 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.8: My Little Heart

    1. It’s funny, you’d think I would have seen all the paintings in house 005 but there are so many new ones that I still have never seen before.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe thanks! When I’m reading a lot of chapters in a row I have a habit of hitting next and then realizing I didn’t comment and having to go back.


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