TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.9: Yet More Building

House 006 Chapter 9

07-28-16_3-39-51 PM

I realized when getting ready to post chapter 7 that with completing mansion baron I unlocked the lounge lot in Willow Creek.  At first, I was going to graph it out.  Then I realized I am still out of graph paper. (gasp)  So I thought I’d build on the fly.  My thought was to have something with a balcony and stuff but then I thought ya know I just want to do something fun and easy.

07-28-16_4-25-56 PM

Here’s what I came up with.  I had to send Kelsi there in the middle of the night to take some pics.  I think those glowing walls and floors from Spa Day are so cool.  Shoutout to TigerLover for introducing me to them in one of her drifter lets plays!

07-28-16_4-26-25 PM

There’s this kind of entranceway thingy with places to hang coats. (That I realized when taking this pic are too high but oh well, I’ll move them at some point… jump simmies jump!)

07-28-16_4-26-50 PM

Here’s the sort of music/eating/chill area.

07-28-16_4-27-18 PM

One half of the bar room…

07-28-16_4-27-34 PM

…and the other half.

07-28-16_4-27-58 PM

Pretty basic run of the mill bathroom.

07-28-16_4-28-30 PM

And the whole thing with the walls cutaway so you can see all of it and the lights.  I guess I was really in the mood for the color blue?  Which is fitting because I named it The Blue Rover following my usual pattern of replacing one of the words in the lot name to Rover.

07-28-16_5-30-07 PM

Y’all are going to totally laugh at me but somehow I skipped over Thaddeus when queuing up everyone to fill their needs in the morning and when he sat down next to them with a plate I was like who is that?!  Seriously Rainy?  You forgot about your own heir?

07-28-16_5-33-18 PM

I was thinking what the heck is she doing out there?  And then I realized I forgot that I put that horseshoe thingy out there by the monkeybars.  This keeps happening because in the end I was just throwing random stuff out that I thought would be cool.

07-28-16_5-34-53 PM

I was waiting for Kelsi and Eva to hurry up and eat so that I could send them all out and decided to have Trent help Thad with his homework while I waited.

07-28-16_5-38-34 PM

Finally!  Everyone’s needs were full and it’s time to have fun.

07-28-16_5-40-28 PM

Well okay, I had everyone do whatever they wanted while Thad searched for discarded toys in all of the logs.

07-28-16_5-55-27 PM

Once he was almost done I looked to see what everyone was doing.  Dillan was the only one really doing anything in the lounge which was disappointing.

07-28-16_5-56-03 PM

These two were in the bathroom talking and having a glass of water from the sink.  To be fair, Holly was about to pop so I suppose a bar isn’t the best place for her.

07-28-16_5-56-28 PM

These three never left the front.  Boring.  Let’s go home.


After searching the logs at home too.

07-28-16_6-00-00 PM

Dillan aged to adult.  It’s Trent’s birthday too but he was born at like 11:30pm.

07-28-16_6-04-49 PM

I wanted to have him play voidcritters but thought he should work on his aspiration a bit first.  Also, I adore that painting above his art desk.  Eva painted it the day he was born.

07-28-16_6-05-47 PM

While Eva encourages Thad in his coloring his uncle Dillan comes in and plays with dolls.

07-28-16_6-07-03 PM

Then Holly went into labor!

07-28-16_6-08-34 PM

It’s a boy!  I used the name Asher that I was thinking of giving to Thad before I decided to give him a romance themed name.  I love taking these pics with the sparkles when they’re born.

07-28-16_6-20-46 PM

Knowing it’s a boy means I can finally finish their room!  Which means yet more building… well decorating really.

07-28-16_6-21-09 PM

Here’s the other side of the room as well.

07-28-16_6-25-34 PM

A little time with mom and dad.

07-28-16_6-26-28 PM

Half walls… they drive me nuts.  Everything gets put on them.

07-28-16_6-29-17 PM

Finally, we can train one of the voidcritters he found!  Note how dark the room is?  I couldn’t get the lights to come on, I don’t know what was going on.

07-28-16_6-33-02 PM

I have no idea what everyone was doing but I made them all come watch the puppet show.  This is like the 3rd time I’ve gotten to see this thing.  Note that the lights came on.  If anyone knows why they aren’t turning on during the day in the basement please tell me, it’s annoying.

07-28-16_6-37-24 PM

I had to pull a few of them out of bed for Trent’s cake.  He’s an adult now too.

07-28-16_6-40-43 PM

Dangit.  I had Holly qued to take care of the baby after she finished eating but he started crying and woke up Thad.

07-28-16_6-41-42 PM

Luckily mom has never weary so he can sleep in bed with dad.

07-28-16_6-43-16 PM

I couldn’t figure out why Holly kept saying she couldn’t reach Asher when he was right there!  Ghost Bronson showed up and that explained it.  I don’t understand why a sim in the room can’t care for a baby if another sim somewhere else on the lot is qued to do it too.

Chapter 006.10

Chapter notes:

This chapter is just over a day.  Hopefully, I won’t bore you with any more building/decorating chapters for this house.

7 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.9: Yet More Building

  1. I love the lounge! Blue is my favorite color 🙂
    The painting in Thad’s room is awesome!
    I had no clue that kids could find stuff in the logs lol. As we said, you learn something new all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I did in this house. There’s house 008 too I think it is? With all the adopted kids. She’s made that painting twice again now and both times they were masterpieces.


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