TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.11: The Lost Days

House 006 Chapter 11

The following are the lost days…

07-29-16_6-31-58 PM

Now that he has maxed creativity he can work on his music skills.

07-29-16_6-38-23 PM

The family watches some movies together.  Right before I took this pic Thad got scared and threw his popcorn all over.  It was so funny!

07-29-16_6-42-03 PM

Sims of the Dead is my favorite movie!  I love this part with the smustle.

07-29-16_6-43-48 PM

I just had to get a picture of this amazing occurrence.  Hayden used the dining room table!  I think it’s the first time ever!

07-29-16_6-45-33 PM

The boys played darts…

07-29-16_6-49-43 PM

…then battled voidcritters ’till bedtime.

07-29-16_6-57-08 PM

First, I was pausing to take a pic of the shrimp.  It’s my favorite gourmet meal.  Why do I have a favorite?  No clue. Second, isn’t it so funny how I paused on Holly tossing the popcorn?  Gotta love it when that happens.

07-29-16_7-03-46 PM

The search continues.

07-29-16_7-04-33 PM

Another case of me pausing the game and seeing something funny!  Poor kid, doesn’t look like this will turn out well for him!

07-29-16_7-04-54 PM

Ouch.  That looked like it hurt.

07-29-16_7-08-03 PM

I decided to get a piano and have him work on that skill a bit too since he won’t be able to afford one when he starts his own house.


07-29-16_7-11-53 PM

Oh no not again!  This time, I have no idea what happened.  She was on the slide when I noticed the angry moodlet and nobody was flirty.

07-29-16_7-16-41 PM

Poor stuffed animals take all the abuse.  I made her spend hours calming down in front of the mirror instead.

07-29-16_7-30-59 PM

Boy was I glad the next day was Thaddeus’s birthday!  After that would be Asher’s and no more monster nonsense. Or so I thought…


At around 8pm my electricity flickered off for a second.  When starting up my game this is what greeted me.

The real days…

07-29-16_8-34-46 PM

I was meaning to get this pic before Thad aged up but figured I’d better do it before I forgot.  My boys.

07-29-16_8-43-06 PM

Nothing you saw in the lost days happened.  I bought a piano and Thaddeus practiced while I played the game on high speed and made everyone work most of the time.  I’m sorry but I just didn’t have it in me to do it all over again I was so frustrated.  I must have saved 20 times in the next few days.


Normally I just click something on auto-pilot on these but this gave me pause.  I’ve never seen it.


We found the culprit.


Wow!  That’s a long playful moodlet.


Thad’s skills before aging up.

07-29-16_10-21-33 PM

Finally!  I’ve been dying to see him.

07-29-16_10-33-26 PM

I tried to give him similar hair as he had as a child.  I had a really hard time finding clothes that looked good on him because he has these broad shoulders and chest and tiny waist and hips.

07-29-16_10-56-51 PM

I was trying to make a pic to use as a new banner for my blog but I don’t think I’m going to use this.  Anyway, it looks pretty cool.

07-29-16_11-01-22 PM

Now that he’s in highschool and has a B it’s time to start homework again.

07-29-16_11-07-13 PM

I was just so amazed to see someone using the pool I had to take a picture of the occasion.

07-29-16_11-21-47 PM

Back to the grindstone.  He soon reaches level 8 and has been working on writing his first song.

TS4_x64 2016-07-29 21-20-07-22

I was totally not expecting that!  I was just selling her paintings via her inventory to make space on the easels so she could paint more.

07-29-16_11-39-45 PM

He’ll also need comedy skill for the first few levels of the entertainer career so I had him watch comedy a bit.

07-29-16_11-40-35 PM

Awe Asher is so cute!  He loves his Skelly bear.


Drago vs. Skelly

07-29-16_11-49-45 PM

Last day to search for cards.  All he found were toys.  They didn’t get close to completing the collection.

07-29-16_11-52-26 PM

Telling jokes to mom and auntie over breakfast to get that comedy skill up.  More of the house joined them and everyone had a playful moodlet for hours.

07-29-16_11-55-22 PM

He loves this thing.  Nobody else in the house really uses it.

07-29-16_11-56-11 PM

Eww!  How long has that stack of plates been on the desk?  From the angle I usually look at the room I never would have seen them.

07-30-16_12-00-56 AM

Painting, painting and more painting.

07-30-16_12-08-23 AM

Finally, I get the pop-up for Asher’s birthday.  Time to join Thad in teendom!

07-30-16_12-09-16 AM

I had to take a pic, cuz wow.

07-30-16_12-15-20 AM

Much better.  Originally, I was going to redecorate their room for the end of this post but eh, it’s almost 1am.  That’s not happening.


If you were wondering why they’re still painting and stuff.

Chapter 006.12

Chapter notes:

This chapter was a little over 7 days.

Heir age check: 10 days ’till young adult!  Woot!

Want to help with house 007?  Upload a girl to #girlsforThad on the gallery!  I should be finishing this house in the morning so the sooner the better.  Please no mean, evil, non-commital or hates children.  Thanks!

8 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.11: The Lost Days

  1. Oh my goodness, that’s a lot of achievements! I’m sorry you lost all that 😦 It happened to me about a week ago, too. Thad is looking good! And that first Asher lol. I love the outfits and hair the game randomly comes up with!!And the Honor Roll bully lol!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re just racking them up in this house! I’m almost done. Thad looks a bit different than I expected but it’s all good. The random outfits can be hilarious. They’re even worse in Sims 3.


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