TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.12: Rosebud

House 006 Chapter 12

07-30-16_9-18-17 AM

Umm yea.  So, there just isn’t anything “teen” that I like in this game.  I was so sad taking all of the kid’s stuff down. Happily, I saved the room to the gallery because when he’s done with it I’m putting it back the way it was before he leaves.

07-30-16_10-04-53 AM

I was trying to get the Rosebud achievement because I’ve never gotten it before and basically I just wanted something to do.

07-30-16_10-05-18 AM

The lovebirds are back to working across from each other and flirting while writing books and hacking.

07-30-16_10-05-39 AM

Thaddeus finished his song.  I didn’t licence it, though.  I thought I’d wait ’till part 2 of the house 007.

07-30-16_10-42-01 AM

They had all of these cowplant berries that they’d caught in the Forgotten Grotto.  If you plant them they’re automatically worth something like $475.

07-30-16_10-57-40 AM

Kellie visits with Eva while she paints one night.  I was just thinking hey Kellie want to paint something…

07-30-16_10-59-04 AM

…then she started painting!  Ha!  It was a masterpiece too.

07-30-16_11-01-12 AM

So that’s what a $15,000 violin sounds like eh?

frayednerves insecurity

Might have been a good idea to move it to another room!

07-30-16_11-15-09 AM

Not sure how he’s doing his homework with the book closed but whatever.


He got this the next day.

TS4_x64 2016-07-30 11-48-46-77

Then this happened!  I had my finger on the key every time I sold something, they were so close and I didn’t want to miss the splashscreen.



07-30-16_12-06-01 PM

So umm… we still have 7 days.  What on earth do we do now?

07-30-16_12-10-23 PM

07-30-16_12-11-12 PM

07-30-16_12-12-10 PM

Kelsi, Eva and Hayden aged to elder.

07-30-16_12-18-55 PM

Seriously Eva, you don’t have to paint anymore.  She looks like she’s saying “I don’t know what else to do!”  I ended up leaving the last paintings that she made up until I put the house on the gallery just so she would do something other than paint.  Relax some old girl, you earned it!

07-30-16_12-24-04 PM

I just kinda went back to the whole fast-speed while the kids are in school other than to take the occasional screenshot thing.

07-30-16_12-29-30 PM

I really don’t know what to do with him either.  I know it sounds silly but I didn’t want to get his violin skill real high because I’d be bored to tears in house 007.  Just go repair something I guess?

07-30-16_12-30-49 PM

Play some video games with your best friend.

07-30-16_1-04-50 PM

After seeing Kesli walking around with her belly showing that morning, I did something I haven’t done once since I started the drifter challenge.  I gave my elders makeovers.  Basically, I gave all the guys shirts to sleep in and changed some of their other clothes like bathing suits.  Kelsi is the only one I changed her main outfit.  I don’t know why they make elders look so much different once they age up in this game.


This! OMG Seriously? Who are these sims and why do they keep calling and ruining high speed mode!?

07-30-16_1-13-06 PM

Another birthday.  Dillon joins the elders.

07-30-16_1-16-04 PM

How about you guys go watch a movie or something while you wait for Trent’s birthday notification.

07-30-16_1-19-54 PM

Well geeze guys!  Can’t you wait a few more minutes to go to bed?  It’s not his fault he was born in the middle of the night.  Technically, it’s mine… but whatever.


That’s slightly creepy.  No idea why it was there. She was cooking.

07-30-16_1-30-15 PM

It was the weekend and the gardener wasn’t coming so I thought I’d have Thad help out.  Tend garden together wasn’t working so I just had him weed and water, he got like 6%.  The next few days I had him harvest and he got (I think) to level 3?  I could have fired the gardener and had him take care of it and made his skill higher I guess but I was oddly attached to him.  He’d been there almost from the start of the challenge.

07-30-16_1-34-44 PM

It didn’t bring up Asher to play cards with Thad so I had him play with his parents and aunt Eva.  Everyone’s looking really suspiciously at Eva it was funny.

07-30-16_1-35-38 PM

Found him!  Across the whole neighborhood in the public bathroom… when there are 4 bathrooms in his house.

07-30-16_1-38-30 PM

Thought I’d take this while I was thinking of it.  I plan to have Asher stay in the house after part 1 of 007 is done and have him have a family via CAS.  It’s the only way I can think to continue the Cortes line since if he moved into 007 he wouldn’t be able to get married or have kids.

07-30-16_1-42-16 PM

When over half of the household hangs out in the never-used room I take notice.  It was strange after I took the pic and unpaused they all scattered.

07-30-16_2-34-09 PM

Ohmygosh I’m so sick of this!  That’s it, I’m hiring a maid.  It’ll work out better for Thad if there’s one during the dating-game thing anyway.

07-30-16_2-36-38 PM

I seriously laughed so hard!  It’s the angry maid that I hired to see if I could match her up with Trent… but he met Holly before she showed up!

07-30-16_2-42-00 PM

Speaking of Holly.  It’s her turn to join elderdom.

07-30-16_2-45-05 PM

My boys watching a movie.

07-30-16_2-46-03 PM

While all the elders slip and slide.

07-30-16_2-48-51 PM

Last night in the house… with the beds like this at least.

07-30-16_3-04-21 PM

While I was waiting for Thaddeus’s birthday notification I was just messing around, getting everything gallery-ready. I put the double beds into the family inventory and put out singles for the incoming girls… and didn’t realize that Eva and Dillan were umm “using” theirs.  Sorry guys!

07-30-16_3-15-02 PM

I swear I don’t remember his previous birthdays being so late but I didn’t get the notification until after 10pm. Everybody kept trying to go to bed.  It was driving me nuts.  I did my “just in case” save, uploaded to the gallery and then let everyone spend one last night together ’till I booted them at 6am.


Here are the potential participants.  Who will he choose?

Chapter 007.1.1

Chapter notes:

For once I got the gallery links to work!  Here’s Thad and Asher’s Child Room and the house: Rover Oracle Point the child version of the bedroom should fit exactly where Thad’s room is in the house upload.  The single beds are placed so that you can easily delete them and replace them with double beds like it was originally, if you want.

The final house value is $418,086… although I think that includes the lot price because it’s less on the gallery.  They had $738,630 in reserve.

13 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.12: Rosebud

  1. I don’t like a lot of the teen stuff either. I just normally keep it as a kids room lol. I’m lazy like that. Gratz on the rosebud achievement! That’s a big one! That “play hooky” one is annoying! It seems like the elders use the water slide more than the young ones lol. Gratz on finishing! I can’t wait to follow 7 and see who he chooses!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mainly only changed the room because of the continuing challenge in the house. I usually leave them as kids rooms too. They need more teen stuff! It’s not just the play hooky thing though, I had random sims calling all of them inviting them places that I’ve never seen before! It was so annoying. House 007 is something alright. LOL


      1. Ah, that’s right. I’m so anxious for house 007! They really do need more teen stuff. Who knows, maybe they’ll do a teen stuff pack. That’s true, the phone calls/texts get annoying.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s a lot of achievements if you look. The legacy-based ones and a few others are broken. I believe SimsVip has a list of the broken ones… but they don’t list the legacy ones as broken.

      Liked by 1 person

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