TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.1.2: Party and Painting

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 2

-Day 1 (cont.)
-4pm schedule a house party
-11pm offer a rose to the contestant with the highest relationship status 
-The contestant with the lowest relationship status is evicted
-12am Instruct ALL sims to go to sleep  <—-This is the only time I’m showing this rule. They were always in bed way before 12am anyway.

07-30-16_9-21-23 PM

It’s 6pm and the “house party” that only consists of people living in the house begins.  One of the goals was to have 3 sims dance at the same time.  So I had him make them dance together to the speaker in the art room.

07-30-16_9-24-07 PM

Mom was the only option for a caterer but I would have picked her anyway.

07-30-16_9-24-35 PM

He needed to socialize a certain number of times and also to tell jokes so I had him tell each of them a knock-knock joke.

07-30-16_9-26-55 PM

Kiley where are you going?  Why are you always walking away?  Argh!

07-30-16_9-29-59 PM

Have sims eat food.  Check.  Yes, it was as exciting as it looks.  LOL

07-30-16_9-32-41 PM

I’m sure the pee-pee dance is impressing the ladies, Thad.

07-30-16_9-38-21 PM

All of the girls congregated around the speaker again so I thought I’d use the idea someone offered to gauge relationship levels and have him get all of them in a conversation so I could compare.  I had him use the same social on each of them.  But some of them kept dropping out of the conversation!  I did it over and over again.


Eh, well.  Didn’t do the flirty or cake part.

TS4_x64 2016-07-30 21-41-59-37

You can’t really see the time well on this pic but it’s 10:59pm.  As you can see from the top conversation bar the plan didn’t work.  Now they’re wanting to go to bed.  I couldn’t figure out what to do…


I ended up taking screenshots of each of their relationship statuses then used a chart (suggested to TigerLover by Bellguru I believe) to score them.  I know it’s a bit hard to see it this size but when I made it large it was HUGE and you had to scroll up and down to look at it.  I think if you click it it will expand?  If you’re planning to use this technique and want more details let me know and I’ll explain further.

07-30-16_9-56-36 PM

I was a bit shocked at the results.  Jamie came in on top.  I can’t remember seeing him talk to her other than at the party and the flirt in the morning.  Well, she gets a rose!

07-30-16_9-57-48 PM

And Tasha leaves the house.  Ironically, both girls were made by TigerLover!

07-30-16_10-06-37 PM

After taking the shot of Tasha leaving I switched back to Thad just in time to catch him using a bold pick-up line on Jamie.  No time for that kids!  It’s bedtime!

-Day 2
-8am, purchase 6 easel’s and have all contestants paint a picture
-The top 2 contestants (determined by the highest valued painting) will have an outing on Day 3
-The remaining 4 contestants will go on a group outing with your main Sim to the park or a specialty lot from 2pm – 6pm
-Before returning to the home lot the Sim with the highest relationship status is offered a rose 
-The Sim with the lowest relationship score of the 4 contestants on the group outing is evicted
-6pm return all Sims to the home lot
-12am Instruct ALL sims to go to sleep

07-30-16_10-17-43 PM

Time to paint girls!  Unfortunately, all of them except Vicky had to pee!

07-30-16_10-18-20 PM

One after another they stopped painting and ran to the bathroom.  Since the paintings need to be finished for the next part I figured it was okay to control them to make them paint again after they took care of business.

07-30-16_10-22-58 PM

Everybody was finished and we were just waiting on Katelyn to be the determining factor.

07-30-16_10-23-57 PM

Katelyn $63; Ellie $91; Jamie $91; Kiley $94; Precious $96; Vicky $99  I have so many paintings all over this house I had no blank wall space to hang them in a row and had to temporarily sell a window!

07-30-16_10-29-02 PM

Yea so for some reason both the maid and gardener weren’t employed with them anymore.  Thad had to hire them both again.  I also had him hire a caterer, I realize he needs to learn to cook and I suppose I should have worked on that when I had the chance but hindsight and all that, ya know?

07-30-16_10-34-32 PM

I just let them all do whatever while I waited for 2pm and sat there clicking out his goofy annoying whims.  He did have a whim to embrace Ellie which she accepted… this time.


I doubt their relationship is high enough but let’s see…

07-30-16_10-36-57 PM

I had them sit together anyway just to be sure.  Nope.  Time to travel anyway! (Also I forgot you have to have the first kiss with the sim before make out is an option.)

07-30-16_10-43-22 PM

My thought process was that Von Haunt has bathrooms and that they can do the maze thing together.  I didn’t realize since I’ve only been to the maze like once before, that “together” is a relative term.  I just canceled the maze thing out.  Sheesh.

07-30-16_10-44-29 PM

Well, this isn’t much better.  Let’s all stand near each other on our phones… wow sounds like the real world!


This one was a lot harder.  Score-wise Ellie and Jamie were tied.  But he had tried flirting or something with Ellie autonomously and she turned him down, I just didn’t get a pic of it.  So I decided to have him give the rose to Jamie. Ugh, this is hard!

07-30-16_11-01-00 PM

Sadly, this also means that someone has to leave.  Katelyn didn’t return home with them.  Her relationship and Kiley’s were so close that I had to hold a paper up next to them and Kiley’s was just a tiny bit higher.  It really sucks making them leave!

07-30-16_11-02-09 PM

A rose for Jamie.  I cheated and teleported him to where she was or else they would have been there forever while he made his way to her in the maze.  Also, what’s up with these girls and bathing suits?

07-30-16_11-08-37 PM

They got home and he had another whim to embrace Ellie.  I managed to pause in time for this one.  She pushed him away and they both got embarrassed.

07-30-16_11-11-59 PM

He flirted autonomously with Jamie a bit.  Had a whim to chat with Kiley and that’s about it.  This is fun, and exhausting!  At this point, I really have no preference over the girls, I just hate making them leave!

Chapter 007.1.3

19 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.1.2: Party and Painting

  1. Wow! This is hard. So sad that Katelyn is out of the picture already. 😢 How lame was her painting value? *hides* LOL It was a cute Llama though. 😜 Thad and Jamie seem to get along quite well. I’m looking forward to the next time I have a few minutes to read another part. 😀

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