TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.1.3: Disaster Date

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 3

-Day 3
-The top 2 contestants from Day 2’s painting challenge will go on a group outing with your main Sim to the park or a specialty lot from 2pm – 6pm
-Highest relationship of the 2 contestants receives a rose prior to leaving for home lot 
-6pm return all Sims to the home lot
-11pm evict the contestant with the lowest relationship status

07-31-16_12-22-03 AM

Remember I said that I hired a caterer?  She was cooking while they were sleeping and I was watching her when she started doing this and I realized it’s the same insane one from house 006 when I was trying to find a wife for Trent! I ended up giving up on the catering thing.  I hired her twice and both times she made one meal for 4, talked to herself and would leave a second meal uncooked before she left.  It just wasn’t worth it so I started making Thaddeus cook.

07-31-16_12-25-22 AM

First whim of the day.  Be friendly with Kiley.  He gets lots of these.  Be friendly, get to know, ect.  I didn’t take pics of them because I figured it’d be boring.  But that decision meant there are a lot of days in this chapter!

07-31-16_12-27-29 AM

Then he got a whim to flirt with Ellie… while Jamie is sitting next to her.  I did it and expected a reaction from Jamie but got none.  Guess their relationship isn’t high enough.

07-31-16_12-32-18 AM

He wanted to cloudgaze with Kiley.  I never let them cloudgaze too long because it’s a seriously over-powered way to increase relationships very quickly.  Which is why I use it so much to move sims into houses.

07-31-16_12-36-20 AM

I was trying to think of something they could do together while I waited for the 2pm outing.

07-31-16_12-40-51 AM

They went to the park because Thad was getting hungry and none of the other lots have food.  It’s time for our outing with Precious and Vicky!

07-31-16_12-42-29 AM

I had them go together to the grill area where he cooked and sat down to eat.  When Precious started walking away I figured this outing was going to go nowhere.

07-31-16_12-43-54 AM

Then he got the whim to be friendly with one of them and took his food to the pool where they were.  They were all in the conversation and talked like this for most of the outing.

07-31-16_12-46-47 AM

When it was almost time to leave he got a whim to cloudgaze with Vicky.


I remembered after I sent them home about the rose.

07-31-16_12-52-50 AM

Precious gets a rose and so she now has a pink bar.

07-31-16_12-54-32 AM

Immediately after giving her the rose he got a whim to flirt with Kiley.

07-31-16_12-57-30 AM

Then embrace Precious.

07-31-16_1-00-00 AM

Then Precious left the room and Jamie came in and autonomously flirted with him for a bit.  Next thing I knew it was 11pm.


I really thought that outing had given Vicky a chance but with no romantic relationship she had the lowest score.

07-31-16_1-10-54 AM

Bye Vicky!  At least we’ll still see these girls that leave out and about in the neighborhood.

-Day 4
-8am – 10am have all contestants fish in any fishing location in the neighborhood
-10am The contestant who caught the most fish is the “winner” 
-4pm the winner goes on a scored date to the lounge or specialty lot with your main Sim
-After the date ends offer a rose to the date and return to the home lot

07-31-16_1-21-17 AM

Morning girls!  Time to fish.  I had them all out here waiting for 8am.

07-31-16_1-22-48 AM

Ellie catches the first fish almost as soon as they start fishing!  This gave her an advantage.  She won with 2 fish. Precious and Jamie both caught 1 and Kiley didn’t catch any.

07-31-16_1-26-22 AM

What ‘cha up to there Thad?  Playing the $15,000 violin I see.  Not gonna have one of those in your house, that’s for sure!

07-31-16_1-41-14 AM

I elected to have the date in the lounge.  Things were going good… at first.

07-31-16_1-42-02 AM

What on earth?  It’s Davin Cortes from house 005!  Asher’s grandfather.  That’s just weird.

07-31-16_1-44-42 AM

Back to the date.  So I was trying to do the “get both sims flirty” part (after just getting them both playful, ugh) when he said something, and I don’t know what because I had a bunch of stuff qued, that upset her.


Oopsie!  With every interaction, their relationship went down.

07-31-16_1-52-10 AM

When Thad started to head to a couch to nap I decided to end the date.  Then I remembered the rose.  I was sure after the way things had been going that she wouldn’t accept it.  But she did.  I was really surprised.


-Day 5
-2pm – 7pm go on group outing with the 3 contestants who did not win the Fishing Challenge from Day 4 to the park or specialty lot with your Main Sim
-7pm return all Sims to the home lot
-11pm evict the contestant with the lowest relationship status


No pics from before the outing.  Nothing exciting happened.  He had a few whims to be friendly or get to know but I mainly just kept the camera on him, let him interact with them autonomously and clicked through his whims.  This woohoo one keeps popping up over and over again!  I don’t think their relationship is even high enough!  About halfway through the outing I quit clicking through whims obsessively like I’ve been doing since the start of this challenge because they are seriously annoying me!  Since then I will occasionally x out whatever’s there and if something doable pops up I do it but other than that I’m just sick of it.

07-31-16_11-06-11 AM

I checked before they left and everyone’s needs were fine so I decided to take them to the Bluffs.  I love that place.

07-31-16_11-08-03 AM

At first, I had them “hang out” together but realized that all they do is warm themselves and not interact so that was pointless.  I had him do the same social with each of them to get things going.

07-31-16_11-12-27 AM

Another outing that ends in cloudgazing.  Seriously, the only doable whim in the whole 5 hours!

07-31-16_11-19-11 AM

Awe isn’t this cozy?  Of course, since Ellie wasn’t with them for the outing her needs were fine so she was off doing something else.


I really wasn’t surprised.  He never got another Ellie whim after the disaster date and they never autonomously interacted again on day 5 before or after the outing.

07-31-16_11-29-31 AM

Bye Ellie!  See ya around.

Chapter 007.1.4

Chapter notes:

I never expected to be doing several days in one chapter prior to starting this but like I said in the post, not much happens and it seems silly to take 20 pictures of him just talking to whoever.  I’m really surprised that nothing more exciting has happened yet.  Tomorrow starts the scored dates so things should escalate pretty quickly after that.

11 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.1.3: Disaster Date

    1. What I can’t understand is why the maid and caterer weren’t elders yet because Trent’s wife was. Cloud gazing is one of the rare non-woohoo or makeout whims he got regarding particular girls. It went a bit faster than I expected it to but like I said I didn’t want to take 50 pics of him just talking to them and nothing interesting happening.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. No, I don’t think it would. The commentary would be like “then he talked to so and so then she left the room and he talked to another one” yawn! Some of it is like that but it’s flirts and stuff so I found that interesting.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. The first task was to get them playful then it switched to flirty. I don’t think I had anything qued that would normally set one of them off I usually stick with flirt, compliment appearance, exchange numbers, ect. Who knows?


  1. Always interesting how things turn out. Ellie wins the fishing challenge and ends up leaving. 😮 This mini-house is unpredictable. Off to read another chapter. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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