TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.1.4: Legendary Date

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 4

-Day 6
-6pm Choose a contestant to go on a scored date at the lounge or specialty lot with your main Sim
-Offer rose to contestant before returning home
-Return home after giving the rose

07-31-16_12-47-16 PM

This is how you want to start your day Thad?  With all these beautiful girls in the house!  I decided to stick with the all autonomous and occasionally clicking through whims plan and just kept the camera focused on him while I waited for the 6pm date.

07-31-16_12-47-58 PM

Well, okay so I controlled him to fill the bird feeder… but I like seeing the birdies!

07-31-16_12-49-48 PM

He went upstairs to take a pic with Precious next.

07-31-16_12-50-46 PM

Then gave Kiley a hug.  There’s a lot of hugging in this house!

07-31-16_12-52-28 PM

Gah! I didn’t pause quick enough.  The three of them were talking and he flirted with Jamie.  Precious flipped out!

awkwardencounter driftinglove

Holy cow! 20 hours!

07-31-16_1-01-43 PM

She kept crying in her bed.  Like over and over and over again.

07-31-16_1-10-36 PM

Then she was sliding on the slide and he got a whim for something… I think it was to embrace.  Yea, bad idea.  But I’m supposed to follow all whims that are possible.  I guess that means even ones that destroy their relationship.

07-31-16_1-15-56 PM

Then it was 6pm and time for the date.  I chose Kiley to go first because they didn’t really have a romantic relationship bar and I wanted to give her a chance.  I realized after they got to the lounge though that I hadn’t had him ask her on a date I had just made them travel there.  So he asked… and she flipped out!  These women!  Argh.

07-31-16_1-17-25 PM

He got embarrassed but she was fine.  At this point, I really didn’t know what to do?

07-31-16_1-19-14 PM

I sent them inside to dance together.

07-31-16_1-21-15 PM

They spent over 2 hours dancing and chatting with Asher and Holly until I finally decided just to send them home. After they got home and she had already got into bed I remembered the rose.  I have no idea why I didn’t take a picture but she did accept it so now they have a slight pink bar… which means now he has woohoo whims for her too!  *sigh*

07-31-16_2-36-32 PM

After giving Kiley the rose I sent him to bed, only to find Jamie sleeping in it for like the third night in a row!  Geeze Jamie are you trying to tell him something or do you just want a bigger bed?

07-31-16_2-38-43 PM

There’s never any reason for me to send the girls to bed at 12am.  They are usually in bed by 9 or 10 all on their own.  Which means they’re up before the sun.  This day I wrote it down.  3:30am!  And look, Precious is still sad.

– Day 7
-6pm Choose one of the remaining 2 contestants that did not go on a date on day 6 to go on a scored date to the lounge or specialty lot with your main Sim
-Offer rose to contestant before returning home

07-31-16_2-52-38 PM

I guess no hard feelings about the non-date then Kiley?

07-31-16_2-58-12 PM

I’m telling ya guys… a lot of hugging.  All day long.

07-31-16_3-00-45 PM

He wanted to flirt with Kiley and I couldn’t find her.  What on earth are you doing way out there Kiley?

07-31-16_3-05-10 PM

She accepts the flirt.  This is getting interesting.

07-31-16_3-07-54 PM

This time, I remembered to have him ask Jamie on a date before they headed to the lounge.  Sorry guys but I had to make her change her outfit.  I couldn’t do the whole date with her in a towel!

07-31-16_3-08-46 PM

The goals for this date were different.  He was already flirty from his romantic trait and instead of saying to get the sims playful first it said flirty.  All it took was one kiss of the hands and she got flirty.  That was easy.

07-31-16_3-17-19 PM

They actually sat outside for most of the date.  He followed her in there when she used the restroom.  Umm Holly, you’re kinda blocking the shot.

07-31-16_3-20-00 PM

And with that massage, we completed all of the date goals!

07-31-16_3-20-50 PM

Then she decided to take a nap.  Guess it’s time to end the date.  It’s because they all go to bed so darned early!

07-31-16_3-21-33 PM

But first, a rose.


Legend-wait for it-dary!

Chapter 007.1.5

10 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.1.4: Legendary Date

  1. LMAO at the “Holy cow! 20 hours!” 😂 And so funny Jamie in a towel for the date. I would have made her change too I think. 😜 Even though parts can seem frustrating to manage, this part of the challenge looks like so much fun. ☺️

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