TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.1: The Wedding

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 1

07-31-16_7-32-06 PM

And so it begins!  The name of my drifter series is “Can’t Buy Love” but maybe you can find it in a crazy house full of women vying for your affections.  And a best friend too.

07-31-16_7-35-28 PM

I suppose they can have their first kiss now!  After-all they are engaged!

TS4_x64 2016-07-31 19-36-35-49

She was tired.  If you remember at the end of part 1 he got her out of bed to propose… which is why she’s still in her pjs.  Luckily Thad had gotten an A in highschool and started at level 3 of the entertainer career.

07-31-16_7-41-05 PM

With the $992 sign-on bonus and selling the porcu-desk-thingy and sim idol rug (which I’ll buy again later) they had enough for a basic camp.  It was pretty late so even if the dig sites were up I didn’t feel like searching for them in the dark since I’ve never been in this neighborhood before.


Thad’s starting skills.


Starting traits.

07-31-16_7-48-24 PM

While looking at his skills for the above screenshot while they were sleeping I recalled the song he wrote and when he woke up I had him license it.


The payments are like $180 a day.

07-31-16_7-53-19 PM

Time to get digging.  This is still a drifter challenge after-all!

07-31-16_7-55-44 PM

Y’all are going to laugh but I spent like 5 minutes trying to get an angle to show how many dig sites there are here!

07-31-16_7-56-46 PM

Sadly, only one frog spot and it’s one of those that don’t spawn very often.  There are also no fishing spots, which I expected.

07-31-16_7-57-36 PM

I check on Jamie while he digs and she’s standing near the garbage can a bit off from their lot playing on her phone. They might be broke but apparently they can afford a phone.  Hehe

07-31-16_8-01-37 PM

He sells his haul, gets a wall and door for the “bathroom” and a violin.  Then plants the one plant that was ready.

07-31-16_8-02-15 PM

Why the cringing?  You have level 4 skill!  Perhaps he’s just used to that $15,000 violin at his old house.  Sorry buddy, never gonna happen.

07-31-16_8-04-17 PM

Meanwhile, Jamie has moved even further from their lot to play on her phone.  She’s gotta come home eventually right?

07-31-16_8-08-18 PM

A couple more plants were harvestable so I sent him around to grab them.

07-31-16_8-11-08 PM

Jamie finally returns to the lot and he tells her jokes to get into a playful mood for work.

07-31-16_8-13-20 PM

Finally you can make-out with Jamie!  I almost clicked out of the whim out of habit.

07-31-16_8-27-08 PM

Why yes, yes I did waste an entire $1,000 just so they could have a wedding with all of his family there.  I also invited all the girls from part 1.  I noticed when taking this screenshot that Katelyn’s flirting with Asher.

07-31-16_8-28-14 PM

When they started and nobody went to watch I thought for sure that I had wasted that money.

07-31-16_8-29-15 PM

First, they were too far.  Now they’re too close.  Holy cow give them some room!

07-31-16_8-30-08 PM

It took a lot of messing with camera angles to get this picture.  His dad was right there if I zoomed out just a tiny bit.

07-31-16_8-31-05 PM

07-31-16_8-31-55 PM

07-31-16_8-32-21 PM

07-31-16_8-33-58 PM

Time to mingle!  I had no way to make cake or drinks so I didn’t really have a chance at getting a gold wedding.

TS4_x64 2016-07-31 20-35-11-19

Really game?  I mean c’mon!  As you can see, his mom is right there!  How’s she calling to see if she can come over?

07-31-16_8-38-05 PM

Thad chats with his best friend Asher.  Since they grew up together they’re like brothers but technically Asher is the grandson of the house 005 drifting partner Davin and son of Trent.

07-31-16_8-43-40 PM

I’m really glad I did this.  It was so good seeing everyone from house 006.  It was nice finishing that house without the heartbreak of watching them die.

07-31-16_8-44-44 PM

Asher holds court with some of the ladies from part 1.  The thought occurred to me that I was planning on just making him a wife in CAS but this is even better!  I plan to check and see who he has the highest relationship with and move her into house 006.

07-31-16_8-48-09 PM

I laughed so hard when I saw this!  It is like a trademark of my weddings for the bride to take a nap.  It has happened to me so many times I couldn’t count.  I always think they look so beautiful sleeping in their wedding gowns.  Thad went off to work… no promo.  The party fizzled out and she napped on.


Got some stuff to sell.

Chapter 007.2.2

Chapter notes:

This chapter is exactly 2 days.  It’s such a short period of time because of the number of wedding pictures I took.  Hope you enjoyed seeing everyone from house 006 and the girls from the first part of 007.  Whenever I match up Asher I’ll add it in that chapter.

16 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.1: The Wedding

  1. Love the wedding! And great start! Good idea waiting on the song to license. I guess I better really work on my kid’s homework and stuff in house 6. It’s a good career jump. Can’t wait to see which girl Asher gets 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Normally I’m not into doing jobs in my Drifter houses and it has been a difficult adjustment for me but it seemed silly not to work towards giving him a head start for house 007 when I had the opportunity.


            1. There was no way either of them could have gotten a promotion so I didn’t bother. Also, I have had roommates with jobs in several houses and I haven’t had one get demoted or fired yet.


              1. True. That’s good to hear! My diamond agent needs to do romantic interactions for his task, and he’s horrible with it. I was hoping he wouldn’t get demoted. I think I’ll keep the two higher ones working (one brings in 4k a day, the other almost 3k), and let everyone else paint, collect, fish, and garden.

                Liked by 1 person

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