TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.2: A Little “Housekeeping”

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 2


Why is it I’m showing this to you, you ask… and who’s relationship panel is it?  Remember during the wedding I had the idea to marry one of the girls from part 1 to Asher Cortes?  I popped into house 006 to check things out.  See who he had gotten a relationship with during the wedding.  It was pretty even between Precious and Katelyn but if you remember in the first wedding picture he was flirting with Katelyn so I chose her.  Also, I got a laugh out of Skelly.

Alright so, decision made… that’s the end of it right?  Nope!  I had what I believe is a brilliant idea!  You might remember that during the first few houses I tried to keep the family line going.  Then the thought occured to me in house 004 that if I continued doing so that the entire neighborhood would be populated by relatives in some shape or form!  Since I’d taken the pregnancy pack out of MC Command Center in house 005 there weren’t any more of the family line left.  This has been a long explanation but stay with me, I’m getting there.  Basically, the houses 001-005 are all either empty or have some random townie living in them that MC Command Center moved in.  It’s been making me really unhappy because I love each and every house.  The point!  The realization came to me that I now have 5 girls that I am attached to and 5 empty houses!  So I did a bit of “housekeeping” so to speak.  I found some guys for them and moved them all into houses…

08-01-16_9-58-42 AM

House 001 is now occupied by Tasha and her husband Chris.

08-01-16_10-01-06 AM

House 002 is now occupied by Vicky and her husband Spencer.

08-01-16_10-03-01 AM

House 003 is now occupied by Ellie and her husband Kyle.

08-01-16_10-05-11 AM

House 004 is now occupied by Kiley and her husband Ged.  Yes, I couldn’t resist putting an alien in this house!

08-01-16_10-07-51 AM

House 005 is now occupied by Precious and her husband Trevor.

08-01-16_10-11-53 AM

And last we have Asher and Katelyn… I didn’t want to mess with taking pics of everyone else so I teleported them all inside the house.

I did technically leave Thad and Jamie for about a sim hour so I could quickly take these shots and thereby mark all of the houses as “played” so that MC Command Center won’t touch them.  You have no idea how absolutely thrilled I am that I had this idea!  I’ve been so sad seeing all of the houses empty on the map!  Okay, on to house 007!

08-01-16_9-54-14 AM

It’s nice being able to make this fenced in bathroom because it’s much cheaper than walls but it’s a real pain to use because I’m so accustomed to playing with the walls in cutaway view.  I didn’t even realize that the toilet was broken until I heard the noise and was trying to figure out what it was.  Then the pile of junk from repairing it was in there and I had to wait for one of them to go in so I could grab it and drag it out while the doors were open!

08-01-16_10-19-03 AM

I know I technically did a career in house 005 but this just seems like such a waste of time every day that he could be doing something else.  Maybe because the painting for the daily task made money and this does nothing except maybe entertain Jamie.  I did buy her an easel since she has a tiny bit of painting skill and the creative trait but she hasn’t touched it.

08-01-16_10-22-40 AM

Daily task of playing music done it’s time to dig!

08-01-16_10-25-51 AM

Kiley wanted to come over and he was getting ready for work so I figured she could keep Jamie company.  All of the girls from the first part ended up being pretty good friends… except maybe the first couple that were eliminated I suppose.

08-01-16_10-28-06 AM

They seemed to have a good time and it gave me something to watch while he worked.


Keep or sell?  That’s a tough decision!

08-01-16_10-32-08 AM

It might seem like an odd choice this early in but I decided to keep it.

08-01-16_10-32-43 AM

Why?  She keeps lurking in that area all day and then sleeping on the bench!

08-01-16_10-39-08 AM

This house challenge is totally throwing me off my game.  Have a few extra hours.  Usually, I would be trying to find a way to make a little money.  What are we doing?  Going on a date.  Although, I did have an ulterior motive for picking the park.

08-01-16_10-40-07 AM

That bush has seen a lot of action since the park was placed in house 003!  I needed to get them flirty and I thought that woohoo in a bush would do it but no such luck.

08-01-16_10-42-07 AM

They sat there flirting for what felt like forever.  She got flirty right away but he never did.  Thankfully, I only needed a silver for his aspiration.  My plan for taking them to the park so he could harvest some plants to plant back at home was a failure though as nothing there was harvestable.  He got one frog and they headed home.

08-01-16_10-48-41 AM

The problem with playing part of a chapter one day and the other part the next is I forget why I took certain pics. I have been sitting here looking at this like why on earth did I take that!  Then I remembered, she napped on that darned bench and she was so tired after the date that when they got home she went to sleep.

08-01-16_10-50-44 AM

Asher visited.  How’s married life treating ya buddy?

08-01-16_10-53-38 AM

After Thad left for work he stayed and danced and chatted with Jamie.  See?  The stereo is useful, lol.

08-01-16_10-58-27 AM

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a sim with no gardening skill autonomously garden!

08-01-16_11-24-44 AM

At first, I started drawing the outline for the house but I ran out of money pretty quickly and it just seemed silly to waste all of that money on walls so I undid it all and just left their bedroom and added a bed.

08-01-16_7-04-28 PM

Ohmygosh this!  This right here!  She just stands in that general area playing on her phone for like almost the whole day every day unless Thad is interacting with her.

08-01-16_7-16-48 PM

Time for another date.  I decided to try the Bluffs… ‘cuz I was hoping there was something to harvest there.  Kinda an odd position to sit for a date but okay.

08-01-16_7-20-58 PM

That’s a bit better.  I like how the dates have different tasks.  This was the first “passionate kiss” one I’ve had in any of the dates since the start of house 007.

08-01-16_7-23-05 PM

Well, once again, there was nothing harvestable but he did find 2 dig sites.  At this point I was starting to get antsy.

08-01-16_7-26-16 PM

They landed at house 002 to go to Sylvan Glade only to find Vicky and her new hubby Spencer kissing.  They seem to get along well!

08-01-16_7-28-53 PM

When I saw the opening was closed my hopes dropped.  He had to do the whole process of viewing, watering and talking.

08-01-16_7-31-31 PM

Gah!  Why?  I seriously just deleted 150 elder households when I was in manage worlds pairing up all of the girls with their new husbands!  I counted.  It was 150 exactly.

08-01-16_7-32-58 PM

It opened up and the option to travel was there.  Jamie’s needs were getting low so I just sent her home.

08-01-16_7-34-23 PM

Yas!  This is what we want!!!  Snapdragon and strawberries for the win!

08-01-16_7-42-08 PM

The family that gardens together?  Eh, well it’s a drifter thing anyway.



08-01-16_7-59-04 PM

After digging all of the neighborhood dig sites and snagging that sweet voodoo doll I was able to add a bathroom, fridge and counter.  Yes, I could have gone for the super-cheap fridge and stove but if you’ve been reading my drifter challenges thus far you know that’s not how I roll.  I save up for something I actually want I hate wasting the money selling everything back and try to prevent that wherever possible.

Chapter 007.2.3

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 4 days.  It might not seem like it’s been that long but that’s because he’s had work every day except the last day when they went to the bluffs and Sylvan Glade.  This one has been really difficult for me.  I don’t know if it’s because I was spoiled in the last 2 houses having more than one sim earning money or what?  It’s also really strange having him work.  I’ve only had my drifters work in house 005.  Hopefully money will start coming in soon and this feeling of foreboding will go away!

Age check: 14 days to adult.  I have no idea when to have them try for baby.  I’m feeling a bit lost right now.

House value check: $10,690.

soulmate milestones

Thought I’d just show you this.  I thought there was another level but I guess not!

Thought I was done?  So did I.  Then I remembered I forgot to add where I got the guys that married the girls!

First, is the Bachelor household that consisted of 4 men by laureny06.  Then, there is the Ged Ouqiz – The Alien household by Diamonti… I thought he looked pretty hawt for an alien!

16 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.2: A Little “Housekeeping”

  1. I love how you married off all the girls! I love the voodoo dolls lol. In most of my houses, I waited until about 4 days until adult. But then, I had to go through a week of no control. Most of the romantic gestures should be done autonomously, so it’s mainly the 3 gold dates to worry about. Don’t worry, you got this 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really happy with how everything turned out with all the girls. It was like fate that there were 6 girls and 6 houses! I didn’t wait that long. I forget what age they were now, it might be in the chapter? If I have to I can always do the dates at home but what fun would that be?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love how you moved in all your bachelorettes into the neighborhood. I did the same thing with my bachelors. I hate seeing all my houses empty too! So every now and then I like to manage world and throw a few families in here and there for each new generation.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh did you!? Awesome. I’ve already gotten them all pregnant so that the family lines will be continued and the houses will stay occupied.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh I LOVE how u moved in all the girls into the previous houses like that!! =)
    Wooo Voodoo!! hee hee Glad u were able 2 snag 1 of those!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was like it was meant to be! I had the girls and the empty houses. I’m so happy about it.
      That voodoo doll couldn’t have come at a better time, I was feeling really down about the lack of progress.


      1. *giggles* That’s why I don’t often show how the “house” looks in the early days in my Twitter updates as it doesn’t look like much until later in the challenge. LOL 😂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I was really attached to all of those girls since they were made for me by friends and couldn’t imagine them just being “townies”. Tasha was made by TigerLover.

      Liked by 1 person

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