TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.3: The House Jamie Wants

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 3

trentdied allgone

After I got the notification I checked and only Holly from house 006 is alive.  So sad.

08-02-16_11-37-30 AM

Why’d you have to go and break the toilet, Thad?  Jamie really has to pee!

08-02-16_11-39-46 AM

In my head I can hear James Turner from the Sim Supply singing “fruit salad yummy yummy”!

08-02-16_11-41-00 AM

Oh my gosh guys!  I was seriously going to sell that easel!  This is the first time she’s touched it.

08-02-16_11-50-20 AM

Asher wanted to come over and Thad tells him jokes to get playful before work.  Jamie is on her 2nd or 3rd painting!

08-02-16_11-52-33 AM

After Thad leaves for work Asher chats with Jamie while she paints away.


Yay!  No more playful moods for work!

08-02-16_12-01-32 PM

They finally had enough for a nice stove, sprinklers and alarm.  His cooking skill is fairly high but she has none and I don’t want her killing herself cooking when he’s not home!  I was all proud to take this pic of his first cooked meal… then I looked to see what quality they were and it said poor!

08-02-16_12-02-41 PM

Poor guy was pretty hungry and I threw away his pancakes on him and made him cook some eggs.

08-02-16_12-10-16 PM

It was his day off of work so I had him get some grafting done.  Snapdragon onto strawberry… I haven’t had a chance to do more.

08-02-16_12-14-10 PM

Might as well fertilize it all as well.

08-02-16_12-20-15 PM

Ohmygosh if she’s going to follow you around the whole time you garden just kiss her already!

08-02-16_12-17-31 PM

No gorillas!  We want nothing to do with gorillas in this house.

08-02-16_12-21-08 PM

I noticed these townies in the play area and wondered if their kids would play there one day?

08-02-16_12-24-01 PM

Awe Jamie, is this the house you want?  I’ve never seen this painting before and I really like it.

08-02-16_12-29-52 PM

Why yes, I did change the design of what I had planned for this house based on a $150 painting.  It’s what Jamie wants!

08-02-16_12-42-42 PM

Although money is tight, so it doesn’t go far.  I ended up changing the walls in the bedroom to red.


I totally forgot jingles!  He got $500 for this one!

08-02-16_1-53-53 PM

Oh check it out!  Looks like there is a chance that the future kids will play there.  Also, I really like that teens blue/black hair.

piddle fight catchy

Whew!  Chance cards stress me out!

08-02-16_2-18-30 PM

I was able to do this with the money from his jingles and this:


Sweet! Forgot about that.

08-02-16_2-19-16 PM

He has a lot of spare aspiration points so I got free services and hired a gardener.

08-02-16_2-21-53 PM

You know what this means?  Nooboo time!

08-02-16_2-22-51 PM

Yay!  First try.

08-02-16_2-23-44 PM

That face though!  What’s the matter Jamie?  I just want to pinch her cheeks!

08-02-16_2-29-46 PM

Kiley wanted to visit, they always seem to call when Thad’s about to leave for work.

08-02-16_2-30-43 PM

That’s okay.  They keep Jamie company.


Well, since she’s here.

08-02-16_2-34-29 PM

I was so excited when I saw Jamie start that painting.  It’s one of my favorites and will look so good with the red walls in the bedroom.


Awe RIP house 006.


I totally wasn’t expecting this!  I wasn’t paying attention to his performance.

08-02-16_2-55-13 PM

With that money and the little extra they had I did the nursery…

08-02-16_2-58-14 PM

…and the kitchen.  I was about to take this pic and realized I had the wrong counters!  I had to sell the ones that were there and buy the ones that match the island.  Cost a bit more too.  Not happy.

Chapter 007.2.4

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 4 days.  They have 10 days ’till aging to adult.  Hopefully, I didn’t try for the heir too soon.  It’s so hard to tell when is a good time.

House value check: $20,737.  No dates this time so no aspiration check.

18 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.3: The House Jamie Wants

  1. I love the new house! I’ve never seen the painting either, but I really like it. Chance cards really stress me out, too 😦 The nursery is adorable (grats on the noo boo!). Can’t wait to see the noo boo!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The autonomous painting is so great. It’s really been helping a lot. Especially since I decided not to move in any room mates in this one so it can just be a cozy romantic thing.


    1. Cool! I’ve never seen it before. I was just like awe is that what you want Jamie? It’s enlarged in the living room area now for reference. LOL


  2. So nice that Katelyn is with Asher now. 😊 I’ve never seen the “House” painting Jamie did either. It’s a nice one. 🏡🎨💕 They have a nooboo on the way! 👶🎉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Isn’t it exciting? I was so thrilled (and still am) about putting those girls in the other houses. I can thank Asher and Katelyn for that! If I hadn’t seen them flirt at the wedding it never would have occurred to me.


      1. I’m so glad that Katelyn got to play a special part in your challenge. Makes her losing Part 1 less sad. Really happy to see her with Asher. 💗

        Liked by 1 person

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