TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.4: Our Future Author

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 4


Haha! That enlarged painting shows on map view!

08-02-16_6-37-57 PM

Jamie’s pregnancy was not an easy one.  I think it had to be one of the worst I’ve seen.

08-02-16_6-47-45 PM

It didn’t keep her from painting, though.

08-02-16_6-56-48 PM

This is the first I’ve seen of Thad’s spiffy new work clothes.  Looking good!

08-02-16_7-28-25 PM

Awe poor girl.

08-02-16_7-31-55 PM

She was napping and woke up and sat there gagging then ran to the bathroom to throw up again.

08-02-16_7-33-27 PM

Awe, when he got home from work she ran out and kissed him.  So sweet!

08-02-16_7-41-15 PM

We did snapdragons onto strawberries already, finally got a chance to do the strawberries onto snapdragons.

08-02-16_7-44-21 PM

Everyone having a laugh together.  If Asher isn’t at the house then Kiley is.

08-02-16_7-50-53 PM

I knew that thing was going to break.  I keep turning it off and they turn it back on.  Luckily they have free services. The repair girl was pretty cute.


First masterpiece!

08-02-16_8-03-09 PM

Feeling the belly while we wait for go time!

08-02-16_8-08-35 PM

I have no idea why I sent them to the hospital.  I prefer taking the pic of the mom holding the baby surrounded by sparkles.  Too late now.

08-02-16_8-09-41 PM

He did panic, as they all seem to do, but I managed to get this pic of him looking all relaxed and happy.  No in hospital baby pic because I tried to have him cuddle the baby and she went for it too then it poofed.

08-02-16_8-16-39 PM

It’s a girl!  Her name is Larissa Rover.  Named after one of my favorite authors…


Fun fact: Many of you may not know this about me but before I was a gaming blogger I did a book review blog.  I’ve reviewed almost 1,500 books!  So I signed onto Goodreads for the first time in months and looked at authors names until I found one I liked.  I was thinking it would be cool to name the kids in house 008 after characters in her books but I’m not sure if we can change the name of adopted kids… does anybody know?

08-02-16_8-17-56 PM

A cute family pic.  Boy, that color of green is bright!

08-02-16_8-20-05 PM

Haha oh yea so you remember I tried marking Kiley for pregnancy?  It didn’t work.  So next time she was over I just started a pregnancy for her and her hubby.  I only invited her over to see her preggo.

08-02-16_8-25-04 PM

Thad invited over all of the girls from part one and I started pregnancy for all of them with their respective hubbys. The only one that didn’t show was Precious.  She must have a job or something.

08-02-16_8-23-30 PM

Well, okay Katelyn if you want to paint something for us go right ahead.

08-02-16_8-30-26 PM

After the others left he was able to invite Precious over and she’s preggo now too!


Kiley and Ged had a baby girl named Joelle.

08-02-16_9-03-35 PM

Did a bit more to the house.  Put in the music/art room and some better stuff in the master bath.

08-02-16_9-05-19 PM

Here’s the outside.  I know the house is fairly plain but I plan to (hopefully) do a lot of landscaping that should really make it stand out.

08-03-16_3-08-33 PM

She just stood there doing nothing.  Yes, I noticed when I took this pic that the windows cut into the wall decals.

08-03-16_3-14-20 PM

Then she went to the park area, I assume to clean up this pile of trash because that’s what she did after standing there for a bit.  The problem was, she stood there for like 5 hours on her phone after that!  I had to keep waking Thad up to take care of Larissa.

08-03-16_3-21-12 PM

It’s morning, he fed and played with the baby and then did the circuit around the neighborhood for dig sites.  She’s still there.


I considered having Thad take a vacation day to take care of the baby then I remembered the nanny.  I’ve never tried it before so crossed my fingers and had him call.

08-03-16_3-35-35 PM

I was expecting a woman because all of the nanny ads show an elderly woman.  That’s okay, as long as he takes care of the baby that’s currently crying in her crib while Thad tries to shower before work.

08-03-16_3-36-33 PM

Nanny Rees!  The baby’s room is on the other side of the house!  Thankfully only Jamie got embarrassed, I was thinking this would ruin Thad’s inspired mood for work but he wasn’t phased.

08-03-16_3-41-03 PM

He cycled through a bunch of interactions with the baby before he got the one that she actually needed but he did a decent job of caring for her.

08-03-16_3-45-10 PM

Poor Thad was exhausted from being up with the baby all night!


That didn’t stop him from getting a promotion, though!

08-03-16_3-55-47 PM

Between caring for Larissa he would talk to Jamie and Kiley who, as usual, was at the house.  Just after Thad headed to bed he said his time was up and left.  Then the baby started crying!  *sigh*

08-03-16_4-02-59 PM

Really Jamie?  Just change her darned diaper!  She eventually did, just as I was about to wake up Thad.

08-03-16_4-06-37 PM

I thought this was so funny.  It was Saturday so no gardener so I was forming a group with Jamie to help garden and I saw Asher and Precious on the list to form a group with.  Sure, c’mon over guys!

08-03-16_4-11-55 PM

She even gave him a hug when they were done.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s kids.  This is feeling like a real community now.

08-03-16_4-15-35 PM

Oh and just as I was about to start working on writing this chapter I remembered he got a promotion and looked to see if he got a reward… he sure did!  Look at that beautiful piano!

Chapter 007.2.5

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 4 1/2 days.  I stopped with 10mins ’till Larissa aged to child because I wanted that in the next chapter.

I haven’t sent them on another date for his aspiration yet but 3 gold dates should be pretty easy so I’m not concerned.

House value check: $32,713 with $4,200 in reserve.  The only changes I’ve made since the pictures above were upgrading the smaller bathroom, nothing exciting.

27 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.4: Our Future Author

        1. Awesome thanks! I’ll have to look over Larissa Ione’s books and see if there’s any good character names. Watch, they’ll all be goofy!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Hmm I was looking for something to do I think I’ll hop over to Goodreads and look at names… yes, I’m already thinking 008. I can’t help it!

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            2. Ack no! There’s some decent girl names but the boy names… just no. *sigh* I think I’ll just pick some of my favorite character names from random books.

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  1. Wow! That piano is really nice. 🎹👍 I couldn’t resist and as you can see I ended up catching up on the whole thing. Thad and Jamie seem to be doing pretty good. 😀 Looking forward to the next part. 😊

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