TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.5: The Playground

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 5

08-03-16_6-29-49 PM

Surprise!  Larissa aged to child.  Sometimes when I edit them in CAS after I exit it I’ll find them in a completely different place than I left them.  She was in her bedroom and when I exited the game was paused with her sitting on her parents bed doing her homework.  Okay then.  Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come!

08-03-16_6-32-36 PM

Ellie wanted to come over.  For some reason, she was still in her first trimester.  Precious was still in the backyard and she was in her third so something went wonky there.  So I changed it to third.  I want these kids close in age dangit! Also, she came in to talk to Larissa and it canceled her doing her homework.

08-03-16_6-39-41 PM

I wasn’t paying attention to what Jamie was doing and when I checked on her she was over at the playground talking to the kids there.  Umm Jamie?  You have your own kid at home!

08-03-16_6-41-16 PM

Ya know what?  I kinda want you to have this kid now… magically she goes into labor.

08-03-16_6-47-58 PM

Well, now I know that Larissa will play there.  Too cute.

08-03-16_6-52-56 PM

I had Thad form a group and made them come home.  I’ve had to do that a lot.

08-03-16_6-57-03 PM

I really couldn’t decide if I wanted another baby but then remembered that I made the bedroom big enough for more than one kid so she’s pregnant again!

08-03-16_6-59-28 PM

Thought I’d take this shot to give anyone like myself that doesn’t have the focusing lamps a tip.  Send a metal or crystal to the geocouncil… the elements give off a focusing aura.

08-03-16_7-02-15 PM

Eek!  I thought it was catching fire but it was just like a big burst of flames, he did that with the spatula and then went back to cooking like nothing happened.  Weird.

08-03-16_7-09-43 PM

Yep.  No worries on her not using it.  At least she’s getting up her social and motor skills.

08-03-16_7-11-48 PM

Hehe Asher was jogging by and Thad conned him into gardening duty.  I hate it when the gardener can’t come.

08-03-16_7-15-35 PM

Telling a story for Whiz Kid… which reminds me, I stopped because she needed a shower and never had him read again! *Makes note on next chapter page*

08-03-16_7-20-10 PM

What on earth Jamie?  She’s so far away you can’t even see the house in this picture.  She must have followed someone to the end of the map.  I had to, once again, have Thad form a group and “go here together” to get her to come home!

08-03-16_7-22-43 PM

Asher’s like “I’m not really your uncle but you can call me uncle Asher if you want!”


Welcome to house 001 baby Makenna!


Welcome to house 002 baby Cheyanne!


Welcome to house 003 baby Allie!

(Reminder: House 004 baby was in chapter 4.)


Welcome to house 005 baby Perry!


Welcome to house 006 babies Dillan and Brice!

08-03-16_7-40-49 PM

When you eat spaghetti on your daughters bed…

08-03-16_7-41-10 PM

…she goes to sleep in your bed…

08-03-16_7-43-41 PM

…and you’re stuck sleeping in hers!

08-03-16_7-46-34 PM

Joelle from house 004 aged to child.  I did edit her from manage worlds but only because she had red eyebrows and a terribly ugly shirt on.  Isn’t she adorable?

08-03-16_8-09-34 PM

Larissa invited a boy she met at the playground next door after school.  His name is Omar Witt.  Correct me if I’m mistaken but I believe that this is the first time ever that a non-relative has ever been friends with one of my drifter kids!

08-03-16_8-10-52 PM

Awe cool, Jamie helped with her homework.  Too bad she didn’t finish it.

08-03-16_8-15-52 PM

This making a book talk thing that they do when they’re playful is so funny!

08-03-16_8-26-19 PM

Omar left and first Larissa and then Jamie went to the playground.  Guess they’re stuck there until Thad gets home from work.

08-03-16_8-27-24 PM

He gets home and I was about to click on him to form a group when I saw his expression.  It was so funny I had to take a pic!  He didn’t have any chance cards that day but apparently, something happened at work:


Chapter 007.2.6

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 2 1/2 days.  Half because I like ending after he gets home from work and I had stopped the last chapter right before Larissa aged to child.

Still haven’t done any dates so no aspiration check.

House value check: $36,336 with $7,655 in reserve.  I didn’t feel like buying anything so all I got was some stuff for Larissa this time around.

Heir age check: 11 days to teen.

11 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.5: The Playground

  1. All the babies are too cute, you know I think Joelle is adorable. I love the elements I have been using them more than the lamps now. They take up way less space and are portable. LOL Larissa is too cute I can’t wait to see her when she ages up. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Doing homework…can’t complain about that LOL
    HA HA HA I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Sim swat w/the spatula like that! =P
    Look @ all those babies!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. She starts her homework, but never finishes it. I don’t have high hopes for an A. It was so funny, he was beating the pan with the spatula!


  3. Finally catching up some more. 😊 Great idea to use an element to get that Focused Aura. I have the Lamp, but I think your suggestion fits the Drifter Challenge perfectly. 👍 I don’t think I ever got to see kids make a book talk before. Now I need to do it. 😜 I really like your chapter notes. It’s a nice touch to the blog. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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