TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.7: Learning Landscaping

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 7

08-05-16_2-36-23 PM

Seriously? When Thad got home from work I had him make a group and bring her home because her needs were terrible and instead of eating and going to bed she’s running back to the darned playground!

08-05-16_2-38-26 PM

She did eventually come home to eat a few hours later.

08-05-16_2-44-55 PM

The twins aged up.  This is Baylee.  Believe it or not, she aged up in that exact color-coordinated outfit and hair!  I only had to change her sleep and party wear.

08-05-16_2-45-14 PM

And here’s Maci.  All I changed on her were her pants and shoes.  I’ve never seen that CC top before!  I’ll have to watch for it when I finally do my CC purge.

08-05-16_2-58-48 PM

08-05-16_2-59-36 PM

I considered throwing a party for their birthdays but he had work in a few hours and Larissa and any of the other neighborhood kids were all in school.

08-05-16_3-02-09 PM

So it’s not just Larissa that is attracted to this thing like a magnet.


Fine! I guess I should work on the house.

08-05-16_3-21-09 PM

I really like this rug and another of the huge rugs in game and it annoys the hell out of me that we can’t size them down.  Even in house 006, which was a large house build, I couldn’t fit it into any of the rooms.  Why have them if we can’t even use them unless we built an entire room around them or something and used them instead of carpeting? Makes no sense!

08-05-16_3-33-31 PM

Moving on from my rant… Here’s what I did.  I added a closet and desk/computer to the master bedroom, a nice shower to the second bath and a seating area and tv.  After taking this pic I replaced the goofy cardboard box dance floor with a nice blue one.  I tried just leaving it with no dance floor cuz it seems a bit silly to have one but the empty space looked strange.  I also added the forgotten kitchen sink and some clutter to the kitchen.

08-05-16_3-43-00 PM

Now mom is over there too.

08-05-16_3-47-17 PM

Asher came over and they walked into the bathroom to talk.  It was really strange.

08-05-16_3-54-04 PM

Doesn’t Maci look very similar to Jamie?  Look at their profiles, they have the same face shape.

08-05-16_3-59-52 PM

I’m so funny, I keep getting super excited whenever I see one of the kids from the other houses!  This is Makenna from house 001.

08-05-16_4-02-05 PM

I love closets.  He needed some fun and I remembered the new closet!

08-05-16_4-16-23 PM

A little personal space please Jamie, holy cow.

08-05-16_4-18-13 PM

Finally!  I’m really not sure if the ~$180 a day for a song license is worth the like 3 or more days it takes to write it.

08-05-16_4-19-04 PM

Also, I noticed these two in the background while taking the previous pic and had him run over to meet them.  The boy is Perry from house 005.

08-05-16_4-21-05 PM

While we’re at it, why not just form a group and bring everyone we know in the neighborhood to the house?  (Notice how Maci looks all shadowy?  This is the second time it’s happened to me, she looked normal a minute later.)

08-05-16_4-22-46 PM

I realized when the 1 hour warning popped up for his work that he’d never gotten to his garden and it was Saturday so no gardener.  So I formed a group and had Katelyn and Jamie tend garden with him then canceled it out for him and had him cloudgaze for work.  They continued to garden for a few more hours.  So funny!

08-05-16_4-25-21 PM

Larissa, see the other kids doing their homework?  Don’t you want to be a cool kid and do yours too? *sigh*

08-05-16_4-26-56 PM

Then she leaves to go to the playground.  I was ticked, ’till I saw that Joelle from house 004 was there and she was talking to her!

08-05-16_4-28-21 PM

Then later I noticed that the girl up front is Cheyanne from house 002.

08-05-16_4-31-50 PM

All three girls and mom hanging out at the playground while dad works.

08-05-16_6-03-30 PM

Hurrah!  She did her homework as well as Baylee. (2nd time ever to complete it)

08-05-16_6-08-27 PM

Once again, I stopped like everything I was doing to hurry and get a pic ‘cuz this is the first I’d seen of Allie from house 003!

08-05-16_6-10-33 PM

Thad was doing something, gardening I think, and I made him stop and run over to meet whatever kids were there that he didn’t already know.

08-05-16_6-12-17 PM

Then I thought, while I’m at it, I may as well bring them all back to the house so they can meet the girls.

08-05-16_7-24-36 PM

I had like $18,000 after he sold the harvest from the garden and the interior is pretty much complete so I decided to tackle the landscaping.  I did have a coach that helped me with this as it’s the first real landscaping I’ve done other than just throwing out a tree and some bushes.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.

08-05-16_7-50-27 PM

I had a little less than $2,000 left and thought I was done but then I started again and saw the pitiful looking garden and decided to fence it in and after purchasing a slide as well I was left with only $100!  You’d be surprised how much I still depend on breeding those frogs in times like this.

08-05-16_8-13-56 PM

I used TigerLover’s trick of making all of the kids and adults (that I know- not the random townies) come to slide. Unfortunately, when I moved the tree to get a better angle for a screenshot it must have canceled out the sliding because they all scattered.  I’m definitely going to do it again… if it hadn’t cancelled out I’d most likely have to put it into the next chapter anyway ‘cuz this one is getting kinda pic heavy.

08-05-16_8-20-51 PM

Then I remembered the garden never got done because I wanted them to do the sliding.  Also, that gate got stuck open because I had the slide in front of it.  I had to sell it and replace it with a new one and move the slide up a bit.

08-05-16_8-27-40 PM

Last pic, I swear!  I just wanted to show off how cool it is that they’re all using the pathway that I made.

Chapter 007.2.8

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 3 days.

Heir age check: 5 days ’till teen, woah we’re getting close!

House value check: $61,449 with exactly $365 in reserve which I thought was hilarious ‘cuz 365 days in a year.  LOL

I still haven’t completed the Soulmate aspiration.  He works so much and I really should have done it on that last day on his day off but I was having too much fun with the kids and stuff.  If I have to I can always do dates at home but where’s the fun in that?

20 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.7: Learning Landscaping

  1. I’m glad 2 c u enjoying this house mini-challenge as much as u r!!
    The house & landscaping looks great & it sure looks like A LOT of fun w/all those Sims hanging out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m loving it Vi! It’s so funny because I thought that after controlling everyone in 006 and then the dating thing in part 1 that I would be bored in part 2 but I’m having a blast!


    1. The playground is a bit of an annoyance BUT this is the only house my kids have met other kids at too so it’s a trade-off if you don’t have kids in the other houses.


        1. Oh cool thanks! It’s funny I’ve always skipped forward in vids when people were building and never watched speed builds… ’till now.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved seeing all the kids and yes you have to do the slide thing again it’s so much fun to watch. You know I love the landscaping!! Another great chapter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awe, the twins aged up! Happy Birthday Baylee and Maci!! 😀 I hope I spelled Baylee’s name right! O.O I feel you on the rug situation, I really wish we could make them smaller. I mean, we can make them larger now let us make them smaller Sims team! >< The house is looking great and you did a fantastic job on the landscaping!! 🙂 You made me proud! :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, Baylee is right. Those rugs are so cool looking I just had to rant about it. I adore that landscaping, the hard part will be thinking up something for the next house!


  4. Totally agree with you on the rug. 😕 Really glad to see that Katelyn is helping out. 😊 So cute to see Jamie with all 3 girls at the playground. 💗

    Liked by 1 person

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