TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.8: Waiting for the Birthday

House 007 Part 2 Chapter 8

08-06-16_10-07-30 AM

Yep.  Totally breaking the rules here guys.  But meh, I mean really what would I do at these houses anyway?  I suppose if there was something rare I could harvest it or something?  But anyway all I did was flag everyone never cull in MCCC and introduced him to the ones he didn’t know.

08-06-16_10-31-00 AM

Even though the map said that everyone was home at all of the houses some of them weren’t.  I used the summon on the mailbox for the first time ever.  It’s really simple, you just type in the name of the sim you want to come over and they run onto your lot and stay like you invited them over.  So I flagged and met them.  Then I turned off the no culling in MCCC and waited.

08-06-16_11-11-05 AM

The family was all sleeping and the 4 that weren’t home just roamed the house most of the night.  It was pretty funny.  I checked again in the morning and my sim count went from 241 to 160!


Everyone was still in their houses in manage worlds and all of my ghosts were still summonable.  I just wanted to clear out some of the sims so that I wouldn’t get so many darned notifications!  I have no idea why my save is so packed.  Anywhoo on to the chapter!

08-06-16_11-19-43 AM

Awe so sweet!  They’re making progress in those 50 romantic interactions all on their own.  It’s at 22 with no help from me.


First, I watched him put the mail in the mailbox but apparently it’s not working where I put it.  Second, I completely forgot about bills when I did my building/landscaping spree the day before!  They had like $300 from breeding frogs!


See?  Thad can’t reach the mailbox in front of him either.  *sigh*  I moved it to the side so he could re-licence a song. I’ll deal with it sooner or later.

08-06-16_11-26-31 AM

He was writing jingles and I was figuring he should get a promotion that day anyway so he could pay the bills after work when Jamie walked over and painted a $800 painting!  Heck yea!  A few jingles and breeding the frogs and bills were paid before he left for work.

08-06-16_12-10-08 PM

She painted this too.  But I love it so it’s in the kids room now.

08-06-16_12-10-55 PM

Did you know kids played with chompy the monsta in the tub??? I’ve never really watched my kids in the tub, cuz that would be seriously creepy, but I was looking to see where she was and saw something purple so I zoomed in for a closer look.  So cool.

08-06-16_12-13-20 PM

Larissa had, I think, 3 days until aging to teen and had yet to get an A.  She’d just started her homework when Jamie sat down and started talking to her and she put it away.  Dangit!

08-06-16_12-18-20 PM

Asher stopped by.  I love it when autonomous sims do this because it makes for a great screenshot.

08-06-16_12-18-49 PM

Makenna was there too.  Baylee and Maci both came home from school embarrassed that day.

08-06-16_12-22-50 PM

She’s doing her homework!  Asher, don’t you dare talk to her!

08-06-16_12-23-19 PM

While I was taking this screenie of Asher showing off on the slide…

08-06-16_12-31-56 PM

…Baylee was interrupting the homework.  It was really annoying too because she literally talked to her for a few seconds and then left.

08-06-16_12-40-37 PM

She then spent almost the entire night at the playground.


Thad got that promotion.  One level to go.

08-06-16_12-44-51 PM

Somehow in my mind I mixed up the skills he needed for the last level of the music career.  I thought it was 8 piano and 10 in guitar or violin.  It was the opposite.  He was 1/2 way through 9 anyway so it wasn’t that big of a deal.


I was bored watching him play piano and decided to see how close she was to an A.  She had started her homework in the morning and I woke Thad up to help her so she’d finish it.

08-06-16_1-09-05 PM

Thad’s snazzy new work clothes.

08-06-16_1-11-50 PM

I was really disappointed that there was no goofy A outfit for her.  As far as I know, her sisters didn’t get one either! Of course, they each got A’s like the next day because they were always doing homework.

08-06-16_1-18-13 PM

I love her guys but I was seriously annoyed with her at this point.  She’d followed one of the girls to the playground and then after they went home to bed just stood there on her phone stinking up a storm,starving and tired!  Grrr!

08-06-16_1-23-45 PM

He used the piano the day before.  I didn’t change one darned thing in the house in the meantime.  For some reason, he kept waving his arm like he couldn’t reach the piano that he was standing next to.  I was too aggravated to try to figure it out so I just threw it on the only empty space big enough and had him do his jingles before work.  I put it back and he used it with no problems the next day.

08-06-16_2-09-59 PM

Katelyn came over… in her everyday wear.  I wasn’t paying much attention to what she was doing.  I last saw her on the computer.  Next thing I see is her sitting down on the couch in a towel!  What the heck?

08-06-16_2-12-33 PM

Then, the kids get home from school and brought her son Brice with them.  She followed him into the girl’s room and changed into what I think is her party wear.  I’m so confused.  Sims are strange, no doubt about it.

08-06-16_2-32-37 PM

A little daddy daughter alone time before the big day.  She had taken a nap and just woke up when he got home from work.

08-06-16_2-35-24 PM

She went out to slide and I had him go watch her.  They haven’t gotten to spend much time together.  It feels like he works all the time!

08-06-16_3-18-15 PM

This was seriously creepy!  I was sitting with the game running on normal speed kinda zoned out reading Twitter on my phone when I heard a child crying in the game.  I paused, looked at all of my kids and they were fine.  I was so confused.  I kept unpausing, hearing the crying and then pausing and looking around some more.  It was seriously freaking me out.  Finally, I remembered that this girl Kaitlynn had come home from school with one of them.  I zeroed in on the closet just in time to see her coming out crying!  Geeze!

08-06-16_3-20-54 PM

I finally got a screenshot of it!  So Kiley is at the house a lot right?  She’s constantly doing pushups.  But I never catch it in time to get a screenshot.  I forget her traits but she must be active.

08-06-16_3-22-02 PM

I was zoned out again, didn’t get much sleep last night… so I looked to see what everyone is doing and all the kids that were home were doing homework and Jamie and Kiley were talking all in a little group.  Kinda funny.

08-06-16_3-41-24 PM

It seems that Larissa grew out of her playground habit now that she’s older but her twin sisters are still at it.  In the middle of the night.  I don’t even bother having Thad bring them home anymore.  They just go back.  They’ll come waddling home when they have to pee bad enough.

08-06-16_3-48-20 PM

She did it!  The 2nd easel wasn’t a wasted purchase after-all.  Not that they really need the money that bad but still.


Yay!  He should get promoted next time he works.

08-06-16_4-16-29 PM

Thad took a vacation day because it’s Larissa’s birthday.  He’s all ready for her to get out of school so that they can throw a birthday party!  But, you’ll have to wait for the next chapter to see her blow out her candles.  We’re out of room in this chapter.  Mwahahaha!

Chapter 007.2.9

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 4 1/2 days.  Sorry that it’s a bit random.  I was playing on a major lack of sleep and was a bit bored waiting for the teen birthday.  I played most of that time on autopilot pausing whenever I noticed something interesting to take a pic.

Heir age check: Moments from aging to teen!

Meh, no other checks in this chapter.  The house is well over $60k and exceeds the minimum requirements and sooner or later I’ll do the darned dates and complete Soulmate.  Maybe it’ll be in the next chapter?

16 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 007.2.8: Waiting for the Birthday

    1. Thank you! I’ve only managed that with a few sims. I don’t think I’ve had a sim top that career since my scored legacy when the game came out!

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  1. Larissa always seems to get distracted from her homework lol. At least she did get to that A! That kitty bread picture is on ifunny, in a sims 4 meme. There’s actually a photo of an orange cat with bread on its head lol. I love the pic with the four kids doing their homework! A big achievement with the piano skill!!! Aww, cliffhanger, huh lol?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah! I noticed kids playing with that toy not so long ago in a previous house mini-challenge too. So strange the “Katelyn in a towel” incident. 😮 So cute seeing all the kids do homework together. 😊

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