TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.1: Gideon [FAIL]

House 008 Chapter 1

08-09-16_8-37-48 AM

Geeze.  I mean really Larissa, you had a nice house with a fully stocked fridge and all the amenities and you just had to slide on the darned slide instead of taking care of your needs before blowing out the candles!


Starting needs, not terrible but not great either.


Starting skills.


I plan to switch her aspiration around a lot but she did manage to get that much as a child.

08-09-16_8-41-28 AM

She got a job in the writer career and started at level 2 with the B she got in high school.  With that I bought this stuff.  I guess I was a bit hopeful that things would go well and that she’d have time to read books for work and start writing.  Looking at it now I’m like that’s really what I bought first? What on earth was I thinking.  Oh yea, about the job and really nothing else.

08-09-16_8-43-53 AM

Thank goodness this lot has a grill next door… and another darned playground.  *sigh*

08-09-16_8-46-51 AM

Belly full she’s practically ready to pass out so there’s no point in trying to make her gather or anything.  She naps on the bench for the night.

08-09-16_9-24-13 AM

I was regretting my purchases with her work bonus already.  She needed a shower badly and didn’t have long before work started so I tried to get as many collectables as possible.

08-09-16_9-26-42 AM

This little area is a bonus!  Not sure how often she’ll be able to make it over there, though.

08-09-16_9-29-12 AM

Thank goodness she scrapes together enough for a shower before work starts!

  • At this point I stopped playing so that I could publish the last chapter of house 007.  While posting it on the forums I noticed the 007 banner in my signature and remembered my grand plans for the banner for this house.

08-09-16_9-37-13 AM

I decided to just use heirs this time and not include the drifting partners because it’s kinda confusing if you’re counting sims.  I used the teleporter mod to summon the ghosts from 002-006.  I had Brock from 001 in my library and she invited her dad over.

08-09-16_9-39-32 AM

Then I dropped in this store from the gallery that sells ambrosia and used motherlode to buy 5.

08-09-16_9-43-23 AM

Of course, they all had to spread out to eat it and I couldn’t really get a decent shot.

08-09-16_9-44-34 AM

One by one they were all brought back to life.  Once that was done I went into CAS and aged them all back to YA and changed any clothes and accessories back to the way they were when they started their houses.  If you’re interested the household of 8 sims from 001-008 is on the gallery.


I was thinking of seeing if there was some pose or something I could do instead of just lining them up again but when I clicked on one of them it didn’t bring up the poseplayer menu so I’m not sure what happened to it.  I just decided to go ahead and line them all up and maybe I’ll mess with a pose for the next one or something?

  • Please note: After I took the screenshots for the banner and saved the resurrected versions of the sims to the gallery I exited my game without saving.  None of this technically happened so no freaking out because I put a store in the neighborhood and did all this crazy stuff.  If I’d had the forethought to save each generation to my library at the start of each house like some drifters do I would never have had to do all of this just for a banner.

08-09-16_4-09-35 PM

Okay, back to the challenge.  So she had like an hour and a half before work and I thought that might be enough time to complete the “read books” task.  It wasn’t.  It might have been if she had read the book on her lot but since she decided she had to go all the way to the park next door and sit on this bench… not so much.

08-09-16_4-10-21 PM

She only got 25% done with her reading books task before it was almost time for work and I made her stop to cloudgaze so she’d be inspired.

08-09-16_4-11-59 PM

She comes home from work exhausted.  Y’all know how I am by now.  I was starting to get frustrated already by lack of progress.  I had hoped she could do some gathering when she got home but it was a no go.

08-09-16_4-22-23 PM

I think this is the first time since I started the Drifter Challenge that I didn’t buy a tent.  She didn’t have enough money for one and was too tired to go collecting to get more so I gave in and bought this cot.

08-09-16_4-29-13 PM

Still no toilet at home.  She gets that stupid uncomfortable moodlet every time she uses this restroom so it’s at the top of my priority list.

08-09-16_4-34-32 PM

Thank goodness she had the day off and was able to get her writing skill up to 2.

08-09-16_4-36-57 PM

Then she read for her daily task which feels like such a waste of time.  I was itching to make her go collect!

08-09-16_4-41-29 PM

She got a little collecting done but not nearly as much as I had hoped.  Notice it’s already starting to get dark!  All she did all day was start writing a book and read.  She was hungry and I saw Joelle here when I was looking for things to collect so I had her stop and eat and talk… especially since her social was getting pretty low too.

08-09-16_4-49-36 PM

I decided with the apparent lack of free time that the garden would have to just be a line of snapdragons and a line of strawberries that she could later graft together.  I had her start planting them in the morning after her needs were up but had to stop her before she finished because she needed to leave for work.


She did manage to get this after she watered the garden later.


Which led to this the next day… no clue why there’s no pics in between.

TS4_x64 2016-08-09 17-02-33-88

So she’d gotten her first promotion… I was pretty sure that it was the 2nd that she needed to reach to adopt the first baby.  I mean really, she barely had anything on her lot, it would be crazy that she needs to spend $1,000 adopting a baby already right?  Right?  Wrong!  I double checked the rules and I was wrong it’s the 1st, 2nd and 3rd promotions! OMG!  Look at her face, she can’t believe it either!  Look at how much money she has, in a few minutes, it will all be gone!

08-09-16_5-08-42 PM

So, I don’t know if it was because of my mods or what because I’ve never adopted a baby before, only children, but for some reason the first time I checked there were no babies!  I tried searching online and couldn’t find anything so decided to try again and it brought up one baby.  I tried again and it was still the one.  So, it’s a boy!

08-09-16_5-09-34 PM

Meet Gideon.  I will be naming the children in this house all after characters in books that have unique names.


Here’s the book I got Gideon’s name from. Love this series!

08-09-16_5-10-15 PM

Uh yea, I guess we have to buy something for the floating baby to sleep in.  I was kind of annoyed if I didn’t have the stupid cribs mod I wouldn’t have had to waste $110 on the bassinet, which was the only real option other than a hanging crib which would have looked really odd since there’s nothing it could have been hanging from!

08-09-16_5-14-07 PM

With the little bit left I finally got a toilet.  I decided to go with regular walls this time instead of the fence but she couldn’t afford walls and a door so I had to delete one.

08-09-16_5-14-25 PM

Do you see this?!  I totally jinxed myself by telling someone on Twitter just like 2 days ago that I’ve never seen this happen.  It looks ridiculous!  I wonder what happens if you make a foundation?  I didn’t think to try.  Edit to add: I tried later and changed the foundation to the one that’s flat and even with the walls then thought that’s silly, now I’ll need stairs and went back to no foundation… and the weird edge was gone!

08-09-16_5-23-42 PM

Poor garden.

08-09-16_5-27-36 PM

The bassinet that I have is counted as an object by the game… meaning that sims will put plates and things in it like it’s a countertop.  It’s kinda funny though in this case cuz it was a half eaten hotdog.

08-09-16_5-29-35 PM

In one of the earlier chapters of 007 a boy named Omar came home from school with her one day.  His sister is the girl that cried in the closet.  Anyway, he called wanting to come over so she roped him into helping water the poor garden.  Then she asked him to leave and went to bed.  So funny.

08-09-16_5-31-02 PM

I feel your pain Larissa!  He ages up this day but she’s fairly close to her next promotion so you know what that means!  She doesn’t even have the $1,000 for adoption either so it looks like I might have to sell some stuff if she doesn’t get enough from work.  Edit to add: Got some advice from TigerLover and Vihisha to try not to get that promotion… you’ll have to wait for chapter 2 to see what happened!

Chapter 008.2

Chapter notes:

This chapter is just over 5 days.  Which seems like a lot but not much happened that I didn’t already have a screenshot of and I didn’t want to take 10 screenshots of her feeding Gideon or something, lol.

Career check: Level 3.

Note from the future: I’m not exactly sure why I left these chapters in with the others so I just marked them [FAIL] so you’d know that I restarted this one at some point.

10 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.1: Gideon [FAIL]

  1. I absolutely love the new banner! Gideon is such a cute name. I’ve had the walls do that before. It really is ugly. I’ll try the foundation/no foundation thing next time. Great job so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’m feeling pretty unenthusiastic about this house which is strange because this is the one I’ve been looking forward to the most since I read through the rules for all of them!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tiger… we’ll see how things go I guess. If you do have the weird wall thing again I’d really like to know if the foundation thing fixes it for you as well.


  2. I love how you lined up all previous generations. That will be a great banner!
    I didn’t realise they had to adopt a baby so early! This is going to be a huge challenge!
    Your sim is doing well so far. Gideon is a cute name.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been sitting here so confused. You’re reading the first time I did house 008 from last year. I haven’t started it yet this time around since I’ve been sick.


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