TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.2: Mercy [FAIL]

House 008 Chapter 2

08-09-16_8-55-48 PM - Copy

Larissa woke up and started gardening… conning her sister and father into helping her when Gideon started crying and she had to stop.

08-09-16_9-00-25 PM - Copy

I decided to take advantage of having someone else that could care for the baby on the lot and had her run around to get all of the collectables.

08-09-16_9-01-38 PM - Copy

Her dad and sister Maci chilled out and Gideon snoozed away in his bassinet.  He did start crying from a dirty diaper when she was almost done gathering and at first neither of them did anything and I was just about to cancel her gathering and send her home to care for him when Maci got up, changed his diaper and said it was time to leave and they both left.  Too funny.

08-09-16_9-13-25 PM - Copy

It was a bit later and she had conned Asher into helping with the garden, this time, not sure why it all didn’t get finished earlier. Then it was time for Gideon to age up!  He will be completing the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and has the active trait.

08-09-16_9-23-11 PM - Copy

Mom told him jokes to get him playful and he ran off to play on the nearby jungle gym.  The first level was completed the next morning I believe.

08-09-16_9-26-15 PM - Copy

Awe, autonomous hugs already!  Also, while taking this screenshot I saw his shoes and realized that I was so excited to have him age up that I had forgotten to give him a makeover.

08-09-16_9-37-39 PM - Copy

That’s better.  Not much needed changing.  He looks so serious here!

08-09-16_9-40-05 PM - Copy

Gideon was playing on the jungle gym when I noticed this weird cloud just kinda floating in the area.  I couldn’t find any dirty plates or any other source it could have stemmed from.  Believe it or not, I took like 5 minutes to get this goofy photo of it because I thought it was so strange!  I looked later when I thought of it and it was gone.

08-09-16_9-45-54 PM - Copy

Larissa doing some harvesting after work.  She didn’t get a promotion because I purposefully didn’t let her writing skill get to level 3.  This goes completely against the grain for me and I’m still annoyed about it.

08-09-16_10-02-44 PM - Copy

Built them a little bedroom area and purchased the nightlight.  I didn’t have one instance of the monster in the last house.

08-09-16_10-19-44 PM - Copy

Her mom and some friends were in the area so she roped them into helping with the gardening.  Seriously, other than days off, it would never get done if it wasn’t for this group gardening!

08-09-16_10-23-44 PM - Copy

One of the twins from house 006 called and invited her to the lounge, sorry I don’t have the game open and am writing this pretty late at night so I can’t think of his name.  She’s a cool mom for taking her son there right?  Not irresponsible at all.  She did meet a few young adults with jobs that I was thinking of as potential roommates.  As far as I can tell none of the sims her age from the other houses have been assigned jobs… which really ruins all of my plans and I’m extremely disappointed about it.


Hey, he had fun.  It’s all good.

08-09-16_11-00-09 PM - Copy

The next day after making the rounds collecting they went to the park.  He played on the playground and then went swimming…

08-09-16_11-01-03 PM - Copy

…Larissa got yet another $10 frog, I’m seriously having no luck in the frog department this time around, and then fished for a bit.  Meanwhile, I looked at all the sims entering the park for potential roommates or something more for her.  There wasn’t anyone interesting and I felt even more disappointed and sent them home.

08-09-16_11-16-31 PM - Copy

I can’t really explain why but I feel completely off my game in this house.  It’s a high likelihood that this will be the first that I fail.  At this point, she had 10 days ’till aging to adult and was still level 3 in her career.  After the failure to meet anyone interesting at the park I decided to have her invite this woman over who she had met at the club the night before and that I was pretty sure was fairly high up in her job since it said detective.

TS4_x64 2016-08-09 23-14-22-89

She didn’t have any terrible traits and other than some unfortunate shoulders I couldn’t really think of a reason not to move her and her steady income into the house, err lot, with them.

TS4_x64 2016-08-09 23-25-51-18

She’s a level 9 detective.  I should be jumping for joy but I’m not really thrilled.  For one, she’s a young adult, but her age bar was full and bubbling.  Ugh.  Anyway, the other woman standing extremely close to Larissa just showed up while they were cloudgazing and was just creepily lurking there watching them with a grin on her face.  It was freaking me out!

08-09-16_11-20-01 PM - Copy

Meanwhile, Gideon the cutie pie plays keyboard commander on the computer and gets a high score!  Good job Gideon.

08-09-16_11-34-44 PM - Copy

The roommate, Annabel, spent pretty much the whole night playing chess and stuff at the nearby park.  I didn’t take pics because I could really care less what she’s doing.  I regretted moving her in almost immediately despite the promise of income.

08-10-16_1-33-37 PM - Copy

I got like 30 birthday notifications within minutes and since her agebar was full I knew it should happen any moment so I watched until it did.  She’s now an adult.

08-10-16_1-36-58 PM - Copy

Larissa came home from work all stinky and needing to use the toilet and Gideon had just used it and broken it.  I have no idea why I still have them all living in squalor.  They had some money by now.  I tried looking at house plans on the site I usually use for ideas and all of the houses that I like the looks of the outside were like duplexes!  So I haven’t graphed out a rough draft of a house yet.  It’s so unlike me.

08-10-16_1-45-18 PM - Copy

Her fun is always super low despite having the carefree trait.  I know that trait only affects them getting tense but usually they don’t lose fun as fast as they would normally.  Anyway, I remembered my trick from house 006 of having Kelsi listen to music while she wrote books and bought a radio and an inspiring lamp.  I gave in to my burning urge to move forward and had her write until she was level 3.


I was so sad.  I got misty eyed.  I’m glad I didn’t have to watch it, though.


Yea, you knew this was coming.


I bet you didn’t expect this, though!

  • I don’t know why my beloved MC Command Center keeps lashing out and hurting me like this!  What did I do to deserve it’s scorn?  First, I went through all of the modules on the computer, the only one that mentioned adoption at all was the pregnancy module.  So I deleted all of the teens shown above in manage worlds, saved the game, took that one out of my mods and started the game again.  More teens and children and no babies.  I had no clue how to proceed and wasn’t really in the best of moods so I left Deaderpool a desperate message and binge watched YouTube.  After a bit of messing around, it ended up being my friend Egwarhammer who thought to ask me to change my population settings to the EA defaults.  I tried it, deleted every child and teen that was shown on the adoption window and restarted the game.  Thank goodness it was only babies and children when I tried again!

08-10-16_8-52-54 PM

This confetti is less thrilling when you adopt a baby instead of a child.  When you adopt a child they’re standing there with the parent when it drops.

08-10-16_8-55-06 PM

I got a girl this time.  Her name is Mercy.  I decided to call it quits and saved here.  I’m just feeling totally out of sorts right now and despite my anticipation for this house I’m feeling disconnected and not really excited about any of it other than Gideon.  Sorry, this chapter is shorter than usual but I decided that a short chapter was better than no chapter at all.


The book series that Mercy is named after.  This is one of my favorite book covers of all time!

Chapter 008.3

Chapter notes:

This chapter is almost 6 days.  Looks like I’m going back to chapters being a lot of days again.

Larissa has 9 days until aging to adult and is level 4 in the writing career.  Gideon is level 9 motor skill and needs to go across the monkey bars 3 times then he’ll be done with his aspiration.

The shack is worth $11,204.  This must include the lot value because there’s no way that it’s worth that much!  They have $5,838 in reserve after adopting Mercy… and I still have no idea what to build.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.2: Mercy [FAIL]

  1. Gideon is adorable! I’m sorry you’re not feeling this house 😦 I was the same way in 005. I just couldn’t get interested. That’s crazy about the adoption only being older sims! Mercy is such a sweet name 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m doing a kind of experiment, I started the house over again in a separate save to see if I like it any better doing some things differently. I’ve been playing it for 4 days and still haven’t decided what I want to do, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sry you’re just “not feeling it” w/this house…that’s bound 2 happen tho as not every aspect of the game is going 2 excite u! =)
    That’s so strange about the teens in the adopt window. I hope that they r able 2 fix your mod!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tiger. I actually started over the other day and I’m a lot happier with how things turned out but it was kind of an experiment and I didn’t take many screenshots… I’m just out of sorts right now, hopefully I’ll feel like playing tomorrow.


  3. Gideon is so cute!
    Weird that only older children and teens were up for adoption. Glad to see you were able to fix it though.
    I’m sorry you are feeling off in this current house challenge. {hugs}

    Liked by 1 person

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