TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.3: Third Time’s a Charm

House 008 Chapter 3

  • I’m going to confuse the heck out of you with this post.  I thought about starting a new chapter 1 but thought that would be even weirder than just making this chapter 3.  Let me explain, as I said in the past 2 chapters, I haven’t been very happy with the way things have been going since I started 008.  I tried to pinpoint what it was that was making me so unhappy with it and realized it was because I had all of these grand plans to move some of the kids from the other houses in and every time I checked none of them had jobs.  I was complaining about it to a friend and she asked if I had them marked as played.  I did, which apparently was the reason they weren’t getting assigned jobs by the game.  So I started over, as a test, just to see what happened.  Most of them got jobs.  I was actually really happy with the way things were turning out in that 2nd test save until I was pretty much ready to get her married and realized I had hardly taken any screenshots at all!  I couldn’t figure out what to do so I took a break for a few days.  No computer at all.  Kind of a reboot.  Anyway, I decided to just start over… again.  Third time’s a charm, right?

As you probably remember from chapter one Larissa was hungry and tired because after school she was messing around on the slide instead of taking care of her needs.  First thing I did after marking all of the other houses as unplayed was have her invite everyone over quick so I could age them up to YA while she napped on a bench.

After her nap, she was starving but had no money to grill so I had her do a little bit of gathering.

Then she was able to grill.

She napped several times and then continued gathering.

Happily, she found enough to buy a shower.

Then I had her fish at each of the 3 fishing spots to work on angling ace.  This big boy was over $80!

I had her go ahead and take a job in the writer career on that 2nd day.  It made such a difference not making her go to work on the 2nd day like she did the first time around.

Reading a book for work.  Her social was seriously low by this point.

She invited Dillan over since she had the day off.  He was her boyfriend the 2nd time around.  He’s bored because I used get to know a bunch of times.  I really only invited him over for social but was surprised to learn he had a job as a doctor!  If you’re not sure who Dillan is, he’s one of Asher and Katelyn’s twins from house 006. His great-grandfather was Davin from house 005.

With the money from gathering some more, she was able to make a little temporary fence bathroom and buy another bed.

A bit of flirting in the morning before work.

A little snuggling after work.  Aren’t they sweet?

First kiss then they went to sleep for the night.  They were both trying to get into bed but I really wanted that first kiss!

The next day she invited a few of the girls from the other houses over since Dillan came home from work exhausted. Makenna, the brown haired girl, Tasha’s daughter from house 001 moved in since she had a job.  She’s a level 8 bodybuilder.  She actually lived with her the 2nd time around too.

After work I had Larissa get her writing skill up so that she’d finally get a promotion the next day.

I read on the house 008 thread in the forums that if she got married after adopting that the baby won’t show as his and (ick) romantic interactions would be available when the age up.  So I wanted to hurry up and get them married before her promotion.

Yes, I did spend the $1,000 on a wedding.  I wanted their families and friends there.

Makenna had gotten into bed before the wedding started so she was walking around in her pjs.  The blonde guy next to her is Dillan’s twin brother Brice.

Yay!  I love weddings.

I didn’t take many pics this time because it was like 11pm by the time the ceremony part was done.  I had her talk to a few of the others to see if they had jobs and then ended the wedding and sent her to bed.

Adoption time!

I had planned to adopt a girl to name her Mercy again but there were only boys available.  Meet Finn Rover.

I just read this book last week and thought Finn was a cool name.

At the wedding, Larissa had learned that Joelle from house 004, Kiley’s daughter, had a job.  I was disappointed the 2nd time around because I really wanted her to move in but she didn’t have a job and I ended up moving in the girl that was crying in the closet instead.  So I was really excited she had a job.  She’s a level 10 comedian!

The plants were practically dead so I had her form a group with the housemates and whoever else was around to help her quick before bed.

After selling the harvest I bought a fridge in the morning so everyone has access to the food she grills.  I just stuck it in their bedroom for now.

I have a vague idea of how I want to build the house but haven’t graphed anything out yet.  I’m going to have the main house for Larissa, Dillan, and the kids and then another house in the back for Makenna and Joelle.

Chapter 008.4

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 6 1/2 days.  

Larissa is level 3 in the writer career.

House value check: $15,526 with $433 in reserve.

Gideon, the adopted son from the first try is on the gallery here if you’re interested.

12 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.3: Third Time’s a Charm

    1. Yea, the second time around Dillan had a level 4 job I think and Makenna was like 7 in painting. This way with everyone pitching in I don’t have to worry about her slowing down promotions.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Great restart! Glad to hear you are enjoying it more this time!
    Dillan and Larissa are a cute couple!
    Congrats on adopting a baby. I like the name Finn. I love how you call the babies after books. So far I haven’t read any of the books you used for names.

    Liked by 1 person

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