TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.4: Finn & Mercy

House 008 Chapter 4

Doesn’t he look so sweet?  I was so anxious waiting for him to age up!

Mom and Dad had to work and Joelle and Makenna were home.  I really should have gotten a nanny.  I ended up having to move him into the room with them for them to notice he was crying!  Even then, it took like an hour.

Larissa came home from work a total wreck.  I really wish I wasn’t saving her aspiration points for traits because she could have used a moodlet solver badly.  It wasn’t until partway through the next day before I got her straightened out.

Of course, I had to wake her up twice to care for Finn.

Both the radio and the computer broke so I just had her call a repairman.

After some group gardening, she starts grafting the strawberries onto the snapdragons.

He aged up!  He’s a Social Butterfly and Outgoing.  What a horrible outfit.  Also, that picture on the wall above the crib was stolen by his dad from work.

Finn got a makeover and mom shows some love.

Then he went to chat with dad.

I already had some rooms built before I graphed out the house so I was just kind of trying to figure out where everything was going to go until I had enough to build all the walls.

Larissa was sitting at the table eating and then ran out the door and flagged her mom down to chat.  Sadly, this will be the last time she sees her.

Finn goes to the park next door to meet some sims and socialize.

Larissa increased her writing skill to the next level here but didn’t get promoted the next day.

When I saw some other kids I had him stop talking to adults and introduce himself.  The girl got all bored from his funny introduction.

I thought when I put the kitchen table in that they would stop bringing the books all the way to the park to read but they’re still doing it.

I had a terrible time trying to angle the camera to take this picture.  These 3 boys he met on the playground and when I had him form a group with them they all went to his house and started dancing to the radio.

Aren’t they cute?

I was trying to get his relationship high enough with one of the boys to become best friends but they all left.  Then I remembered that he can be best friends with his mom.  So they stargazed.

Took selfies.

And became best friends!

Got a bit more done on the house.  Eventually, Joelle and Makenna will have their own kitchen and a small tv area.

Finn was playing with Skelly and dad came in to talk to him.

Then grandpa Thad came to the door and I had Finn give him a hug.  Sadly, he and Jamie died the next day.

Aren’t they sweet?  I love them together.

More group gardening because it’s practically dead.

The family having breakfast together.  Joelle was in bed.  Her hours are off from everyone else’s.  She doesn’t go to bed until halfway through the night and sleeps in until almost noon.

08-14-16_9-16-02 PM

This made me laugh.  I went through and deleted almost all of my CC the other day so there are a bunch of bald sims walking around.

This little boy, Chase, came home after school with Finn and became the first kid friend for his aspiration.  He already has the adult friends with Joelle and Makenna and his social is level 8.

Larissa got promoted and adopted a baby girl.  There were 3 girls this time.

She is named Mercy just like the girl she adopted the first time I started this house.

Finally, I can control a child to make them meet their new sibling and apparently they don’t get moodlets from adopted siblings.  Disappointing.

Edit: I take it back.  I started the game 2 days later and this popped up.  Awe he’s sad!

Then I finished drawing out the walls.  It was a pain getting everything the way I wanted it and annoyingly I once again thought the lot was shaped differently than it was.  I was thinking it was 40 spaces in width but it is only 30. Oh well, at least it fits… barely.  Looking at it now, I’m thinking I made the living room/kitchen/dining space too big.

Chapter 008.5

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 4 1/2 days.  I’m exactly where I was when I stopped playing in chapter 2 the first time I did the house.  I’m so much happier this time.

House value: $33,439 with $326 in reserve.

Larissa is level 4 in the writer career.  I had her take family leave so I don’t have to worry about anyone taking care of Mercy while she’s at work and then the next day is her day off.  I plan to spend that time getting her writing skill up.

7 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.4: Finn & Mercy

    1. I am and things are going so much more smoothly. I really like all the sims I’ve moved in and the kids are great. I’m thinking I might start adopting more often!


    1. Finn is adorable. I can’t wait to see him as a teen. Once I got the idea to make a separate house for Joelle and Makenna it all just fell into place.

      Liked by 1 person

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