TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.5: Lissianna

House 008 Chapter 5

08-16-16_9-12-47 AM

Poor Finn.  The baby woke him up twice that night.

08-16-16_9-13-52 AM

Hmm… might have been a good idea to let her pee before caring for Mercy.

08-16-16_9-20-27 AM

Uncle Brice comes over and definitely does not know how to take care of a screaming baby.

08-16-16_9-31-56 AM

The next night Finn slept in bed with his mom since for some reason dad wasn’t tired.

08-16-16_9-36-21 AM

Group gardening for the win!  Who needs a gardener anyway when you can just pull all the sims you know off the street to help?

08-16-16_9-39-40 AM

Finally she gets a chance to graft the snapdragons onto the strawberries.

08-16-16_9-44-54 AM

Mercy pre-makeover.  Sorry but those sunglasses have got to go!  Her aspiration is Artistic Prodigy and her trait is creative.

08-16-16_10-19-12 AM

I didn’t change much, just made her matching.  She became Finn’s second child friend for his aspiration.

08-16-16_10-16-44 AM

I need to start making notes on exactly what I’ve changed when I take these pics!  I believe it was the floor and wall coverings.  That light in the dining area is driving me nuts.  When I try to get the sims to change the color and intensity it doesn’t do anything.  It has a yellow glow and I think I’m just doing to have to replace it.

08-16-16_10-21-26 AM

Mom works on her writing while Mercy works on her aspiration.

08-16-16_10-33-59 AM

The next day Dillan got dressed for work, walked out to the curb and then turned around and sat down to eat.

08-16-16_10-39-03 AM

This girl Maricela came home after school with Finn and he worked on becoming friends with her.


I made a tactical mistake.  I had Larissa take family leave on Tues, she was off on Weds and I didn’t realize that after Thurs she had two more days off!  I should have just hired a nanny!

TS4_x64 2016-08-16 10-44-05-12

First of 4 childhood aspirations complete.  Now Finn can just chill out.

08-16-16_11-00-33 AM

Well, and look for VoidCritter cards.  Can’t forget that.  I didn’t get close to completing the collection in 006 but I think with 4 kids I have a better chance this time.

08-16-16_11-04-59 AM

Chase comes over and Finn battles him with one of the new cards he found.

08-16-16_11-05-52 AM

Larissa finally gets to level 5 in writing and can publish the 7 books that she’s been holding on to.

08-16-16_11-45-05 AM

We got roofs and porches!  A new fridge and stove too, the old ones went into Joelle and Makenna’s place.

08-16-16_12-00-14 PM

Mercy starts the boring task of playing the violin practically non-stop.

08-16-16_12-01-03 PM

The uncontrollable sims are almost always at the park next door.  Oh well, at least they aren’t lurking near garbage cans on their phones.

08-16-16_12-23-44 PM

Autonomous hugs are the best!

08-16-16_12-25-19 PM

So now that there’s this little table in the house out back they keep going back there to eat.  You would think they would sit at the nearest table?

08-16-16_12-38-26 PM

Everyone but Dillan and the kids were at work so I decided to send them to the park.  Finn finds a chompy toy in the well.

08-16-16_12-39-15 PM

Then they play space monster together.

08-16-16_12-43-07 PM 08-16-16_12-44-02 PM

Finn puts on a puppet show before they leave for home.


  I thought these moodlets were cute.

08-16-16_12-49-45 PM

Back home I discover that a child can ask for help with homework.

08-16-16_12-55-17 PM

Then Maricela comes over for a Void battle.


08-16-16_12-56-58 PM

Promoted to level 5 which means another nooboo!  There were only girls again this time which was disappointing because I had a boy name I really wanted to use.

08-16-16_12-59-36 PM

Meet Lissianna or Lissi for short.  Dad was in there and I was hoping to get a family pic but he walked out.


Lissianna is the main character in the first Argeaneau novel.  I absolutely love this series!

08-16-16_1-01-35 PM

Finn had no reaction at all to the baby but Mercy was angry!

Chapter 005.6

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 6 days.  Larissa has 3 days ’till adult.  I’m hoping my mistake on not having her work won’t make things harder.

The house value goal and number of bedrooms and bathrooms has been met.  It’s currently $52,728 with $3,745 in reserve.

3 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.5: Lissianna

  1. Aww, Mercy is adorable, even when she was mad at the end lol. I love the puppet show moodlets. Lissiana is a beautiful name! I love how you do the names to go along with the challenge in the house (I wish I had thought of that lol). That one day shouldn’t make a big difference. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I adore all of the kids. I didn’t think of themed names until house 006 unfortunately. I have no idea what kind of names I’ll use in 009. Spy movies? LOL Actually taking that one day off set her back like 4 days. But it’s all good.


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