TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.6: To Nooboo or not to Nooboo?

House 008 Chapter 6

08-16-16_2-49-13 PM

When you spend all of your money on a television and can’t afford a chair to sit on to watch it!

08-16-16_2-52-33 PM

Poor Larissa.  She was exhausted from taking care of baby Lissianna all night.

08-16-16_3-04-17 PM

What?  Is nanny Rees like immortal or something?


This is really ticking me off.  They barely had the money for it!  He left, charged them, appeared again, knocked on the door, the second one popped up and he left again.  Grr!  This has happened like 3 times now.

08-16-16_3-07-41 PM

I’m glad that I had Larissa call him before she left for work because Joelle slept almost all day and everyone else was at work too.

08-16-16_3-18-14 PM

The new patch came out and it said it fixed the kids disappearing when looking in the trash for lost toys.  So of course as soon as the kids got home from school I had Finn try it out.  I’ve had both him and Mercy do it at least once a day and it seems fixed.


Umm what?  She wasn’t at daycare.

08-16-16_3-19-27 PM

I forgot nanny’s mentor too.

08-16-16_3-23-20 PM

Confusingly, after Larissa got home from work it popped up that it was Lissianna’s birthday.  I checked it and double checked it but it did say birthday and not almost birthday so I aged her up.

08-16-16_3-31-07 PM

She’s a cutie.  Her eye shape looks Asian.  She got Rambunctious Scamp and active.

08-16-16_3-33-02 PM

She watched the kids network until she was playful then ran to the park next door to play on the jungle gym.  She wasn’t tired so she stayed there playing most of the night.  And yes, that is her brother Finn sleeping on the bench.

08-16-16_3-41-28 PM

Time for drastic measures.  Larissa needs to get her writing skill up and her needs, mainly energy, were terrible. Moodlet Solvers are awesome!

08-16-16_3-45-38 PM

Time to pull an almost all nighter.  I did send her to bed a few hours before work just to fill the energy bar up.

08-16-16_3-54-14 PM

Dillan missed work again.  This time, he didn’t change into his work clothes, he just walked to the street turned around and stomped back into the house.  Okay then.  Glad I’m not dependant on his income!  His work performance bar is really low so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets fired.

08-16-16_4-00-20 PM

Got some sofas and chairs.  I also changed the wall color.  The other one looked kinda like a cabin or something to me.

08-16-16_4-03-44 PM

Mercy makes her artwork while Lissi practices typing.  Apparently, they were too far apart to talk to each other.


Okay, so my first impulse was to adopt a baby!  Umm no we unlock having the heir with this promotion.  So I sat for like 30 minutes doing the math using the writing career guide on Sims Vip.  I figured it would take her around 21 days to get to level 10 and it would take 32 days including the pregnancy before the heir aged to young adult.  Seems like plenty of time but the last couple levels she’ll barely work and if she gets some bad chance cards… anyway, I chickened out.  I decided to wait for the next promotion just to be safe.

TS4_x64 2016-08-16 16-17-37-52

I’m sure Mercy is happy she doesn’t have to play that violin anymore!  Now she can do fun stuff.

08-16-16_5-46-30 PM

Seeing Larissa’s sister Maci and Dillan’s brother Brice together gave me an idea.  I can fix up one of her sisters with him since technically future heirs will be related to house 006 by blood now anyway.

08-16-16_5-49-26 PM

After school Mercy takes over from Finn as the VoidCritter card finder.

08-16-16_5-50-43 PM

Autonomous father-son hugs!

08-16-16_5-55-43 PM

Just thought they all looked so cozy chillin’ out.

08-16-16_5-58-45 PM 08-16-16_5-59-31 PM 08-16-16_6-00-20 PM 08-16-16_6-01-03 PM

Larissa, Dillan, Joelle and Makenna all age to adults.

08-16-16_6-05-22 PM

After the birthday celebration, Larissa has another Moodlet Solver potion.

08-16-16_6-06-49 PM

Another all nighter.  She even got some gardening done in the morning before work.  She’s making almost $2,000 a day in book royalties.

08-16-16_6-22-01 PM

Look who got a goofy A outfit!  Yay Mercy!  Too bad she had to take a shower.

08-16-16_6-25-57 PM

This little boy is Nolan.  He came home from school with them.  I’m not sure if he’s been in any of the previous chapters or not.

08-16-16_6-31-26 PM

Makenna seems to have taken a liking to Lissi.  She is always talking to her while she plays keyboard commander and even came out here and sat talking to her while she ate dinner.


Nooboo time?!  Well, not yet.  The thing is it’s like 9pm and I don’t want to start house 009 late at night like I did this one.  So I’m going to have them try for a baby in the morning.

08-16-16_6-36-44 PM

Then it’s Finn’s birthday!  Unfortunately, I was anticipating him doing blowing out of the candles twice and he only did it once so I didn’t get a before shot.

08-16-16_6-43-45 PM

Here’s our boy looking all grown up!  I gave him the Joke Star aspiration and the goofball trait.

Chapter 008.7

Chapter notes:

I was shocked that this chapter is only 4 days.  It felt like so much happened in that short time period.  Maybe it was because Larissa used the Moodlet Solver twice.  Not sure.  She’s level 7 in her career and the house just needs a little bit of this and that and landscaping.  Edit: And windows, it had no windows and I was thinking it was almost done!  Silly me!

9 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.6: To Nooboo or not to Nooboo?

  1. A lot did happen in this chapter, especially for 4 days! So funny about nanny rees! And I bet Mercy is glad she’s not having to play the violin anymore. I like the new walls better for the living room. The other one has always reminded me of an office lol. Aww, almost nooboo time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, when I cleaned out the elders at the start of the house I saw nanny Rees but nostalga prompted me to keep him. It says he’s still a young adult! That’s the problem with the creative aspiration, the only thing you can make them continually do is the violin. I was trying to do something different with the walls but they didn’t look good at all.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow lol! I guess I have the violin to look forward to lol. I had thought about trying to do the different walls different colors, but I’m always scared it’s going to turn out odd, so I just keep doing the same thing lol.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I know! I really wish someone would do a tutorial on how to make accent walls and such because I just end up shift+clicking and doing the whole room.

          Liked by 1 person

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