TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.7: Atticus

House 008 Chapter 7

08-16-16_7-54-40 PM

Larissa was up all night writing books waiting for the last minute before Dillan had to leave for work to try for a baby.

08-16-16_8-02-51 PM

Awe these two.  Makenna plays dolls with Lissi.  She had school soon so I figured I’d let her have a break from the aspiration grind to do something fun.

08-16-16_8-04-46 PM

Yes, I did put a closet in this house.  Although the crying in the closet annoyed the heck out of me in the last house I really do like them.  It’s nooboo time!  Hopefully she gets pregnant on the first try because he left for work as soon as they were done.

08-16-16_8-05-22 PM

I find the fact that other sims, including children, will stand outside of the closet and watch very disturbing.

08-16-16_8-07-22 PM

Hurrah!  Time to torture my poor pregnant sim.

08-16-16_8-10-34 PM

Thank goodness she keeps getting whims to write certain genres of books because she lives on those Moodlet Solvers!

08-16-16_9-00-43 PM

I got the slide because I thought it would be a fun way for Lissi to increase her motor skill but as far as I can tell it doesn’t affect it.  Too bad.

08-16-16_9-02-39 PM

This garden is turning out to be more work than it’s worth… especially since they really don’t need more money.

08-16-16_9-03-14 PM

This weird looking teen came home from school with Finn.  I zoomed in to see what he looked like and Lissi was making this face.  It was too funny not to take a pic!

08-16-16_9-13-33 PM

Mom’s using the computer so she can’t play keyboard commander so I bought her some monkey bars.

08-16-16_10-51-53 PM

Second trimester belly, chatting with Finn while she writes.

08-16-16_10-55-06 PM

Mercy off at the playground having fun.  I still have her search for cards but other than that I just let her do whatever she wants.

08-16-16_11-01-23 PM

Larissa’s sister Maci came over and after Finn invited her in she went straight to the tub for a mudbath.  Okay then.

08-16-16_11-02-55 PM

She stayed most of the day and spent a lot of time with her nieces so I can forgive her the oddity of taking a mudbath in someone else’s house.

08-16-16_11-04-38 PM

This strangely muscular woman walked up to the fence that divides their property from the park and started talking to them.

08-16-16_11-07-47 PM

I have to say, I think the slide is one of my favorite things in this game right now.

08-16-16_11-14-42 PM

Mom gets home from work and chugs another Moodlet Solver.

08-16-16_11-23-22 PM

I’m so sick of her confident moodlet overpowering the inspired so I put out a bunch of the darned lamps.  Later, when I was doing some work on the house, I discovered that there were a bunch of inspiration aura career items in the family inventory.  Sheesh.

08-16-16_11-35-17 PM

Really Makenna?  You have a perfectly nice bed.  Also, the girl on the other couch is Kaitlyn that lived with Larissa the second time I started the house.  Otherwise known as the girl who cried in the closet.

newsshow gain

Ack these things stress me out!  Thankfully I chose right.


Which led to this.

08-17-16_12-05-23 AM

Then she got home from work and passed out.  Told ya I was going to torture my poor pregnant sim!

08-17-16_12-07-29 AM

Oh stop complaining and drink it!  Also, get out of Lissi’s room so she can go to bed.

08-17-16_12-10-13 AM

Everyone but Larissa was sleeping and I noticed movement in the side yard.  Look!  It’s that woman that lived with them the first time I did the house!  I guess she was trying to pick up the plate someone had left by the slide.

08-17-16_12-15-39 AM

Third trimester belly.  After a night’s worth of writing books with frequent pee breaks she makes some fun taco casserole for the family before taking a nap.

08-17-16_12-18-38 AM

So much for the nap eh?  It’s go time!  Sadly Dillan was at work.

08-17-16_12-20-09 AM

Welcome to the world Atticus Rover!  Our house 009 heir is born.


Atticus is named after the main character in the Iron Druid Chronicles.

A little peek into the other houses…


House 001


House 002


House 003


House 004


House 005


House 006… I decided to go ahead and marry Maci to Brice.

There is no update for house 007.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it after Baylee is gone.

Chapter 008.8

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 3 1/2 days.  I stopped and saved right as Atticus was born.  I played out this and the previous 2 chapters all in one day and it’s 1am now.  Hopefully I don’t forget anything in my sleepiness.

4 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.7: Atticus

  1. Yay on the heir!! I remember in my house 003, my main’s brother lurking while they were trying to woohoo! I love that slide, too! I had absolutely no room to put it at my house 007 though 😦 Funny that past sims are showing up at your house 🙂 I love seeing how the other houses are progressing. I put each of my girls from part 1 in my old houses, but I never made the effort to advance them at all 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it may be cheating, what I’m doing with the sims in the other houses but if it is I’m not going to stop because I enjoy having a sort of community.


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