TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.8: Much Needed Renovations

House 008 Chapter 8

08-17-16_3-37-30 PM

After Atticus was born Larissa passed out.  Poor thing.

08-17-16_3-38-43 PM

Moodlet Solver to the rescue!

08-17-16_3-48-42 PM

Poor Lissi.  I feel bad for making my child sims put up with babies in their rooms but they’re only babies for a couple of days so it seems silly to build a nursery or something.

08-17-16_4-01-05 PM

Larissa had just gotten into bed to sleep for a few hours when he started crying.

TS4_x64 2016-08-17 16-11-55-20

Lissianna completed her aspiration after school.  Now she can take over as the VoidCritter card collector.

08-17-16_4-13-46 PM

Everyone chilling out with mom while she writes books.

08-17-16_4-22-34 PM

It’s Mercy’s birthday!

08-17-16_4-23-50 PM

She looked cute but I decided it didn’t look like her.

08-17-16_4-34-52 PM

That’s better.  So pretty!  I tried giving her glasses but they didn’t look right.

08-17-16_4-37-42 PM

After the party, uncle Brice gets in the kid’s tub for a mudbath.  Guess I made the right choice marrying him to Larissa’s sister Maci since she’s done it twice now too.

08-17-16_4-46-18 PM

Atticus ages up… time for a makeover.

08-17-16_4-53-13 PM

After a bit of a makeover.  I was really happy he got the red hair because his namesake has red hair.  He’ll be doing Whiz Kid and his trait is genius.

08-17-16_4-54-57 PM

Mom had to go to work soon and dad had the day off so he played chess with him.

House renovation pics…

08-17-16_7-00-59 PM 08-17-16_7-01-26 PM

This is Finn and Mercy’s room.  I was inspired by watching VirtualLee make over her daughter’s teen room in her Drifter Challenge videos.

08-18-16_1-33-11 AM

Here’s the front of the house.  I know I used the frog fountains in my last 2 houses but I really like them!

08-18-16_1-33-52 AM

I made this whole path and then realized they couldn’t go into the side yard so I had to add more stairs to the side.

08-18-16_1-34-20 AM

Here’s Joelle and Makenna’s house.

08-18-16_1-35-26 AM

Lissianna and Atticus’s room.

08-18-16_1-35-58 AM

The kitchen.

08-18-16_1-36-38 AM

Overlooking the whole house.  After realizing I’ve done so much brown in the main area I’ve decided to try to experiment with different colors in one room in the next house.  Also, the master bedroom is like grey on grey.

Back to the chapter…

08-19-16_1-46-22 PM

Larissa’s snazzy new work clothes.

awful barginbin barginbin2

Oops!  See what I mean about the darned chance cards!

08-19-16_1-57-26 PM

Dad helps Atticus with his homework.

08-19-16_1-59-26 PM

After school, Lissi searches for more of those cards!  I really need to look at what they’ve gotten to see how close they are to completing the collection.

08-19-16_2-10-29 PM

The garden was looking pitiful so I had Finn form a group with Joelle so they could water it instead of sliding on the slide.

08-19-16_2-11-29 PM

I wasn’t going to do any painting in this house since I’ve been doing it since 005 but it was the only aspiration that really fit Mercy.  Also, look at all the career rewards on Larissa’s desk that I forgot about!

08-19-16_2-20-15 PM

Someone told me that forcing abductions works again so I thought I’d try it out on poor Dillan instead of going into my Xenophilia save to check it.  I figured since there are 8 sims in the house he can’t get pregnant so it’s not hurting anything.  He came home dazed.  Too funny.

08-19-16_2-26-11 PM

The kids playing chess before school the next day.

08-19-16_2-35-11 PM

The girls really like their new computer.  I locked the front door so that only they can get into their house.

 Chapter 008.9

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 3 days.  It’s so short because I literally spent at least 4 hours working on the house.  The front yard landscaping alone took over an hour placing all those flowers.

Heir age check: 12 days to teen

Career check: Author (8)

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