TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.9: Hiding in the Trash

House 008 Chapter 9


Look at this!  We’re so close.

08-20-16_11-22-54 AM

Atticus came home from school filthy and with a terrible angry moodlet from some darned chance card that I chose the wrong option for.  I realized then that I had nothing in the house for him to get focused from.  So I decided to google focusing bath and sure enough, there is one!


Score! 8 hours and it was strong enough to overpower the other one!

08-20-16_11-26-04 AM

Whenever Larissa isn’t home I’ve been having him play chess with whoever is available.  I would feel bad if I made the poor kid play chess alone.

08-20-16_11-32-28 AM

When she gets home from work Larissa reads to Lissi and Atticus so he can get past that part of his aspiration. Makenna decided to join in on the reading time.

08-20-16_12-03-44 PM

This is the first time that Larissa’s younger sister Baylee has been to the house.  Baylee’s twin Maci is at the house every couple of days.

08-20-16_12-07-07 PM

Mercy can you please not eat on his bed so he can sleep?  Also, I took out the anti-monster night light to see if he can make friends with it… and it hasn’t shown up once!  I’m sad.

08-20-16_12-15-14 PM

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sim kneel like this when they’re talking to someone.  I thought it was cute.

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 12-18-55-35

I did it again!  She can’t reach the mailbox.  This time, it was an easy fix.  I had to move some flowers from in front of the mailbox.  Seriously though, it’s not like the flowers were blocking it.  Sheesh.

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 12-29-04-60

Yay!  Now all she needs to do is write books for her daily task and get her logic skill up.

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 12-36-12-84


The garbage can was also inaccessible so I was going to have Lissi look for toys so that I could try to fix it when I saw the “hide” option.  I’ve never seen this before.

08-20-16_12-38-14 PM

She hopped into the garbage can to hide (once I fixed it) and it was so funny I decided to try to make a video of it.

Ta-da!  My first YouTube video… lol.  The only reason I put it on YouTube is because WordPress wouldn’t let me load it here like Blogger did with the one other video I’ve taken.

08-20-16_12-42-09 PM

Okay, enough messing with the trash.  Back to the skilling grind for both mother and son.  I thought he looked cute scratching his head trying to decide his next move.

08-20-16_12-55-22 PM

I decided to just have Finn go ahead and take care of the garden himself.  Later, after I thought about it, I started making him practice jokes on the computer to get his comedy skill up.

08-20-16_12-55-59 PM

They both woke up starving and everyone else had been up before them and ate all the food.  They look so sad.

08-20-16_12-58-31 PM

Awe spontaneous father-daughter hugs!

08-20-16_1-01-35 PM

It’s almost Lissi’s birthday so I wanted her to enjoy being a child as much as possible and made her big brother Finn come play dolls with her.

08-20-16_1-04-07 PM

Just one of those “family normalcy” pics I love so much.

08-20-16_1-07-04 PM

I noticed the bird feeder hadn’t been filled so I sent Mercy out to do it.

08-20-16_1-07-34 PM

Ack!  Oh no!  This is the first bird attack I’ve seen.  Thad got attacked in the last house but I didn’t realize it until after he got to work when I saw the angry moodlet.

08-20-16_1-09-49 PM

Typical teen, should be doing his homework and he’s playing with his phone instead.

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 13-14-06-08

I had to take the promo pic with Fraps so I could show the happy look she had on her face.  Level 9, you earned that happiness Larissa!  Apparently, she thinks it’s magic that she was promoted- thought bubble.

08-20-16_1-16-48 PM

Haha!  That little cheater!  She had a thought bubble of a dragon when she looked where he was pointing.  I can’t believe she fell for that!

08-20-16_1-24-23 PM

It was the last night before Lissi’s birthday and she was sliding alone so I decided to bring all the kids in the area over to trick slide with her.  The alien kid is Joelle’s nephew.

08-20-16_1-29-42 PM

Speaking of which, this seems to be the week for first-time visits.  This is his mom, Joelle’s younger sister Reagan.


And I’ll leave you with this pic.  It keeps happening to me but I always click out of it before thinking to hit printscreen.  I was trying to make her eat some of the tuna casserole she had just placed on the table.  Apparently, the tuna casserole isn’t harvestable… but it can be evolved!

Chapter 008.10

Chapter notes:

This chapter is just under 3 days!  Lots of fun stuff happened that I just had to take pics of!

Heir age check: 9 days ’till teen.

As to my personal goal for this house they only need 4 more VoidCritter cards!  All of them have been found in logs and the trash.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.9: Hiding in the Trash

  1. I’ve never seen them kneel like that either lol. And the trash can was hilarious! The bird attack was funny. I’ve never seen that either. You should’ve tried to evolve the tuna casserole lol, just to see what it did. Odd that it keeps doing that to you. Good job on the VoidCritter cards!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The only time I’ve seen them kneel like that is kids being read to or doing homework and when they watch the puppet show. That trash can thing was just too good not to try to figure out how to make a video of it. I didn’t even think of trying to evolve it! Next time I will.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Either that or go outside to evolve whatever plant that the game thinks the tuna casserole is. I had it pop up once when a baby was crying and it said “throw away” I’m so mad I didn’t get a pic of that!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. When she was kneeling it looked like she was holding invisible homework I have seen them kneel and talk while doing homework maybe that’s what it was? The trashcan thing was too cute I have never seen that either. Very strange with the last pic that’s just odd.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Apparently, the tuna casserole isn’t harvestable… but it can be evolved!” .. I laughed way too hard at that. Scared my poor hubby since I’d been reading quietly to myself for quite a while. >_< I vote next time click evolve, too. It'd be hilarious to see what it evolves into… (what's the upgrade to a tuna casserole, anyway?) LoL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve actually had a few others pop up but I’ve just been posting them on Twitter. I’ll start adding them to posts again. Tuna casserole sounds nasty to me so I’m not sure what it would evolve into… casserole minus tuna? LOL


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