TS4- ISBI Challenge 3.10: Crazy Gnome!

Chapter 3.10

Okay first, the last time I played this save was two months ago.  Second, my only motivation for playing this save was to check out a new restaurant.  Imagine my disappointment when I started the game and realized it’s the middle of the night.  I have no clue why they’re all standing outside.  Or why there are other random sims standing out there with them. Oh and I deleted most of my CC so you’ll see a lot of sims in their underwear.

Look!  It’s Janie our founder!  This is the first time seeing her since she passed because I had the gravestones in the inventory until Noah (the other ghost) died recently.

I spent most of the morning while the girls were in school watching these townies hang out around the bench by the house.  Told ya you’d see more underwear.  The odd thing is I tried to find her in manage worlds to give her clothes later and couldn’t find her!  You’d think a pretty much naked sim would stand out.

I forgot she was in the painting career.  I’m a bit sick of painting since I’ve been doing so much of it in Drifter.  I just start her painting something then look to see if anything else is going on.

Dangit! I want to go to the restaurant and Jaci comes home from school with a red energy bar.  I was watching the ghosts the night before but I guess she didn’t sleep.  If she passes out I lose points so I decide to let her sleep.

While I wait for her to wake up I watch Lina and Tess.

Really Jaci?  Are you kidding me with the sleeping right now!?  Once her energy was yellow I had mom travel.

This is it! Crazy Gnome Restaurant.  I’ll leave a link below so you can add it to your game… you know you want to! Tess invited her brother Van, his daughters Traci and Susana and the boys Zachary and Talon that according to my last post I was considering marrying the girls to.  Notice that the number of sims is seven?

Okay so notice how Lina is just standing near their table.  I realized after Tess ordered that she wasn’t there!  So I brought her there but she couldn’t do anything.  Oopsie!  Luckily she was eating when they left so she wasn’t hungry.

Cousin Susana (who I forgot to change the hair of because it’s the same as Jaci’s) stood out here talking to these people until the food came.

Yes, I do realize it’s odd that the first picture of the restaurant that I took was the bathroom… while Traci is using it no less.  But, it’s a cool bathroom!

Moving on to the kitchen.  Isn’t it pretty and nicely decorated?  I’m sure the staff enjoy working in such a cheerful environment.

Speaking of cheerful, everywhere you look in this place there are cute whimsical touches.  I didn’t pay too much attention to my sims while I scoped everything out.  But I decided not to take a bunch more pics because why ruin it for everyone when they can discover it all themselves when they take their sims here?

Back to the sims… so this is the guy I plan to marry into the family eh?  His name is Zachary and he’s insane.

The food comes and everyone digs in and chats.  Traci was sitting at a table behind them by herself.  The last restaurant I took them to had a table for 8 so when I saw the big table my brain thought it was for 8.

Van’s wife makes an appearance at the restaurant.  Perhaps she was jealous that her husband and daughters got invited out and she didn’t?

So this is my heir eh?  Well, it is an ISBI.  Also, old lady in her panties in the background.

After the restaurant both the girls went straight to bed.  I had another lot that I planned to take them to the next day but that will have to be in the next chapter.

The founder’s husband Zion showed up that night and got stuck in the motion gaming rig.

Seeing him stuck in that reminded me that I had planned to add a room for it and have it so that only teens needing to up skill for school could get in the locked door.

She’s watching tv from the table.  Weird sims.  After I took this screenshot my “C” shortcut to take pictures stopped working so I decided to wrap things up and took the last few pics with Fraps.

Okay, I have no idea how long this mac’n’cheese has been out here but I’m pretty sure it was there when I started the game up 2 sim days ago!  Hovering over it doesn’t show when it’s going to go bad.  Not like I can control her to stop her from eating it anyway.

I was watching Tess paint and Blake was flailing his arms around in the tub in the next room.  It was so funny I had to take a pic.  I’ll end with that… next time we’re visiting one of YorkieLad’s lots!

Chapter 4.1

Chapter notes:

Jaci has 4 days before aging up and beginning generation 4.  I’m hoping to make the next chapter a bit longer and finish out the generation next time I play them.

Get the Crazy Gnome Restaurant by tazreentasnim!  It’s such a fun whimsical restaurant.

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