TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.10: Hello My Friend!

House 008 Chapter 10

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 14-44-57-90

So since Finn will be a young adult soon and I plan to put him in the Entertainer career I looked up the SimsVip guide to see what skills he will need and he needs level 3 guitar or violin.  Then I remembered the guitar thingy that everyone is talking about.  I didn’t even close the game.  I signed up for the newsletter and when I maximized the screen to close it this was popped up!

08-20-16_2-49-15 PM

Rock on Finn!  It took him less than a day to get to level 3 but it was cool to watch him play it.

08-20-16_2-57-57 PM

Mom and dad must think so too because they came in to watch.

08-20-16_2-56-31 PM

Lissi does the card hunting rounds for the last time before passing the torch to her younger brother.

08-20-16_3-03-22 PM

That must be a really interesting book!  Also, I can’t believe I fit the camera into this tiny half-bath.

08-20-16_3-12-45 PM

After getting his guitar skill up I had Finn brush his teeth so he would be confident while practicing speech.  A bit later I couldn’t figure out what I was seeing and it looks like he broke the sink brushing his teeth.  Too funny.

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 15-21-33-93

Mercy gets her first masterpiece.  No, I don’t think you can buy a car with the money from that one Mercy.

08-20-16_3-22-40 PM

Also, I really liked it so I made it bigger and hung it up on the dining room wall.

08-20-16_3-24-35 PM

Still had a bit more time until Lissi’s birthday so I had her pull the kids in the area over for more sliding.

08-20-16_3-28-11 PM

Yay!  It’s party time.

08-20-16_3-47-00 PM

She is sooo pretty!  Even aged up her eyes have an Asian angle to them.  Unfortunately, she has like no eyelashes so I had to give her eye makeup in every outfit or she looked really weird.

08-20-16_3-49-04 PM

Awe what the heck, this is a celebration… everybody go slide!

08-20-16_5-26-12 PM

Even Atticus got a short reprieve from working on his aspiration.

08-20-16_5-26-51 PM

Oh Lissi, that looks like it hurt.  I think it’s time to end this party.

08-20-16_5-29-03 PM

The other teen boy wanted to come over to the house, I’m not sure who he is.  I thought it was so funny that 3 of them have the same sunglasses tho!

08-20-16_5-40-03 PM

I didn’t see any need to hoard Larissa’s satisfaction points for Moodlet Solver’s anymore so I had her get free services and hire a gardener.  The gardener didn’t weed.  Larissa had to go out there after she left and harvest, weed and evolve.  Seems like it was a waste.

08-20-16_5-46-27 PM

After school Atticus makes his first rounds in the VoidCritter card hunt.  Sadly, he only found toys.  I’m not sure how all of the toys they’ve found can possibly fit in that toybox.  Sims logic.

08-20-16_5-48-19 PM08-20-16_5-48-46 PM

I moved the science table out there because I didn’t feel like turning the inspiring aura off of everything in the other room.  He made his 3 emotional essences and now needs and A in school and has 8/10 in mental skill.

08-20-16_5-53-13 PM

Larissa’s sister Maci came over and while they were talking I realized I gave Lissi that exact same shirt.  You just won’t see it because she’s in her bathing suit this whole chapter.

08-20-16_5-54-22 PM

Awe look guys!  They’re watching their tv together in their little house.  I think this is the first time ever.

08-20-16_5-55-12 PM

I was looking for someone to help Atticus with his homework when I clicked on Dillan and realized he must have passed out there after he got home from work.  The night before he woke up shortly after going to bed to use the bathroom and never went back to bed.

08-20-16_5-58-26 PM

He woke up, got in the tub and napped there for a couple hours.  He was still stinky when he got out.

08-20-16_6-00-57 PM

Why does everyone want to eat sitting on his bed?  I wanted to send him to bed after his homework.  I ended up having to form a group with her and make her go out of the room so he could go to bed.

08-20-16_6-04-45 PM

The monster!  Remember in the last chapter I was sad because it hadn’t shown up?  It did!

08-20-16_6-05-22 PM

Don’t wake up Lissi, talk to it!

nofriends friends

It took like 6 tries canceling the panic in between.

08-20-16_6-09-24 PM 08-20-16_6-12-25 PM

He can play with the monster!  So cool.  I thought he could just talk to it and be friends.


Awe!  So cute!

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 18-13-01-19

Haha!  He’s too excited to sleep right now.  I ended up having to make him nap.  I wonder if he won’t be afraid when it turns up again… we’ll see!

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 20-17-44-84

I took this pic when I started playing again.  It’s the talk menu.  After his nap he was doing something and I couldn’t figure it out and looked in his que and it said “call names” he’s asking it about living under the bed.

Chapter 008.11

Chapter notes:

This chapter is only 2 days!  I may have gotten a bit carried away in my excitement over the monster.  I’ve pretty much been playing Drifter since they added them and this is the first time I’ve had a controllable kid that I had the idea to try to befriend it.  I highly recommend it because it’s very cute.

Heir age check: 7 days ’till teen… running out of time for those VoidCritter cards!

Larissa didn’t have work for 2 days so she’s still level 9 in the writer career.

17 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.10: Hello My Friend!

  1. Lissi did turn out beautiful! It is funny that the three guys had the exact same glasses lol. I’ve tried befriending the monster, but I only get the not ready to be friends yet response. I guess I’ll keep trying lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? It’s really a neat feature when you are able to control the kids! When they’re uncontrollable it’s annoying as heck.


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