TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.11: Creator of Worlds

House 008 Chapter 11

08-20-16_8-28-31 PM

Look Lissi’s using her new treadmill all by herself.  I love that sports dress.  It’s one of the first CC items I ever got and one of the few that I kept when I cleaned most of it out recently.

08-20-16_8-39-26 PM

This made me laugh because she’s wearing those same sunglasses that I was pointing out that three other sims had in the last chapter.

08-20-16_8-40-49 PM

A bit of girl time with Makenna.

08-20-16_8-42-35 PM

Then I notice Makenna doing this and realize she’s sick.  Every house this happens!  One sim gets sick and then the rest do and I can’t give them medicine and they just keep passing it back and forth.


See! At least I got a laugh out of it.

08-20-16_8-44-36 PM

This guy and his sister used to hang out at the playground next to house 007 when they were teens.  You might remember I commented on her cool black and purple hair.  I was sad to see he was an elder and even sadder when a few days later I got the notification that both died.

08-20-16_8-48-32 PM

Awe yea!  Look who came home in a goofy outfit from school.  You know what that means!

08-20-16_8-51-14 PM

Unfortunately, he didn’t get much sleep the night before because he was playing with his friend the monster.

08-20-16_8-58-52 PM

Maci showed up at the house and I saw her and realized that I had never changed Lissi’s shirt.  The yellow one she’s wearing is her new shirt.

08-20-16_9-03-13 PM

Dillan stole something from work so I looked in family inventory to see if it was there and saw this bookcase!  I have no idea why I keep forgetting the career rewards this time around.

08-20-16_9-05-11 PM

After his nap Atticus plays chess with aunt Maci because everyone else is busy.

08-20-16_9-17-31 PM

Larissa cloudgazing on the slide before work the next day.

08-20-16_9-23-07 PM

Of course, she came home from work sick.  I blame her sickness on why she didn’t get promoted this day.  Her progress bar was all the way to the right.  Now she has two days off.

08-20-16_9-24-26 PM

This kid came home from school with one of them and I caught him flirting with our Mercy!

08-20-16_9-25-44 PM

Yes dad, good strategy to scare the boy away… sleep on the couch.

08-20-16_9-29-25 PM

Can you believe Finn is aging to young adult?!

08-20-16_9-33-32 PM

Well, that party was anti-climactic.  Also, Larissa now has spots.  She moved from one illness to a completely different one in the same day.

08-20-16_9-41-39 PM

Awkward mother-son hug.  Y’all are gonna break your arms doing that!  And your wrists.

08-20-16_9-50-00 PM

Looks like Lissi is still Makenna’s favorite.  As soon as she started working on her homework again she ran over to help her.

08-20-16_9-50-49 PM

Seriously? I have no idea what to do with her.  I feel bad making her write books when she doesn’t need to.  I had her evolve the garden then go fishing behind the house.  Ah the memories.

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 21-59-27-53

I had just switched back to Atticus to see how much more he needed to max his mental skill when this popped up.  I barely clicked the button in time for a pic!  Woot!  That’s four child aspirations complete!

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 22-13-30-60

In the morning I decided to have him take a vacation day from school.  I took this pic with Fraps so I could show his thought bubble as he’s calling school.  Party time!

08-20-16_10-18-36 PM

I thought I’d see if I can complete the Social Butterfly aspiration with him as well so I sent him to the park to meet sims.

08-20-16_10-21-43 PM

He got playful from telling jokes so I figured he might as well play on the jungle gym and complete the first part of Ramp Scamp too.

08-20-16_10-25-54 PM

After checking the logs for cards he drew quite the crowd of elders.

08-20-16_10-39-51 PM

This girl called Finn wanting to come over.  I think she’s the little girl that had the braid that used to come to the house.  She’s very pretty and her hair matches her dress, hehe.

08-20-16_10-41-58 PM

It says on the social skill bar that the dollhouse builds social but when he started playing with it- it built his creativity.

08-20-16_11-06-40 PM

I plopped down a puppet theater because I know that builds social.

08-20-16_11-14-21 PM

After Larissa left for work the house 004 kid Jayden called Atticus inviting him to the house for a playdate.  Which is strange because when he got there he had to do a friendly introduction.  How did this kid know him?

08-20-16_11-15-56 PM

I had to use their computer to buy a booster pack because I’ve been putting all the cards on the shelves in his room.  Oddly after he got home I looked at his relationship panel because I couldn’t remember Jayden’s name and it shows a negative relationship.  Was that from playing VoidCritters?  That’s all they did.  Weird.

08-20-16_11-18-00 PM

Oh yea and goofy Makenna stood out here mourning Brett and Patrick while everyone else discovered that (shocker) Jayden’s dad is an alien!


Oh and Dillan was stealing things!

TS4_x64 2016-08-20 23-24-04-48

House 008 complete!  This screenshot is terrible because for some reason she got stuck at work.  At 5:00 I started watching the street for her and she didn’t show up and didn’t show up.  I have no idea what happened because the time in the pic says 5:38 but I high speeded it for like 2 hours trying to get her to come home!  If I had saved recently I would have just closed the game and done it again for a better shot but the last save was the night before when they were sleeping.

Chapter 008.12

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 4 1/2 days.  Atticus has 3 days until aging to teen and the adults all have 3 days until aging to elder.  Looks like I could have had them try for baby when the promotion unlocked it and it would have been fine but you never know.  Some of those chance cards can really mess up work performance.  As to my personal goal… we need 2 more VoidCritter cards.  Time is running out!

8 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.11: Creator of Worlds

    1. Thanks. I just don’t understand why they keep getting sick over and over. I had her take medicine when she got home from work and by the time I’d taken that pic she was sick again!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It has happened in pretty much every house! It annoys the heck out of me because I can’t give them medicine or anything and they just keep spreading it around again and again.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sort of half and half on it. It would be perfect if there was a way to turn it off like the plumbob with headlineeffects so that you can use them when you want. I’ve started using Fraps or PrintScreen when I want shots with them.

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