TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.12: VoidCritter Master!

House 008 Chapter 12

08-21-16_2-26-45 PM

I haven’t done much with the puppet show so I had Atticus put on a few performances for the family to increase his social skill so I could watch them.  It’s pretty neat.

08-21-16_2-42-25 PM

Then I realized all he needed to complete Social Butterfly was three child friends.  So I sent them all to the park. Unfortunately the only child there was Jayden.

08-21-16_2-46-08 PM

Despite their negative relationship, they did become friends.  No other kids showed up so I sent them home.

08-21-16_2-57-37 PM

These two were at the park next door and he invited them over.  The girl is Makenna’s niece Cassiel from house 001. The boy is Alberto.  I’ve never seen him before.

08-21-16_2-59-23 PM

Seriously?  Well, at least he got a chance to trade VoidCritter cards with her before she aged up.  Looks like we need to search for another kid.

08-21-16_3-00-34 PM

Hey you kid!  Yes, you walking by!  You must be our friend!  (Kid walking by is named Gerard btw)

08-21-16_3-09-56 PM

While making friends with Gerard Alberto left.  When he called him to invite him back over he came back looking scorched!  Why does this keep happening to my sims?  It’s really strange!

08-21-16_3-12-35 PM

After Atticus had made friends with Alberto I sent him to bed and was looking for all the other controllable sims to send to bed too when I realized Lissi was sleeping… but not in bed!  Silly girl.

08-21-16_3-16-45 PM

The monster showed up for a visit that night and they played for a bit before I made him nap until morning.  He was too excited to sleep.

08-21-16_3-34-45 PM

After school, he was making the rounds looking for VoidCritter cards.  He still needed one more.  I saw this kid and made him stop and run over to meet him to trade cards.  No luck.

TS4_x64 2016-08-21 15-36-54-13

Then he invited Gerard over again and traded with him.  Score!  Collection complete!



08-21-16_8-41-16 PM

I was trying to complete both the regular and limited edition foil card collections but ran out of time.  (I took this pic after his teen birthday.)

08-21-16_3-25-52 PM

I put tons of junk all over the counters in the bathrooms so nobody will use them to cook on and what does she do? She uses the sink!  Seriously though?

08-21-16_3-42-42 PM

Mercy ages up to a young adult and gets a job in the Painter career.

08-21-16_4-59-59 PM

Gerard sticks around for a bit and plays chess with Atticus.  I figured since he’s finished the Social Butterfly aspiration he might as well work on his logic skill some.

08-21-16_5-11-29 PM

It’s the next morning and I knew that Dillan didn’t sleep but I didn’t realize Makenna must not have either.  Silly sims, you have beds!

08-21-16_7-57-09 PM

Look at that cute face!  I’m going to miss seeing it but I’m looking forward to seeing him as a teen even more. Technically the birthday notification popped up while he was in school but it was one of those rare days that Larissa worked so his party wasn’t until later.  Also, I kept trying to have her make a zombie cake for him and she kept waving her arms like she couldn’t.  Finally, I just ended up pulling the cake from Mercy’s birthday the day before out of the fridge.

08-21-16_7-57-42 PM

Are you wishing that you could be a super spy and live in an underground lair???

08-21-16_7-58-10 PM

What really annoys me is I turned off autonomy for the blowing out of the candles.  So they shouldn’t be eating.  Grr.

08-21-16_7-59-40 PM

He’s a teen!

08-21-16_8-06-42 PM

Yea buddy, I agree this look doesn’t suit you at all!

08-21-16_8-27-51 PM

Much better.  Now that looks like the Atticus we know and love.

08-21-16_8-36-01 PM

His birthday was also all of the adults elder birthday’s.  First was Larissa…

08-21-16_8-36-54 PM

…then Dillan…

08-21-16_8-37-45 PM


08-21-16_8-38-30 PM

…and Makenna.  While I was giving Atticus a makeover I changed any of their clothes that didn’t look “elder.”

08-21-16_8-39-55 PM

Since Dillan’s twin brother Brice was there I had him age up as well.  As soon as he aged up Dillan passed out!  So funny.  That’s all for this chapter… next is Atticus’s teen years!

Chapter 008.13

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 4 days.  There are exactly 13 days until Atticus ages up and house 009 begins!  All goals have been met.

8 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter Challenge 008.12: VoidCritter Master!

  1. I wonder what it is with those scorched sims lol. I’ve never seen that! I love Larissa cooking in the sink lol! Great job at completing the voidcritter collection 🙂 Atticus is a cutie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no idea why I keep having scorched sims. I haven’t bothered to do any kind of research on it. I was so annoyed with her when she started going into the bathroom with that batter bowl because I covered the counter in crap. I couldn’t believe she used the sink! Atticus is exactly how I pictured him. I admit I have a bit of a crush on his namesake. 😉


    1. Thanks Vi. There’s only so much you can put into 140 characters on a Twitter post, lol. Plus, this is like my way of storing memories. Believe it or not I go back and read and reminisce. 😉


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