TS4- Drifter 009.1: The Not-So Iron Druid

House 009 Chapter 1


Starting skills and starting money after job cash and item bonus’s.

09-05-16_6-57-59 PM

Atticus Rover… he decided to use the name Rover instead of O’Sullivan… was still shaken from the recent deaths of his family members.  He felt torn in two between his old life and this new life that he had been reborn into.  It was a last-ditch effort to escape their enemies.  It had worked just as he and Granuaile had planned but he hadn’t really factored in that they would need to grow up and would forget their old lives until they came of age.  Now, he had to find Granuaile again… and Oberon.  He decided to check out the plot of land that had been deeded to him with the instructions that he should build a home there starting with no money at all.  This drifter life was strange but he’d seen even stranger things in his long long lifetime.

09-05-16_7-03-21 PM

As he stood there he thought he felt a heat run up his back.  He slowly turned his head and wasn’t sure if what he was seeing was real or not.  She wasn’t the young girl in pigtails that had tried to comfort him after his parent’s deaths but surely this was his Granuaile standing there watching him.

09-05-16_7-01-11 PM

They slowly walked toward each other, meeting in the middle.  “Granuaile?” Atticus asked uncomfortably.

09-05-16_7-05-06 PM

“It’s me Atticus.  The plan worked.  I’m okay,” she said softly.  Atticus sagged in relief even as the sadness from the recent deaths ate at him.

09-05-16_7-06-17 PM

He hugged the other druid, the woman who had stolen his heart and knew things would be okay now.

09-05-16_7-07-38 PM

They decided that the best way to discover if their enemies were on to them was to get jobs as spies.  With the signing bonus from the jobs, they got a few necessities.

09-05-16_7-09-03 PM

Atticus didn’t forget the lessons that his mother had taught him about drifter life, though.  He made a round in the small neighborhood looking for dig sites and frogs.  He was disappointed to find that there wasn’t a fishing hole nearby.

09-05-16_7-18-44 PM

Before they went to sleep their first night of their new lives Atticus and Granuaile looked at the stars that were at the same time familiar and strange.  She was in higher spirits than he.  It seemed she didn’t have as hard of a time merging her lives together as he did.  Most likely due to her young age when they made the decision to be reborn here.  Atticus had thousands of years in his old life even if he did take on different personas as the time passed. There was also the niggling worry in the back of his mind that something had gone wrong with Oberon’s transformation.  There were no animals in this world.  Perhaps Atticus’s assumption that Oberon would be reborn human with the help of his druid magic was incorrect.  Perhaps something went terribly wrong to his loyal companion.

09-05-16_7-26-53 PM

They got a chess table to entertain themselves and to keep their minds sharp.

09-05-16_7-27-31 PM

Looking at his Granuaile as she concentrated on the game reminded Atticus of how in love with her he was.  He started flirting with her as they played.

09-05-16_7-28-43 PM

Feeling a bit playful he used a silly pickup line on her and she acted as if it had a major affect on her.

09-05-16_7-30-59 PM

Overwhelmed by his feelings for this incredible woman he dragged her up into a passionate kiss.

09-05-16_7-32-29 PM

Then they decided to use that tent for more than just sleeping.

09-05-16_7-47-44 PM

Their paranoia that their enemies could be searching for them from the skies got the best of them and they decided to create a small living space underground.

09-05-16_7-50-09 PM

Atticus practiced lines they had come up with in the mirror while Granuaile searched the intelligence database on the computer for any leads.  So far it seemed that their plan had been successful.  In every way but one that is. Oberon wasn’t showing up in any of the databases.

09-05-16_9-50-01 PM

Atticus had several days off of work and planned to use the time searching the databases but before Granuaile left for work she asked him if he would consider looking around the towns for him instead of using the computer.

09-05-16_8-56-48 PM

Atticus’s first stop was the new gym.  It had drawn quite a crowd so he figured it was as good a place to start as any.

09-05-16_8-58-03 PM

He found his adopted siblings there and some other faces that he knew but after speaking to everyone that he didn’t know he was sure that Oberon wasn’t here.

09-05-16_8-59-02 PM

Before leaving the area he dug up all of the dig sites.  They could use the money he got from selling the results.

09-05-16_9-04-52 PM

He wandered the park and collected plants to sell but after speaking to everyone he saw he was sure Oberon wasn’t there either.

09-05-16_9-17-59 PM

He couldn’t really imagine Oberon in a lounge but they did sell food so it was worth a shot.

09-05-16_9-18-54 PM

Shockingly, he saw the ghost of his father there.

09-05-16_9-20-29 PM

He spoke to everyone at the club and then got all the collectibles in the area before heading home feeling much less hopeful than he had at the beginning of the day when Granuaile had suggested this search.

09-05-16_9-41-49 PM

The next day they were invited to a dance party at The Bluffs and decided to try to cheer up as well as try to find their friend.

09-05-16_9-43-05 PM

More ghosts here as well.  What a strange place.  Stranger yet is that he was related to most of them in some way with his new bloodline.

09-05-16_9-44-38 PM

They came up empty after questioning the party goers and decided to try to find some alone time together in the nearby natural pool.

09-05-16_9-45-56 PM

It was of no use though and soon they decided to leave the party.  Both of them too frightened to voice their concerns for their dear friend.

Rover Builders Gym


Atticus got promoted after his second day on the job which means I got to build a gym!

09-05-16_8-41-02 PM

09-05-16_8-41-32 PM

09-05-16_8-41-40 PM

It’s nothing fancy but I built it myself so it means a lot more to me than something nicer that I might have gotten off of the gallery.  As always, it was cool going there and seeing it full of sims.

Chapter 009.2

Chapter notes:

This is the first house since I started the drifter challenge that I’ve made into a story.  The story is based loosely on Kevin Hearne’s wonderful book series The Iron Druid Chronicles.  In that series Atticus and Granuaile are druids accompanied by a faithful wolfhound Oberon.  Atticus is called the iron druid due to the necklace he wears.  The necklace gives him an iron aura in addition to other powers.  Obviously, since they were reborn into this world (the sims) they couldn’t bring things like necklaces or weapons with them but their druid tattoos did become visible when they became young adults.  I don’t know if I’ll do much with the story or just have them living out their lives in this new world.

This chapter is 5 days.  Atticus is level 4 and Granuaile is level 3 in the Secret Agent career.  Since there is no net worth requirement for the underground lair I’m not going to do house value checks.

Before starting this house I asked Vihisha (the challenge creator) about adding a third sim to the household and she advised that if I really wanted to do it I could but that I should create them and place them in manage worlds before starting then move them in later.  It’s been like finding a needle in a haystack so far but I guess it made for an interesting twist to the story at least.

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    1. I hope so too! He’s out there somewhere, it’s annoying knowing I have money to build but I have to save it to travel to find him!


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