TS4- Drifter 009.2: Oberon at Last!

House 009 Chapter 2


Atticus and Granuaile had one more day before they had to return to work and they still hadn’t found their companion Oberon.  Instead of spending their time at home where they were safely hidden from prying eyes they continued to risk themselves by hanging out keeping their eyes peeled for their friend.


Granuaile gave up on fishing and started collecting plants while she searched the back of the park area for Oberon and Atticus was a bit unsettled to find that The Grim Reaper took her place fishing with him.  He knew that one day he, Granuaile and Oberon would have to leave the protection of this strange world and it would be this strange being that would deliver their souls back to their rightful place in their old world.  It made him uncomfortable having him so close, though.


Their search was interrupted by a call from his adopted sister Mercy inviting them to her birthday party.  His sister Lissiana showed up right before the candles were blown out in her mascot costume from work.  Oddly enough, his old nanny Rees was catering the party but kept starting to cook things and would stop.  Out of frustration Atticus baked Mercy’s cake.


Granuaile planted more blackberries that she had found at the park and a strange seed she had fished up that looked like a cartoon cow.


It seemed like everywhere Atticus looked he saw The Grim Reaper.  When he saw him stalking his adopted sister Lissi as she jogged he got cold chills.


Despite their worries for their friend they were still elated to be together.


Another day, another party and more risking themselves by being out in the open where their enemies might spot them.  It would be a relief when they found Oberon and could stay secluded in their lair.


Strangely, mostly only ghosts showed up at the party.  There was no sign of Oberon.


They found what collectibles were available in the area and left.


They went to the gym and although Granuaile ran on the treadmill and got to know his sister Mercy for awhile she became upset and decided to go fishing nearby while Atticus showered.


Atticus was walking out of the restrooms draped in a towel and about to find his clothes in the locker when he felt a strange feeling.  He turned and started walking away from the lockers feeling drawn to the strange man doing yoga. The man was very thin, had an elongated face, a beard and extremely large ears peeking out from his shaggy hair.


When Atticus approached the man he recognized his voice right away!  “Atticus I’ve been looking for you,” he said enthusiastically.  Then he went on to explain that he had been living homeless since he was a child.  Granuaile too had lost all her family in this place but not until a few days before she found him when they were teens.  Poor Oberon.  If only they had remembered each other before aging up!


With joy in his heart, Atticus hugged his old friend and loyal companion.  He told him to wait while he got changed and then they would find Granuaile and return home together.  Oberon responded with a question that made Atticus laugh with genuine relief.  “Are there any sausages in your hidden lair?”


As soon as they got home Granuaile pulled Oberon into a fierce hug.  She might not have known Oberon for as long as Atticus had but their little family didn’t feel complete without him.  Although, it was strange seeing him as a human instead of a wolfhound and having him speak out loud instead of hearing his voice in her head.


The next day both Atticus and Granuaile returned to work and once she got home she filled Oberon in on everything that had happened since they were separated while they waited for Atticus to get home too.


After getting home from work Atticus decided that having their bed in the main room wouldn’t work anymore now that they didn’t live alone.  They built another lower level for sleeping quarters and he pulled Granuaile to the bed when it was finished.  Now that they no longer feared for their friend they were both relieved and elated.


Atticus asked her if she would marry him and she agreed with tears in her eyes.


The next day while they waited for Atticus to return from work they played a bit of chess.


Before going home Atticus grilled some burgers and brought them home and they all chatted while they ate.


The strange seed grew into a giant cow plant.  It was odd that there were no animals in this place but there was a plant that resembled one.  After Oberon let himself get eaten by it once though they decided to make sure it was fed regularly or it would have to go.


They were still scrounging for money so Atticus had to learn to repair things around the house himself.


Oberon proved to be a great help with the gardening.


Both Atticus and Granuaile got promotions and they were finally able to extend the main space and purchase some kitchen appliances.  It would be nice not to have grilled food anymore.  His sister Lissi stopped by for a visit and filled him in on everything that had been going on at his old home with their siblings.  Finn had married but she and Mercy hadn’t found anyone they were interested in.



I had brought Granuaile back from fishing once Oberon showed up and had her take a shower while Atticus got his friendship up enough to invite him to move in.  I was about to take a pic with her watching as he and Oberon hugged when Grim walked between them and started doing pushups and then she walked away.  I have no idea why but Grim showed up almost everywhere they went in those two days.



The lair before the kitchen and bathroom upgrades.  I had a hell of a time placing the stairs to the lower level so that they could actually go down there.

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 6 days.  They all have 9 days until aging to adult.

Career check: Atticus is level 6 and Granuaile is level 5.  They both have 3 days off after this and now that they’ve found Oberon I intend to spend that time increasing their job skills and trying to get some more money.  

Note from the future… two years later in fact: This, my friends, is where it ends.  I did play further than this but didn’t have enough screenshots for a whole chapter and now I can’t find them.  They were doing really good with their careers, the bunker looked decent, and they’d had a baby daughter named Rayven.  Then, I took a break from Sims for a few months and when I came back a bunch of the challenge rules were changed and between that and the long break I just couldn’t get into it.  I restarted and called this Drifter I and the new one Drifter II.  I got up to house 008 in Drifter II before it fizzled out.  I’ve now started over again with the heir from house 008 and Atticus and Granule’s daughter Rayven’s son.  If you’re interested:

Drifter II Chapter Index

Drifter Reboot Chapter Index

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