TS4- Island Challenge 1.1: Serendipity

Chapter 1


Zoe Olvera and Niko Mendez woke one morning to find themselves stranded on a strange island.  They had no memory of how they had gotten there.


When Niko started to blame Zoe for the situation she quickly told him off for it.  Things got a bit tense between them for awhile.


Zoe sat at the water’s edge to try to cool her temper but Niko wasn’t having any of it.


Finally, he calmed down and they lay on the ground together like they have for years and discussed the situation. They agreed that their last memory was of the flight to Zoe’s brother’s wedding where Zoe was to be the maid of honor and Niko was to be the best man.  They both recall talking on the plane and agreeing that they should get some sleep but nothing after that.


Once they calmed down they decided to check out the island.  The scariest part was that there didn’t seem to be any way out.  They found a cave with a workbench and sink inside but no other sign of life other than some things that were washed up on the shore.


When they find a small pond Niko reminds Zoe of when they fished together as kids.


They continue searching the area and find that the only other possible source of food are some fruit trees but they aren’t harvestable.


So they decide to go back to the pond and fish.


Zoe enjoys watching the fishes jump out of the water and doesn’t catch much.


Niko has more luck.


It’s not a feast, but it’s edible.


After they finish eating Zoe points out a giant flaw in their survival plan.  There are no toilets on this island!  Niko laughs and points out a handy bush.

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Zoe is mortified about the whole thing but soon Niko shows up to tease her and she feels at least a little bit better about the situation.


Later, Niko tells Zoe that he’s glad it’s her he’s stranded with… even if she always has been an annoying brat.


Late that night while Niko sleeps Zoe watches him.  Her brother’s best friend.  The boy she’s been in love with for as long as she can remember.  The man that she had prayed daily for years to any gods that would listen to make him notice her as more than Anton’s kid sister.  She has no idea how they got there but she plans to make the best of the situation that surely has to be the gods answering her prayers.

Chapter 1.2

Chapter notes:

The Island Challenge was created by Simproved.  For more details and the rules clicky the link HERE.

The island lot I am using was built by the challenge creator Simproved.  Here’s the build video.  I did make some changes. In the first few pics you might notice some books and clay pots washed up on the shore.  I deleted the books because it seemed like an unfair advantage and the clay pots because they wouldn’t leave them alone.  Darn you clay!  I also took out some of the fruit trees.

This chapter is only the first day.  It’s mostly just an intro and me getting used to playing Sims again after two months. One thing you’ll notice is the plumbobs showing in some of the pics.  Oopsie!  I have no idea why I was thinking they wouldn’t show if I used “C” to take the pics.  I actually took more than I used but it annoyed me so much that I didn’t use them.

In this challenge there’s a daily dice roll.  Also, you start out with a certain number of twigs that can be used for crafting.  I decided to keep the twigs on the island as decoration and put the usable ones in Niko’s inventory.  I started with 10 and then rolled a 4 and got 15 more.  This didn’t seem fair so I decided to use 5 for the campfire, 5 for the bench in the cave and 10 for the workbench… leaving them with 5 spare.  There is a seat in the cave but I’m just not going to use it.  I decided to give myself the fish pond and sink.


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