TS4- Whim Challenge 1.2: Baby Hater!

Chapter 2


This is what keeps happening to me.  Before it was just when I was traveling.  Now it happens sometimes when I save or enter build mode too!  It’s very frustrating as you’ll see in today’s chapter…


I saw someone posted holiday decor on Twitter and thought it might be fun to spruce up the house for Christmas since my real life house isn’t decorated this year.


Here’s the inside.  The problem with having the tree there is nobody could interact in the living room.  Like no hugging or talking unless they were on the couch together.


Lulu and Karson settled into wedded bliss.


Karson got a job in the painter career and spends most of his free time painting to keep him busy.


Lulu gets frequent invites to other sim’s houses or to different locations but has to decline because of the darned game crashing all of the time.  But still, friends stop by to visit her.  This guy is Colt, a trainer at the gym.  He stopped by very sad but we never discovered the reason.


Lulu has to get 6 skills up to level 8 so she spends some time painting with Karson every day.


When Karson isn’t painting or working he’s the resident handyman.  This makes him very tense since he’s a neat freak.


One day when Lulu was in desperate need of a bro hug she invited her buddy Joe over and he spent the day chatting with her.


Another day Gunther stopped by for a game or two of chess and some company.


Aren’t these two so sweet?


I love taking pics of them together.


Then one day this happened.  I was pretty excited about the whim.


Lulu got pregnant on the first try.


I didn’t pause fast enough to see Karson’s reaction to the pregnancy so I just took this pic of her talking to him. Then I decided to save the game and it crashed again!  This time I must not have been good about saving often because I lost 2 1/2 game days.  Ugh.


When I started the game back up I decided to just go ahead and have them try for a baby right away instead of waiting for the whim to pop up again.  This time I watched them closer to get a better reaction shot of Karson.  I was shocked!  He got mad.  I’ve never once seen the mate get mad when they find out about a baby.


Lulu wasn’t very happy with the pregnancy either.  She was sick a lot.  I have no idea why she bypassed the toilet to run outside and puke in the bush on the edge of the property.


The first time I added onto the house the game crashed when I was saving after I finished and I gave up playing for the day.  This time I saved like every 5 minutes as I was building.  Paranoid much?  Naw, it’s really that bad.


It’s easier to see what I did with the walls down.  I added a second bath and widened the living room and kitchen and added a small baby’s room to the side.  I also changed some paint and flooring and lights while I was at it.


Lulu and Karson seemed to be getting along okay and the game hadn’t crashed in awhile after I tried some stuff I found on a Sims guide.


So when Lulu had a whim to have a drink in a lounge and play guitar in a lounge I figured this was the perfect time to test it out.  I had to print+screen this one because it was so funny.  She’s drinking and thinking of the baby, Karson is thinking about her and the mixologist is thinking about money while looking at Mortimer Goth.  Gold digger?


Lulu played guitar and then they headed home.  I was thinking the experiment was a success since they traveled there and back with no crashes but I was wrong.


Lulu had to work, this is actually the day she got pregnant the first time.  She needed to up her mixology skill to get a promotion.  I think I’m just going to have her quit so she can work on her other skills instead.


I thought I would get a cute feeling the baby pic for the third trimester.  Boy, was I wrong!  Karson got mad.


Then he started yelling at her!  At this point, I figured there’s something wrong here.  Then I looked at his traits and realized (duh!) he hates children.


Lulu went into labor shortly after the big confrontation, a bit worried about the father of her baby.


She had a beautiful bundle of cuteness (girl) that she named Skye.  Then the game crashed.  Luckily I saved that day before the birth so hopefully, she’ll have a girl again.  At this point, I’m too tired to mess with it more tonight.

Chapter 3

Chapter notes:

I’m not sure how old Lulu is at this point because her age line is all glowy, I assume from being pregnant.  She has completed 266 whims and has 12,205 satisfaction points.

I plan to keep going down the list I found to (hopefully) find a solution to my crashing problem but if anyone has any ideas let me know.  I have no mods or CC and the game is pretty much brand-new since I had to format my computer a few days ago.  I updated my graphics driver.  The only thing I added to the new Sims folder from the backup was my saves folder.

7 thoughts on “TS4- Whim Challenge 1.2: Baby Hater!

    1. I guess it doesn’t matter much now since I lost this save when my hard drive died on me! Hopefully my gaming issues will be fixed with the new one.


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