TS4- Whim Challenge 1.5: Playing the Field

Chapter 5


Lulu visits the flea market for the first time and haggles to buy this chair that I promptly forgot about until writing this.


I loved basketball in Sims 2.  I can’t remember if it’s in Sims 3 or not but I was thrilled that it made a return. Anything that allows the sims to interact together is awesome.  Sadly, I was trying to up her fun but this didn’t do it.

In my drifter challenge I used to sucker people who were walking by the houses into helping in the garden.  I thought it was funny that I could “watch movie with…” and choose sims out on the street.


Lulu wanted to go to the gym so I brought a bunch of her friends and potential love interests.  I decided Marcus was out because his muscles are kinda gross.


She became flirty due to her insane trait so I decided to take advantage of it and have her flirt with Miko.


Then Akira comes out of the locker room and she gets to know both of them.  It’s a tough choice, she really likes them both.


She had a first kiss whim for Miko so they went back to her apartment.


And went a little farther than expected.


The next day Miko called her and invited her on a date.


After the date they went to a festival and chose the pranksters. (They won btw)


While she was there I wanted to check out the fireworks.  They were really cool.


Poor Lulu.  I think she was uncomfortable about the public restroom.


The neighbor Raj is a good victim of her whims to talk to someone since he’s nearly always lurking in the hallway.


Lulu was invited to the park by Akira and had yet another whim to give away a key.  After this one I started clicking off of the whim.  It was popping up constantly.


The next day she went on a date with Miko.  I think I had switched to the Soulmate aspiration so she was getting a lot of date whims.


Then the day after that she went out with Akira and had a kiss whim so I figured why not?


She took him back to her place for a little hanky panky.


Chapter 6

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