TS4- Whim Challenge 1.6: Surprise!

Chapter 6


Surprise!  When Lulu had the whim to woohoo with Akira I had them try for baby.  Oh and she’s glowing because they went to the romance festival.  I forgot to mention that in the last chapter.  They were only there for a few minutes before she had the woohoo whim and they went back to her place.


She tells him the news and he’s like umm we’re not even dating.  She kinda used him as a donor really.  She needed a baby daddy but she doesn’t tell him that.


Since they’re having a baby and all Akira invites Lulu to a breakfast date in the morning.  Not sure why he’s still glowing and she’s not.


She had a social whim and invited Akira over.  Look at that belly in that shirt!


Waiting to go into labor and all girls show up for game night.


Shortly after that she heads to the hospital.  Akira joined her but then disappeared.  I couldn’t find him anywhere.


She looks so happy with her new son.


His name is Tate.


When she arrives home Raj is in her apartment caring for the baby.  She decides that someone else caring for him is a really good idea.  Lulu really isn’t ready to be a mom, she just knew she needed an heir.


She had a date whim and since most of her whims now involve Akira and not Miko she asks him.  She was still seeing Miko through the pregnancy though, I’m not sure why I didn’t take any screenshots.  Originally I planned to have them end up together and have her ask Akira to be just friends.


Lulu had other plans.  She wanted to become engaged to Akira but hasn’t had a marriage whim despite spending almost all of her time with him.  Maybe they’ll be one of those engaged couples that never move in together or marry.


After the date is over Lulu invites Miko out and breaks the news and asks to be just friends.  Despite doing this and losing all of their romantic relationship Miko freaks out the first time she sees Lulu with Akira and Lulu got embarrassed for cheating!


After doing whatever it was she needed to do at the library for work she goes on yet another date with Akira at a club I found in my library.  Don’t worry they didn’t try for baby.


They hung out at the nightclub until the wee hours of the morning.


Lulu wasn’t too thrilled with the thought of going home to care for a baby so she spent a lot of time around town napping on couches and taking showers at the gym.


Eventually she did make it to the daycare center to pick up her baby but by then he was a child!


Tate seems happy to see him mom and dad together.


I think Lulu and Akira were exhausted from spending all of their time out on the town.  She invited him to spend the night and they went straight to sleep.  Tate, on the other hand, was wide awake and met one of the ghosts that haunts the apartment.  He does have a bedroom by the way.  The master bedroom was huge so I divided it in half so he could have a bed.

Chapter 7

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