TS4- Whim Challenge 1.7: Not Parents of the Year

Chapter 7


Now that Tate wasn’t a baby anymore Lulu and Akira spent a bit more time with him.


They took him to the Spice Festival.


Although he was left to do whatever he pleased shortly after arriving.


They went to a nightclub and brought him along.  I’m surprised he can sleep with that noisy dj booth right there.


Eventually Lulu remembers him and spends some time with him before taking him home.


Akira spends the night almost every night so he gets to spend plenty of time with his son.


One morning they were sleeping and he popped out of bed, changed into his everyday clothes and aged up to adult!


The apartment is always a mess.  The only ones that really clean are the ghosts.


Lulu tries to make time to go out with her friends between work and everything else.


Then she aged up to adult as well.  Tate was there but he decided to take the trash out just as she was about to blow out the candles.


I saw the bubbles in her inventory and decided to cheat and have him blow them so I could see what it looks like.  It’s pretty cool.


When mom is hanging out in the square Tate tags along and plays with the other kids.


Poor kid, he sure does a lot of bench napping.


This kitchen is a freaking disaster!  It’s rarely ever autonomously cleaned and the friends stop by constantly and make it even more of a mess.


I decided that the rule for only autonomous cleaning is just not worth it.  They were always uncomfortable meaning they didn’t get any emotional whims.  I ended up just hiring a maid… although he’s the oddest looking maid I’ve ever seen!


Lulu and Akira go on yet another date.


Thank goodness for the observatory.  I’m sick of having to haul them home every time she gets a woohoo whim.

Chapter 8

Chapter notes

In case you were wondering I’m mostly playing Tate ISBI style.  Meaning I let him take care of himself and do whatever he wants most of the time and drag him along wherever Lulu goes if he’s not in school.  The only exceptions are when she is at work and he’s home or she’s sleeping and he’s awake.  Then I’ll follow his whims a bit but it doesn’t happen often.

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