TS4- Whim Challenge 1.8: Cheater!

Chapter 8


Lulu continues to spend most of her time with Akira.


She does start to get more whims for Tate and they surprisingly have a full relationship bar.


The trouble all started with the Romance Festival.  Look at their faces!  They know something bad will come from this drink.


Of course she wanted to woohoo and silly me I decided to put a closet in nearby instead of sending them home.


Okay, see that guy sitting down behind them looking shocked?  For some odd reason Lulu decided to flirt with him out of the blue.  It might have been a flirty introduction even because I’ve never seen him before and they had no relationship.  So she flirts and Akira flies off the handle!  He’s a jealous sim so it’s not surprising.


He was so mad.  He stomped around and kept glaring at her.  The guy she flirted with just watched her sadly.


The next day he came over and his mood kept switching between happy and angry.  It drove me crazy.


Then when they were trying to sleep Raj was arguing in his apartment and woke everyone up.  Then he yelled at her too!


By the morning everyone seemed in better spirits.


There are no words.  Just soak it in.


Dude!  I don’t know what happened.  They had no romantic relationship anymore and when Lulu was at the restaurant reviewing drinks Miko showed up and they started flirting autonomously and she kept getting whims for her.


Of course Lulu got a woohoo whim.  She gets them constantly!


Okay, they were still in bed and Akira showed up.  I thought for sure she was caught!  He walked in and kissed her cheek and Miko started crying.  Lulu is a heartbreaker!


They went to Geekcon the next day but Lulu didn’t win.


This time I made Tate complain about the noise since he’s almost a teen.  It didn’t go much better.


Another birthday where someone walks out of the room right before the sim is about to blow out the candles.  Akira was there but in the bathroom.  It felt like it took forever for Tate to age to teen.  I swear I checked every day.


Look at that handsome boy!  I took forever putting together outfits for him.  I didn’t bother changing the hair because there isn’t much of a selection that’s similar like there is with Lulu.


This popped up the night before Tate’s birthday!

Chapter 9

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