TS4- Whim Challenge 1.9: Finally Tying the Knot

Chapter 9


The day is finally here!


I can’t believe it took so long for Lulu to want to get married.


There weren’t very many guests.  I wish we could invite the other sim’s friends and not those of the sim planning the event.


This is the last of the wedding pics.  I clicked to hire a caterer, mixologist and entertainer and none showed up.  Lulu was hungry so I just sent them home.


This popped up.  It doesn’t show up until after marriage.  Can you imagine if I’d waited for this whim?  She was 10 days to elder and Akira was even closer!


When Miko and some of the girls showed up after the wedding Lulu broke the news to her.  She wasn’t invited to the wedding because I was afraid it would start a scene.  Akira is jealous enough without knowing about Miko.


All these glasses when they visit are way out of hand.  Even with a maid they still pile up.  I gave in and put MC Command Center back into the game.  It has a stop annoying actions thing and also stop flirty or mean introductions.


Lulu had to review food for her job and I thought she could do it at a restaurant with her friends but apparently she has to get the food from a vendor or mixologist.


This teen is Advaith.  Tate met him on the monkey bars when they were kids.


Yes, yet another sim now has the key to their apartment.  I’m shocked they haven’t been robbed!  Oh wait, there aren’t robberies in Sims 4.


Doesn’t Tate look so much like his dad?  He has his mom’s eyes though.  I tried giving him the blue hair and it looked awful.


This is so weird!  This is the same guy that was running around in a towel!  It must be part of City Living.


Lulu had to review drinks so I had her take Miko with her to the new restaurant I put in.


Shortly after arriving Miko left Lulu to have lunch with Bella.


This chick walked into the apartment one night when they were sleeping, sat down on the couch and then got up and walked out.

After a few days of only seeing Advaith and no other teens I gave in and found some on the gallery and added them to the game.  This girl is Kate.

This is Jarrett.  He’s met a few other teens too but I didn’t take pics of them.

The neighbor Raj invited Tate out to a guys night at the bar.  Of course, mom and dad chaperoned from afar.


Lulu got abducted by aliens!


Kate came home after school with Tate.


Raj wanted to stop in to sample whatever they were eating.  He’s constantly coming over.  I had thought of putting sims in some of the other apartments since there are 2 empty ones in their building but Raj is plenty.


While he was there I got to thinking that someday Raj would be gone and there wouldn’t be anyone in that apartment either.  So I played with genetics in manage worlds and voila Raj is now a daddy!


Here’s another one of the teens.  I realized after having her spray this mural for hours that it wasn’t counting toward her job progress.  Apparently it’s the wrong one.


By the time she gets to the right kind of graffti thing Tate was getting out of school so I had him join her.  He ran over and started protesting right away.


Later Kate invited Tate to dinner and his parents hung out at the bar while they ate.  I bring them along pretty much everywhere because technically this is Lulu’s show still and Tate is mostly autonomous.

Chapter 10

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