TS4- Whim Challenge 1.10: Birthday Bonanza!

Gen 1 Chapter 10


Lulu was invited out to breakfast by her old friend Lia.  She was her first friend when Lulu arrived in the city.


A bit more irresponsible parenting.


The jealous trait is starting to get old.  Lulu was just talking to that lady and Akira was singing and then he stopped and freaked out.


Nancy Landgraab haunted the apartment.  Until this I thought it might just be randomized ghosts.


Lulu had to review drinks so she went to a karaoke place and brought along Tate so he could hang out.


Akira’s birthday party.


Time just flies!


I have no idea why Akira looks burnt here.  He was fine when they left the house and then I looked and he looks burnt!  Tate decides to get his romantic outlook from the love guru.



Despite his bleak destiny he meets another teen there and talks to her.  Her name is Lindsey.  She doesn’t really look like a teen does she?


And then later he found another.  Her name is Erika.


Lulu had to get two levels on her writing skill so I mostly followed Tate’s whims.  I kinda cheated here… he had a whim to flirt since he’s romantic and I had him introduce himself to these teens first and the one that stayed last he flirted with.  It didn’t go well.  Their names are Esmeralda, Tetsu and Auston.


This mural seems to attract the teens so I keep an eye on it.  This is Ingrid.


Time for Lulu’s birthday!


My poor girl doesn’t have her blue hair anymore.


They still got it.


Still working on that writing skill.  She’s written several books trying to get it to 7 for her job.


Meanwhile Tate meets Trixey… she has the jealous trait though and I don’t think I can stand another jealous sim so soon after Akira.


Finally it’s Tate’s birthday.  He invited all of the teens that he’s met.  I have no clue why two of the guys aren’t wearing shirts.


He has quite a selection to choose from as good friends and lovers.  Choices, choices.  Ultimately it’s up to him.


I thought this was so funny.  They were all playing the game standing in a row.  So now our boy is the main focus of the challenge.  I’ve moved them to a new apartment to celebrate.  I’m trying to decide what career to give him too.

Chapter 2.1

Chapter notes:

I haven’t decided if I want to count the total whims from the time the heir takes over or when the previous heir dies.  Just in case I wrote down Lulu’s whim total: 552!  Tate has a total of 97 so far, I think he’s well on his way to beating Lulu’s number.  She also has 16,910 satisfaction points.  The only thing I used any for was free services.  (A note from the future: I forgot to look at what Lulu’s whim count was when she died but I don’t think it was much higher than this.)

Note: I have revised some of the rules that I originally made to reflect what I’ve learned works best so far in this challenge.  Rules Page

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