TS4- Whim Challenge 2.1: Like Mother Like Son

Gen 2 Chapter 1


Immediately following Tate’s birthday the family moved into a new apartment.  Raj, their previous neighbor and his son Soren moved into the apartment next to them as well because they’re all such good friends.


Tate let his parents deal with the welcome wagon.  He hates fruitcake.


He headed downstairs to check out the new neighborhood and met Anika.


I’m not sure who he’s talking to here.  I just thought it was hilarious that a towel-wearing crazy was running by.


Pixey invites Tate to a coffee shop and they look at the stars.


He wanted to go to a park so I sent him to the one in the city but there was like nothing to do there so he stood around blowing bubbles.  I don’t know if this is because he’s childish or what because Lulu never touched them when they were in her inventory.


To get rid of the ever present giving the key away whim Tate gives one to his friend Kate.


The next day they go to the new national park I put down in Newcrest.


Since he’s a geek Tate has had quite a few whims for collectables which kinda sucks since he lives in the city.


Blowing bubbles again.  I just think it’s so funny.


Now when they were teens I had Tate flirt with Advaith a few times.  They didn’t really have any romantic relationship but he invited Tate on a date anyway.


They had a first kiss and then ended the date.


The next morning Kate and Advaith showed up.


Tate realizes that he has quite a lot of romantic options.  He beguiles Kate into being flirty as she’s leaving and asks her on a date.  (He had a date whim because I switched him to serial romantic temporarily.)


They have a great time on their date and have a first kiss.  The picture is so close because just as they were about to kiss Bella Goth walked right in front of them!


When Tate got the whim to woohoo they headed back to his apartment.


Then after Kate left he had a whim for Advaith so they met at a club and had a bit of fun in the closet.  All in all it was a busy day!


In the morning Tate considers his options as he plays with his llama toy.  (The child’s bedroom is just a front for all of his toys.)


After a fairly uneventful day Tate invites all of the friends he doesn’t have a romantic relationship with to the Spice Festival.


The key whim just won’t go away I swear!  He gives one to Pixey… who in my opinion is the cutest and has the best traits of any of them so far.

Chapter 2.2

Chapter notes:

I’m not sure why but I keep forgetting that I have to wait for whims for Tate to do stuff.  I’ll realize after I’ve queued up an action that I can’t.  It’s really annoying.

Tate joined the political career.  I had thought of having him do the social media one because he’s a geek but I changed my mind when I remembered him joining a protest as a teen.  He joined the World United cause because he always has whims to watch the world channel or listen to the station on the radio.  Also, I thought what better cause for a player than uniting the world?

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